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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Sharon, Yes, I really don t see the legal harm in expressing comments about any religion or business group out here on the web. If they can t take the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 10, 2005
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      Hi Sharon,

      Yes, I really don't see the legal harm in expressing comments about
      any religion or "business group" out here on the web. If they can't
      take the scrutiny and observations from without and within then they
      should get out of the con/cult/crutch business. The freedom of
      expression is one of the greatest factors and heritage of this
      country. However, this freedom hasn't always been as great (due to a
      lack of consciousness) or even shared to the degree as it is today (by
      the average person) with the advent of the Internet.

      I'll have to put some Eckie stuff on next week... been really busy
      lately. Anyway, Harold (the mahanta ;-( yeah.. right!) is always good
      for a belly laugh of the 14th level (or beyond!).


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Sharon
      <brighttigress@y...> wrote:
      > > At one time the web site link I listed above mentioned Eckankar,
      > >but now as I quickly scan the page (which seems to have been
      > >since I last took a look), I only see reference to an "esoteric
      > >group". Did the creator of the web site have to remove Eckankar
      > >from the page for legal reasons? Does anyone know, or knew this
      > >changed and why? And as a side note, public records are available
      > >due to the "Freedom of information act", allowing someone to
      > >research further who was named in all this....
      > The site's author removed "eckankar" from the site "just in case",
      and will probably put it back after double-checking various issues
      with an attorney. He hasn't received any official objections or
      comments from MN, and in this case I'm sure he wouldn't, since he's
      just reporting facts from public documents. E-kult is just a small
      part of the Helen Frye story, although a very important and sad part,
      and he's more interested in the rest of her life and accomplishments.
      He's received complaints from eckists but no threats or anything.
      > For those who are interested, there's more info in the links & files
      over at ET, and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of scanned "Darwin"
      material at one of Ford Johnson's websites.
      > Great group!! Thanks for starting it, Prometheus, I'm really
      enjoying all the conversation and information here!
      > Hugs,
      > Sharon
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