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  • Elizabeth
    ... *** A belated welcome to the group Sandy H. I can relate to your story somewhat. I was a member for 30 years but would say the last few months as a
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 6, 2006
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      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Sandra"
      <eckscholar@...> wrote:
      > I am still an Eck member, for over 17 years. Yes I do point out the
      > flaws of Eckankar. Though I now consider myself a researcher for
      > spiritual truth.

      *** A belated welcome to the group Sandy H. I can relate to your
      story somewhat. I was a member for 30 years but would say the last
      few months as a member, I realized in my heart I should have left
      the path years before. I too did some research, and came to a
      similar conclusion as you.

      > My heart is still somewhat with the teachings. As I still find
      some truth hidden within the passages of Paul Twitchell's material.
      Although the more I research, the more I find, other peoples
      knowledge being called Eckankar.

      *** LOL yes isn't that a joke? Paul Twitchell did in fact lift
      passages (more than what the Eck thugs want most to believe as I am
      sure you have discovered) from numerous spiritual paths and
      teachers, calling it Eckankar. Then Harold Klemp continues the lie
      by explaining that anyone (usually a godman or religious scholar,
      guru or master) can go and read from the great book of spiritual BS,
      located at the Astral Library. Why would Paul Twitchell go to a
      lower Astral Library to gather spiritual truth?

      HK also claims that Paul was tasked with re gathering the teachings
      from all four corners of the universe, and bringing it to the
      waiting public. Claiming too that Eckankar went underground for
      years, and that it was even called something else at one time!?
      LOL They sure wouldn't want that to happen again now would they?

      > I am trying to keep a rational objective thinking mind, as so many
      > here keep reminding us. Though I am sure many Eckist do not see me
      > in that way? Maybe, I will fit in just fine here at Eckankar
      > Survivors Anonymous?

      Watch how the Eckists will now call you a detractor! Sandy, I
      looked at your 360, and if I know some of these Eck Thugs correctly,
      you are now among the ranks of the Kal force, losers and weeds....

      Here are some of the comments from those highly evolved Chosen Ones:

      "Perhaps *detractors* of Eckankar are the way they (we) are because
      they are living in a spiritual desert."

      "It's not like they (detractors)have some magical power or anything.

      *** Hmmmm, wonder what that means? <VBG> Oh I bet it means we had
      all of our initiations stripped and our awareness removed (human
      intelligence kicked in) and we are now bodies walking around with
      retarded souls.... LOL we have no substance or spiritual
      enlightenment! What a cosmic joke eh?

      "And who knows what they (detractors)have experienced in past lives,
      either as Spiritual seekers or oppressors or or or ........."

      *** Or or or what captain underpants? Isn't it funny how these
      Higher Initiates think they are far more superior.... they never
      were a detractor in a past life I bet? Only spiritual beings
      advancing each life time to become enlightened, and God realized.

      "I think it is important to remember that these folks (detractors)
      are working from Human intelligence, and not from the intelligence
      of soul. When one Thinks and writes and speaks with the intelligence
      of soul, the Individual is enlightening, uplifting, engaging, and
      carries with them The rhythm or cadence of words that speak to our
      innermost being. Thus it is easy to dismiss the words of those who
      speak from what is only of the mind or from what is only found in
      the lower worlds."

      "My problem with detractors is that I pick up the
      Vibrations they put out when they were writing or
      Taping their viewpoints. I can read only a little bit
      Before my insides start churning."

      "While the ECK cannot be harmed by words, it can complicate vahana
      Efforts to have detractors bad mouthing the Mahanta and the ECK
      works. Or maybe it serves a purpose, helping to prune the tree, so
      to speak."

      *** LOL well Autumn is coming up, as well as the World Wide. Harold
      neds a little help pruning his trees and weeds...

      "The only Thing they (us detractors) "know" is 1) what David lane
      wrote about as a student over 30 years ago, and 2) all the gossip
      that has evolved over the years From disgruntled former members with
      nothing else to do with their Time! <shrug> That's why it's
      important for people to feel free to ask On groups such as this one,
      about anything that they come across that Causes them alarm!
      Personally I feel if these detractors "knew" Anything at all, they
      wouldn't be "detractors" in the first place!"

      *** OUCH! My stomach is just churning from these nasty words coming
      from the chosen ones.

      "I once asked someone who works at the ECK Spiritual
      Center what they thought of the online detractors. The reply was that
      Frankly, they are too busy working to pay much attention."

      *** Well I beg to differ! They do in fact read from each and every
      anti Eck group, including the unofficial, official Eck chat groups!
      They have someone specifically do this and other mundane minimum
      wage paying jobs.

      > Please join me at my 360 Yahoo page at:
      > http://360.yahoo.com/eckscholar

      Thanks for the invite Sandy, I will email an invite for you to join
      mine too!

      Keep researching, and sharing your finds.

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