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Inner experiences with those wonderful fake eck masters!

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! I read a question on an eck chat site by a new eckist. This fellow is waiting for his 2nd initiation to come soon. He feels it s about to happen
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2006
      Hi, All!

      I read a question on an eck chat site by a "new" eckist. This fellow
      is waiting for his 2nd initiation to come soon. He feels it's about
      to happen because he believes he's developing a "very strong
      relationship to the Inner Master." I don't think this guy realizes
      the drill though and maybe someone will clue him in on the
      initiations--the nuts and bolts of it. If he has had a paid
      membership for two years, then the next step is to call the ESC and
      tell them he wants the 2nd initiation. If he doesn't ask, it won't
      come! And, of course, if you don't keep paying your membership dues,
      it won't come either! It all comes with $$$$ being paid. LOL!

      He also posed a question. He said, "I have read Those Wonderful ECK
      Masters, and I enjoyed it. But my question is this - I have not had
      any inner experiences with these Masters. While I enjoy reading the
      stories of what they have done for us, I don't have any particular
      attachment to them. My faith seems to be growing in Harji's
      teachings, and the inner experiences I am having. So... do these
      relationships to the other Masters happen over time? Is it necessary
      that I cultivate relationships with them, or is my relationship to
      the current Living ECK Master and the Mahanta enough?"

      This confused newbie eckist didn't seem to comprehend Harold's book
      very well. It is a manual in how to self-brainwash oneself into
      believing the the eck masters are real. At the end of each chapter
      in the book "Those Wonderful ECK Masters", Harold instructs with a
      specific exercise that will "assist" the seeker in believing he is
      having an experience with an eck master.

      Here's one of the spiritual exercises from the book that Harold
      offers on conjuring up Rebazar, page 117:

      "A Spiritual Exercise to Meet Rebazar Tarzs

      Relax in contemplation with eyes shut. Picture yourself on a beach,
      walking in sand at the ocean's edge. The warm waters dance about
      your feet, and a light ocean spray splashes a refreshing coolness on
      your face. Overhead, silent white gulls sail upon the wind.

      Now breathe in as the waves gently wash toward you. Then, on the
      outgoing breath, sing Rebazar (REE-bah-zahr) softly in rhythm with
      the waves fleeing back to the sea. Do this exercise twenty to thirty
      minutes a day. After you're skilled at it, Rebazar or another ECK
      Master will come and impart the wisdom of God to you."

      (CAUTION: Do not look at a picture of Osama bin Laden prior to this
      spiritual exercise! LOL!)

      Harold further comments, "At first you may feel you have met Rebazar
      or one of the ECK Masters only in your imagination. But with time
      and practice, you will find they are real people just like you."

      Yes, all a chela need do is learn how to become delusional--Harold
      knows all the tricks to train these seekers. Keep working at this
      exercise and the imagination will latch on to some sort of image
      that one can then believe is "real." Very simple and elementary--but
      a chela will first have to want to believe this crap.

      I feel sorry for the newbie (naive) eckist asking his question. He
      sounds sincere and in need, but the path he's walking will take him
      down the deep, dark stairway of deception, lies and delusion. This
      is the harm that HK and the eck org bestow upon trusting Souls!

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