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Re: Eckankar: 09/2006 The Mystic World

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I just thought I d bring this current article back to the front page for anyone (especially Eckists) to read this weekend. I ll be posting Klemp s
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 19, 2006
      Hello All,
      I just thought I'd bring this current article back to the front page
      for anyone (especially Eckists) to read this weekend. I'll be
      posting Klemp's 09/2006 Wisdom Notes soon. I'll look forward to
      reading comments on HK's distorted 20/20 hindsight view of history.


      Hi Ingrid and All,
      I'll add my comments to Klemp's "expert" opinions on the dreams
      described in his article. Really though, Klemp's opinions are no
      better than anyone's, especially, that of the actual dreamer! And,
      these insights and opinions may, in many cases, have more to do
      with "us" than the original dreamer. Spirit works in mysterious ways
      and Klemp is usually oblivious to this, as well as, his ever growing
      Karmic debt!

      "Oh, You've Come So Far!" by Harold Klemp

      HK: "The host of a call-in radio program calls himself an expert on
      dreams. He is a psychiatrist. Callers' questions about a strange
      or haunting dream are grain for his mill. Most dreams are easy fixes
      for him. They express some unconscious wish or feeling of the

      ### Actually, the dreams of Eckists that are sent via Initiate
      Reports, etc. are also "grain" for Klemp's "mill" and are "easy
      fixes" for HK too. Klemp even uses them to "write" book upon book!
      How proud these Eckists are that get their dreams printed
      (mentioned)! However, this is just more vanity accruing for these
      proud Eckists and their wealthy puffed-up "International Who's Who
      of Intellectuals Ninth Edition" Mahanta! LOL!

      *** Well, most of the dreams *are* that, are they not?!

      ### Yes, many dreams do express "unconscious wishes or feelings."
      However, I also see Klemp putting down the talk show host for being
      a psychiatrist. Perhaps HK still has some unresolved anger of that
      1970 visit he had when he was locked up in a Mental Instituition!
      Remember, Klemp claims he had learned "to play the game" in order to
      be released after three weeks!

      HK: "For me, the most interesting part of the program is the
      questions. The host's answers often hit a wall, though, or dribble
      off into a self-satisfying string of mumbo jumbo. The show
      conveniently airs before bedtime. The few times I braved a segment
      of it, it put me in a mood to sleep."

      *** HK can't withstand the temptation to put others down, can he? Is
      it True, Necessary, Kind and Loving?!

      ### Klemp's comments of this talk show host are getting rather nasty
      and personal it seems (more flash-backs). This reminds me of his
      nasty comments in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter towards that Third
      Temporary Postal Clerk (Fill-in) when H.K. defended Joan for her
      violating the Law of Economy (Not showing her I.D. before the clerk
      looked for her package), having too much pride of her position at
      the ESC, and for her impatience.

      HK: "Recently, a caller told of a dream that baffled this dream
      expert. The expert, an authority, would not--could not--admit that
      it mystified him too, that it was beyond his area of expertise. Most
      of you would have immediately known this dream for what it was. It
      was a vivid past-life experience."

      *** How does HK know that it mystified the host of the show?! So HK,
      the expert on all dreams, knows immediately that it was a vivid past-
      life experience. Well, I think this is known among dream experts as
      well! "Normal" human beings do believe in reincarnation, too!

      ### Doesn't Klemp also claim to be an "expert" and an "authority"
      and much much more! How arrogant! Klemp is too clueless to
      be "mystified" of anything he's a know-it-all in his (and Eckists')
      own delusional mind(s)!

      HK: "This dream had recurred many times over the last Twenty Years
      and was notable in that it always replayed battle scenes of the
      American Civil War of the 1860s. And the dreamer always floated
      above them. He could describe the uniforms, the cannons, the horses
      and their riders, the weather, the soldiers' guns, the officers'
      swords, and the like. He saw the wounded and the dead. And he could
      even smell the smoke of cannon fire." [My caps]

      *** Well, there it is again - HK's favorite topic - wars! It always
      comes down to that it seems to me! He seems to love it! :-))

      ### Yes, and HK never takes a position or to comment how futile it
      all is, or why can't we all just get along, or the "whys" of why we
      can't! This would be a good time to go more indepth and present the
      higher truths that Soul is seeking. Klemp is message is boring and
      redundant and never benefits the advanced Soul. And, aren't Eckists
      supposed to be "advanced" Souls? Where's the Spiritual Meat?!

