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Re: Klemp's Personality Traits Trickle Down to His Chelas

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  • Non ekster
    Actually, two godman meeting would be the same as two zeros . lol kind of like in Algebra where 0 X 0 = 0 . Or zero times any number equals zero. Naught
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 21, 2006
      Actually, two godman meeting would be the same as two "zeros". lol
      kind of like in Algebra where "0" X "0" = "0" . Or zero times any
      number equals zero. Naught is Naught, right? In other words, DELUSION
      (a persistent, false, psychotic belief).

      Non ; )

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      <eckchains@...> wrote:
      Re: Klemp's Personality Traits Trickle Down to His Chelas

      Yes, the Schizoid type is why some eckists experience questioning or
      rational thinking/critical thinking as the other person's "hatred" and
      "anger", etc.. They are in fact Projecting their own rage onto anyone
      who challenges their delusional belief system based on the
      saviour/mahanta complex. <gg> I wonder what klemp would do if he met
      another godman from a similar path as eckankult? Well, the other
      godman would just have to be kal or satan or of the negative worlds,
      and so on. Maybe they would do us all a favor and destroy each other. lol

      Non ; )

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hi Liz,
      > I'm not surprised to see this caliber of Eck Spiritual Exercise
      > being used in an Eck Children's Satsang Class. "As Above So Below"
      > is how it works in the demented and delusional Spiritual Hierarchy
      > of Eckankar.
      > IMO Klemp's mental problems stem from his childhood and his lack of
      > personality development and, therefore, result in his current
      > Personality Disorders. It would be impossible to diagnose his
      > multible and overlapping mental disorders precisely and without
      > several consults, however, he has given enough information to form
      > some general and preliminary conclusions. Here are (merely) three
      > definitions [taken from the DSM-IV] that seem to correspond to HK's
      > comments and behaviors over the years.
      > "SCHIZOID PERSONALITY DISORDER is a pattern of detachment from
      > social relationships and a restricted range of emotional expression."
      > "SCHIZOTYPAL PERSONALITY DISORDER is a pattern of acute discomfort
      > in close relationships, cognitive or personal distortions, and
      > eccentricities of behavior."
      > "NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER is a pattern of grandiousity,
      > need for admiration, and lack of empathy."
      > Therefore, is it any wonder that many Eckists, by emulating their
      > master and following his example, have also emulated and followed
      > HK's mental instability and negative behaviors as well!
      > Eckankar in general and Klemp in particular promote mental
      > instability through delusional and anti-social standards and
      > requirements which are necessary in order to become an attached
      > follower (chela) who needs the "fix" from a savior/Mahanta. It's a
      > scam that gives many socially unstable and mentally unstable
      > indiviuals a safe place to hide and appear "normal" by Eck
      > standards.
      > Therefore, Eckankar has a two fold problem. 1.) Spiritual Seekers
      > who are relatively mentally healthy and stable or "normal" tend to
      > become adversely influenced by the nutty behavior and attitudes that
      > Klemp has deemed "superior normal." 2.) Those Eckists that already
      > had mental disorders prior to joing Eckankar are now put in jeopardy
      > of having the problems of these disorders increased upon and
      > expanded due to various accepted Eck practices. Using herbal
      > remedies versus prescription drugs and using other alternative New
      > Age solutions is not always best for some people, but there is a
      > strong desire for Eckists to conform fit-in. Also, doing a
      > contemplation is not the best advice to give someone who is Bi-polar!
      > Yes, it is interesting that Eckists are so eager to conform to what
      > they are told is of a higher consciousness. However, is the non-
      > comformity of some Eckists just them "acting out" due to what is
      > expected in Eckankar and by emulating Klemp's mental instability or
      > to their own mental instability? These are just more questions that
      > many Eckists are afraid to ask while others remain in denial of the
      > truth.
      > Prometheus
      > "Elizabeth" wrote:
      > I was thinking a little more about this so called Spiritual exercise
      > The Ties that Bind, created to show an example of cutting karmic
      > ties.
      > You know, this doesn't surprise me really that some of these eckies
      > would find this to be a perfect example of how to cut ties. A lot
      > of what the teachings focus on is cutting ties... to family,
      > friends, life... so this is just one more sad way to brainwash
      > small children (any children) into thinking it is a goal to cut your
      > ties from everything... I am surprised they didn't come up with
      > some sort of "tie" in, where they should cute all ties except those
      > to the wonderful eck masters, and the current god man of the entire
      > universe!
      > I would like to share a "better" Spritual exercise that I would
      > encourage any parent/s to use while attempting to show an example
      > that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. (NOT DISCONNECTED!) I found a lovely book
      > while I was still an eckie, that I felt was far better in teaching
      > children about spirituality. The book is titled, Nurturing
      > Spirituality in Children, by Peggy J. Jenkins, PH.D.
      > This exercise would go over far better in most age groups, than the
      > neck tie that binds! Besides, they get to take home a cool project
      > too!
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