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  • prometheus_973
    Prometheus wrote: Hello and welcome to both Makiztor and Victorious Traveler, Makiztor: Hopefully someone can come up with a date that Diane Stanley left
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2006
      Prometheus wrote:

      Hello and welcome to both Makiztor and Victorious Traveler,

      Makiztor: Hopefully someone can come up with a date that Diane
      Stanley left Eckankar. I only know that it was under Klemp but not
      sure if it was five years ago or longer. Wasn't she last in Texas
      around the Austin area?

      Victorious Traveler: Yes I too had a very difficult time in leaving
      Eckankar. While reading Ford's book Confessions of a God Seeker, A
      Journey to Higher Consciousness every day became a mixed blessing.
      It took me several weeks to read, analyze, verify, and absorb the
      material. I always knew that there were problems with the Eck
      teachings, especially, involving the materials, initiations, and the
      higher initiates that weren't really "higher!"

      Yes, I too was gullible. This is the bond most of us have in common.
      However, my greatest struggle with Eckankar was that I was too
      skeptical. Yet Eckankar told the new seeker that it was okay to be
      skeptical and to prove the teachings to yourself. Psychic and
      healing ability, all phenomenal/spiritual and lucid dream
      experiences and premonitions, and prophecy etc. were the promised
      experiences one would acquire as a member. Of course Self and God
      Realization was tied into all of this as well and the promise of

      My problem was that I had experienced most of these metaphysical
      things prior to Eckankar and was Not impressed or influenced so
      easily. I was seeking God and Not the phenomenal by-products of
      higher consciousness. [Besides, higher consciousness to Eckists is
      just illusion and imagination since it is mostly involving higher
      Astral Regions even for Klemp]. Still, my desire to fit-in and get
      with the program and surrender my common sense, critical thinking,
      and independency to the Mahanta was strongly motivated, and
      initiations came quickly at first. Therefore, those of us who
      thought, as Eckists, that we were Non-comformists now had to conform
      to the expectations and guidelines of the hierarchy in order to
      advance with more initiations. However, many Eckists actually reject
      much of the outer ECK teachings and delve into all sorts of
      metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. They create their own imaginary inner
      worlds except they still don't see themselves as Master. I can
      understand why this is done because I felt the same. It seemed that
      these "ECK Masters" and 14th Initiates had more knowledge of these
      strange Inner Worlds than I ever would. We were all fooled!

      Finally, after reading Ford's book the Eckancrap finally made sense.
      I saw the hoax for what it was and I saw the scammers for who they
      are. From that point on there have been more and more revelations of
      Truth. This is one purpose of this site as well. We can come here
      and share our experiences and information and figure out the pieces
      to the grand puzzle and the WHY and HOW for being suckered. And, it
      is very Self revealing and illuminating in knowing these details.

      Anyway, I hope you both enjoy the site.


      victorioustraveler wrote:

      man i just now found out about this website! i wish i would have
      known about it a year or so ago, when i got out of eckankar and
      ended up going through some serious withdrawal symptoms. I
      eventually got it all back together, or as good as it gets for me
      anyway. it really sent me for a loop though. actually now looking
      back i thank eckankar for all the wonderful true teachings that were
      in amongst the lies, and i thank them for teaching me how gullible i
      could be. this may have been the most important step in our
      learning we have gone through for a long time. anyway, i feel so
      much better about myself and everything in general, as if i came out
      from under a big dark cloud i didn't even realize i was walking
      under. "and the truth shall set you free.' i'd just like to share
      with anyone out there and introduce myself, and say howdy to all my
      previously unknown fellow seekers. believe me when i tell you that
      my heart goes out to all of you, it has been quite a stumbling block
      hasn't it! man, the things we go thru sometimes are just horrendous
      aren't they? the inner wars rage on. the searching, the
      questioning, the never-ending questing. i suppose it is all we
      really can do, it's almost as if some of us are just programmed for
      it. but it does get tiring and disheartening at times. i had dream
      warnings about eckankar and harold in particular, but i kept them to
      myself, and beat myself up over it for having such negative
      experiences. but as it turns out, my own inner truth knew somehow,
      way before my conscious self did. a dangerous deadly trap, escaped
      at last in triumph, it is a cause for celebration i think. we
      should all be proud of ourselves for this inner potential we have,
      when so many obviously can't get er done. to me there is no other
      acceptable path but the truth, no matter how rocky, dangerous, or
      precipitate. the search for truth is all. everything else is
      dross, background props, and vibrating recycled molecules. moha.
      anyway, not to write a book or anything, but i got myself started
      again! i am thrilled to be an new member of your site!
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