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Re: ECKists Should Not Be Fearful of the Truth About Eckankar

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! Very good points about facing the truth about eckankar--why many cannot detach from it (leave the org) and why some who do leave are unable to move on
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 9, 2006
      Hi, All!

      Very good points about facing the truth about eckankar--why many
      cannot detach from it (leave the org) and why some who do leave are
      unable to move on from it. Some just have one foot out the door as
      they cling to some old beliefs they view as valid. It is difficult
      to realize and acknowledge to self and others that a mistake was
      lived for 10, 20 or 30 some years, so some former eckists will
      continue to rant that they learned so much from the teachings and
      that eckankar was a bridge for the "next" step in spiritual
      advancement. So basically these "highly evolved souls" distinguish
      themselves by viewing their former H.I. status as being more knowing
      and more spiritually advanced than others. They continue to look
      down their noses at the masses of humanity, maintaining the delusion
      that the eck initiations were valid and meant something! Until
      eckists and former eckists are ready to give up their belief in the
      bogus initiations, they are still trapped and will not be advancing
      anywhere soon!

      However, one caveat to mention is that even though one was caught up
      in this strange cult called eckankar, it doesn't mean one didn't
      unfold and develop. The problem, as I see it, is giving credit to
      eckankar for what was one's own innate ability to be one with God.
      Giving credit to eckankar is very misleading for others who might be
      tempted to be led astray by the eck bullsh't.

      One does not need a master/teacher to find God within! : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Non ekster"
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      Yes fear of ones own family and Unloving Detachment is typical of
      Authoritarian Cults like eckankult. In fact, eckists fear anyone who
      is a skeptic, who questions and is a sincere seeker of the Truth. The
      eckankar trio (twitch, gross, klempster) are all made of the same
      material, delusion, lies and denial. What the higher initiates of
      eckankult are really afraid of is simply that they must admit that
      they have made a mistake for 10, 20, 30..... years. So what?
      Destroying your life, family and friends just to save face is a far
      worse debacle. Honesty is always best. Higer initiates never have
      proven to anyone that they are more spiritually adavanced in any way
      demonstrable. It is all just Cult/group think. Eckankult is just
      Huubris! lol and ignorance, and denial.

      Peace and Truth

      Non ;)
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      > <prometheus_973@> wrote:
      > >
      > Hello Pretujari,
      > You made good points and got me to thinking about myself when I was
      > a member of The Eckankar School of Unloving Detachment. Eckists are
      > their own detractors of the Truth. I'm amazed at how they tend to
      > blame others and hold grudges against people, especially, family
      > members. Then again, look at the example that they follow! Klemp
      > always had problems with his own family relationships, and has
      > either shunned and avoided them, run away, or blamed family members
      > for just being human. Klemp decided to go to the 1971 ECK World
      > Seminar for an Initiation and to see Darwin (his Black Magician
      > mentor) rather than attend his father's funeral and console his
      > mother and brothers. Is it any wonder that Eckists today put so
      > emphasis on their initiation numbers and so less emphasis on love
      > family. Where IS the Love and Empathy? Shouldn't these be the by-
      > products of the Higher Initiations and Higher Consciousness? Sure!
      > However, this is also more proof that the initiations and the
      > Mahanta are bogus and just more of the myth/scam/cult of
      > joke upon society. However, when one understands the joke it gives
      > new insights into reality. How many years does it take?
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