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Re: The 10 Lost Years of ECKANKAR 1971-81

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, (revised) I was re-reading this P.T. info on his sister Kay-Dee and realized something else. Paul and Kay-Dee were supposed to be very close and Twit
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 9, 2006
      Hi All, (revised)
      I was re-reading this P.T. info on his sister Kay-Dee and realized
      something else. Paul and Kay-Dee were supposed to be very close and
      Twit even claimed that she taught him how to Soul Travel. How is it
      then that she was diagnosed (according to her death certificate)
      Four Months prior to her death and Paul only heard about her illness
      Two Months prior to her death? Why didn't Kay-Dee (Kata) communicate
      her impending death to Peddar on the Inner? See, this would make me
      wonder if I was still an Eckist. Eckists may talk about visitations
      with Eck Masters etc. but here is an example of where the 1st
      LEM/Mahanta was Not able to communicate with the one Soul who taught
      him how to Soul Travel. This is incredible! It doesn't make sense,
      and if it doesn't make sense then it's probably Not true! And in
      this case it's Eckankar, Paul's joke/scam, that's Not true!
      Actually, nothing of what Twitchell said can be trusted or believed
      and that goes double for Gross and triple for Klemp!

      For someone who is supposed to be so advanced in consciousness Klemp
      sounds like a dim-wit. He reminds me of G.W. Bush! LOL! I'm still
      puzzled as to how G.W. got an MBA from Whorton! I wonder why Doug
      Marman doesn't point out Harry's screw-ups? Doug likes to go after
      the earlier works of David Lane to point out minor inaccuracies but
      never points out the same with Klemp. One would think that the grand
      LEM/Mahanta would be more accountable than a non-ECKist!

      Here's just one example of Klemp's lack of consciousness. On
      http://www.eckankar.org/Masters/Peddar/hisSearch.html under "Part 2
      Research on Paul's Life" Klemp states:

      "In about 1959, Paul left Washington, D.C., and moved to England.
      Six months later he found out that his sister Kay-Dee (Kate) was
      dying of an incurable illness. He immediately returned home to
      Paducah, Kentucky, and stayed with her for the final two months of
      her life." [Last modified June 22, 2003]

      Now, if one goes to this site (below) you can see Kay-Dee's death
      certificate. [The print-out is much clearer].


      So, Kay-Dee was born on July 8, 1904 and died March 11, 1959 of a
      liver disease that was diagnosed 4 months prior to her death.
      Therefore, if P.T. was really in England then he was there in 1958
      (not 1959) and had to leave around Jan. 11, 1959 in order to be with
      his sister in her last two months. However, Kay-Dee was diagnosed
      around Nov. 11, 1958, therefore, Twit did not leave or hear about
      her illness in November since he was in England for six months prior
      to Kay-Dee's last two months of life. This means Twitchell arrived
      in England around July of 1958 and didn't leave or hear about her
      diagnosis in November!


      Klemp had this all of this information on P.T. available so why
      can't he be more accurate? Probably because his lack of
      consciousness prevents him from being able to analyze the info and
      connect the dots! Details can be important, and the lack of details
      point to something even greater being wrong! In this case and others
      it points out loud and clear that Klemp is Not as enlightened as 33%
      of the population.

      The same lack of awareness comes to play when Klemp points out that
      P.T. was born in 1908 (in front of the Shariyat Books 1&2) and then
      mentions that when PT was 27 (in 1935) that he was 'exaggerating'
      and 'twisting facts' to get into Kentucy's Who's Who. That 'rascal!'
      Later in this same P.T. info (on Eckankar.org) Klemp points out that
      in 1935 (at age 27) that Twitchell met (970th LEM/Mahanta) Sudar
      Singh in India!

      Once again Klemp can't seem to connect the dots and see the lie! HK
      points out that Twitch was lying to get into Kentucky's Who's Who at
      age 27 in 1935 and also believes he met with Sudar in India of the
      same year! Amazing! It's so very interesting to see the lies of
      Eckankar unravel and yet Eckists still believe in the myth of it
      all. Then, again, what else do they have to believe in? These are
      the followers who need to follow someone or something other than
      Self. For them Eckankar works just fine, but they only delude
      themselves and delay their potential higher awareness and spiritual

      BTW - 9 years after his sister Kay-Dee's death Twitchell invented
      the female Eck Master Kata Daki (K.D.).

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