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Those Wonderful "Eck Masters" - Don't Exist!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Thanks Liz for reposting this from one of those Eckie sites. I thought I d bring the post back to the front page because the comments were so
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2006
      Hello All,
      Thanks Liz for reposting this from one of those Eckie sites. I
      thought I'd bring the post back to the front page because the
      comments were so insightful and honest. This is the tip-of-the-
      iceberg on the real ECKANKAR history that Klemp wants to hide from
      everyone. BTW-I know who this TuzaHu is. He left Eck when Darwin got
      booted, but Klemp allowed him to return with all initiations! Funny,
      how Klemp has gotten more intolerant over the years. I wonder if
      TuzaHu is still a chela (i.e. a current PAID member)?


      Liz wrote:

      Hello all,

      I wanted to re post a message I saw over on the Conversations With
      Twitchell Yahoo Group. The individual that posted this goes by the
      Yahoo ID of TuzaHu. It is a response to the topic entitled "Those
      Wonderful Eck Masters". This person is addressing a "Detractor"
      comment made by an HI Clergy member by the name of Rich Smith, aka
      Cyber Sailor Rich, sailing the cosmic sea of eckankrap with his
      signature cyber sailboat. LOL


      "Detractor." What a strong name that is to call someone. When in fact
      they've grown in their own power and towards their own light in
      their own path. Because it threatens some that they can go on their
      own and stand on their own they have to be called a name. Detractor.

      When I got into Eck Paul had it set up for one Initiation. That's it.
      Later he changed it as the chelas asked for a spiritual yardstick to
      judge their 'growth' by. The initiations were created. Then, once
      one was a 5th initiate he was free to go on his own as a spiritual
      adept. After Paul it was Darwin that changed the path that if money
      was not sent in on a regular basis the initiations were dropped, or
      stripped, as the chela didn't make a monetary 'donation' to the
      church as proof of their dedication the initiations were no longer
      valid. Strange that one's own growth and power in one's own life
      always eyed by the inner master wasn't good enough. The outer needed
      that check in the mail to be of a special initiation.

      Three times a year I'd get a print out mailed to me of people ready
      for their next initiation and I put Yes or No next to their name and
      mailed it in, the Yes people got pink slips, the No people didn't.
      On occasion I saw Bernadine Berlin, Darwin's secretary fill out the
      pink slips of people I suggested were ready, on two occasions she
      handed me the blank pink slips and I filled in names and initiations
      for those I thought were ready for the next level.

      Those initiations are the carrot at the end of the stick that keeps
      the donkey cart moving. Paul didn't want them in the beginning. I
      think he knew what they could do to students, striving for a number
      not a way of life. Things change. Now if you don't send in your
      payment for so many years you are stripped of all initiations except
      for the second. Funny how a soul can spiral downward without the
      physical body writing checks on a regular basis to keep it in lofty
      levels of awareness, isn't it. I guess the Friday Fast and doing
      good deeds isn't enough. That check needs to be in the mail to find

      My perception from the beginning was Paul had a good idea. You get
      into Eckankar, learn your lessons and get out. When the Initiations
      were set up you got them at the World Wide Seminar every year. You
      show up in Vegas in October for Paul's Birthday and you got the
      present. They were gang initiations, groups of people got the
      initiation at the same time. If you didn't show up you didn't get
      zapped. You show up you got zapped. Very simple. I remember watching
      the beginning of a group of 16 people get their 5th initiation in
      Las Vegas, it was 1968 or 1969. I was mesmerized that all those self
      aware souls were being created. Some jumped initiations from their 2
      or 3 to their 5th. If the area 'needed' a Mahdis they got zapped.
      Poof, you're self realized, go enroll others in the path.

      One special thing I've learned in my years of Eckankar is this. The
      best place to hide lies is in a pack of truth. Cleopatra had the
      poison snake in a sweet basket of figs. It makes the bitter slide
      down so much more easily. It takes the sting out of the bitter
      medicine. It soothes the intelligence by so much making sense that
      you just accept what would normally be red flags. It's advertising.

      Just thoughts. Not making accusations. I cherish my years in
      Eckankar. I cherish the lessons I learned and people I met. I had a
      great time. It kept me off drugs in my youth, I learned to focus on
      one thing at a time, I learned to stand tall in my own truth and
      even when told that God Itself would not approve I didn't go up in a
      puff of smoke, but grew and flourished in my own way. I learned a
      lot in Eckankar.
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