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Mozart - Re: Eckankar: 09/2006 The Wisdom Notes

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  • Elizabeth
    ... we see the likes of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. ... people change societies to come. You know full well, too, that such changes in consciousness need an
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      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:

      > HK: "Music, some say, mirrors an age. So in the Western tradition
      we see the likes of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven."
      > HK: "Mozart followed close on the heels of Bach, who had died six
      > years before. As usual, there was political unheaval in Europe,
      > including the Seven Years' War. BUT Mozart, an Austrian, mirrored
      > his society's desire for harmony, which he expressed in the use of
      > melody in compositions. A listener of Mozart will find that his
      > music often lends itself to humming along."
      > HK: "As the centuries roll by, then, we note how certain key
      people change societies to come. You know full well, too, that such
      changes in consciousness need an igniting spark."
      > HK: "What is this spark? The spark is the spiritual hierarchy.

      *** I was going to keep each snippet of HK's info on Bach and
      Beethoven, but decided to keep this limited in length.

      Yesterday I was reading a book a good friend had given me as a gift.
      It's titled "Something Worth Leaving Behind" by Brett Beavers and
      Tom Douglas, with introduction by Lee Ann Womack.

      The reason I bring this up is, within the pages of this book is a
      chapter on Mozart. The whole idea of this book is to express the
      fact that not everyone is going to leave an amazing legacy such as
      Mozart, and others listed in the book. But we each leave amazing
      legacies when we love those around us.

      Now you ask, what the heck is Liz geting at? Hmmmm well while
      reading the chapter on Mozart, I had this funny feeling HK has read
      this book and sees himself and his Eckankrap as one of those amazing
      legacies... well in his own mind anyway.

      Make sure you place yourself in an eckie HK sort of mood frame,
      while you read these words. Though I am sure the fine folks that
      wrote this book, do not want to be or have any correlation to HK or
      his cult!

      Here is what I am talking about:

      From the book, Something worth leaving behind page 20

      "Hey Mozart, what kind of name is Amadeus?"
      I guess he would say it's Austrian, since that's where he was born.
      Actually, his whole name is pretty cool...

      Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)
      Mozart is considered to be one of the most creative musical geniuses
      of all time.

      Check out this timeline:
      Age 4 ~ He shows remarkable musical talent and learns to play piano.
      Age 5 ~ He begins composing music.
      Age 6 ~ He plays for Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.
      Age 14 ~ He has already composed many works for the harpsichord,
      piano, and violin, as well as orchestral works.

      Early 20s ~ He is virtually ignored by the courts of Europe.
      But Mozart presses on under difficult circumstances and composes his
      most enduring work during the later years of his life.

      Then age 35 ~ HE dies in poverty from a feverish illness and is
      buried in a Vienna suburb with little ceremony... in an unmarked

      Yet Mozart lives on to this day in the more than six hundred works
      of music he left behind.

      What was the secret to his greatness and genius? He listened with
      his heart and heard...

      Possibilities. When he saw a violin... he heard a concerto.
      When he stood in an empty concert hall... he heard angels singing.
      When he looked at a blank manuscript... he heard Symphonies.

      What is a Symphony?

      A symphony is a gift to the world from the one who conceives it,
      labors over it, and then... leaves it behind for all the world to

      A reminder... of the beauty one person can create.

      Violins, cellos, basses. Woodwinds and brass. Percussion. Working
      together like... the beating of a HEART.

      The slow introduction
      The rising of the second movement
      The crescendo to the grand finale.

      (Kind of like... life)


      The crowd flows out into the street Lifted...
      Above the noise of jackhammers and horns and sirens.

      Floating along on an


      Of the music made

      Of the precious memories

      Of the life lived.


      Well the book continues.... ;-) I just thought I could hear HK
      playing Mozart in the background as he was writing his mythical
      wisdom note for Sept. 2006, trying to create his own likeness of
      Mozart, to the followers of Eckankrap. He will leave a mark, what a
      martyr he has become, all frugal and all.... kind of like Mozart?
      Only in his delusional mind!
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