      HK: "Evidently, dreams of past lives are not in the expert's
      repertoire of explanations. Yet he let on that the matter was very
      clear to him. By some leap of logic I didn't follow, he tied the
      dream to the caller's childhood on his grandfather's farm. Forget
      about the caller's you-are-there descriptions of another time and
      place. To the expert it was all just a subconscious expression of
      his feelings."

      *** I can imagine that you couldn't follow this "leap of logic", HK!
      And subconscious isn't allowed in eckankar! So just forget it, it's
      a big no-no! That's why so many eckists are controlled by their
      subconscious because HK always appeals to that, seemingly without
      knowing it! LOL!

      ### I agree Ingrid, why can't the LEM/Mahanta follow the "leap in
      logic?" Maybe Klemp is in denial of some childhood events that
      occurred back on his parent's farm that he refuses to face! Klemp
      does seem to hang onto anger and dwells in and recreates past events
      to suit his scamming agenda and false image.

      HK: "Other questions were brushed aside with wordy tut-tuts. This
      exchange must have left the dreamer as puzzled as ever, driving him
      on to seek more satisfying answers from some other source."

      *** Well, one must be aware that seeking advice in a radio show
      isn't the best way to get answers to one's questions! I would go to
      see some kind of counselor, specialized on dreams perhaps!

      ### Klemp needs to look into a mirror more often. HK is an expert at
      saying nothing while putting down others. Have Eckists ever read
      his "loser" comments. Do Klemp's words depict a "Loving" master or
      another Jerry Falwell?

      HK: "The greatest favor we can do for ourselves is to say we don't
      know when we don't know."

      *** So HK, you don't know a lot - did you ever say so?!

      ### Well HK did say that he couldn't follow the psychiatrist's "Leap
      of Logic," however, HK was either Not being honest (unless is is
      that stupid), or he was being sarcastic (negative).

      HK: "Vast are the worlds of ECK. The experiences we can have within
      them are more than there are stars in the heavens. Odds are strong--
      overwhelming--that you will often run into things you could never
      have imagined."

      *** Yes HK that happens! What counts is our response to those
      unimagined things! Well, Joan couldn't adapt too well to this
      temporary postal clerk, could she! LOL!

      ### Yep, that poor postal clerk! What negativity he had to fend off!
      It's a good thing that 9th Initiate Joan and 14th Initiate Harry
      aren't as powerful as they delude themselves to be! Of course, I'm
      just kidding about that. JK and HK know that it's all a scam. The
      Eckists are the only ones that are deluded!

      HK: "This physical life has plenty of surprises too. IF your
      spiritual unfoldment is on track, you will many times find yourself
      saying about an experience or condition, 'I just don't know.'"

      *** "Normal" humble people say that very often, too! It's because
      life is wonderful and really full of surprises which makes life here
      so great, at least for me! :-)

      ### It's true that sometimes we can't see what is happening or the
      reasons for it because we either don't look hard enough (aren't
      interested), we are being spared the pain of knowing the outcome
      before events play out, because we sometimes just need to learn by
      repetition, and we see and experience things according to what we
      need (for spiritual growth) and can handle.

      HK: "BUT there are also many things you will know. And it's because
      the Mahanta will show you." [My caps]

      *** No, thanks - no need of a mahanta! :-)

      ### Notice that Klemp is still using BUT and IF in his articles to
      Eckists when he stated in the 12/2005 H.I. Letter Not to or avoid
      using these words with other Eckists. Eckists shouldn't trust that
      Klemp is truthful about anything he says!

      [Second dream comments]

      HK: "For example, what do you think the dream authority would have
      made of this dream reported by someone we will call Belle? In the
      dream state she was visiting friends, sitting in a large,
      overstuffed chair. They had a huge pet lizard colored like a Gila
      monster, a large, poisonous reptile found in Arizona, where she was
      born and briefly lived later."

      ### What makes Klemp an authority? He was initiated by a Thief who
      was also a Black Magician (Gross) who was in turn initiated by the
      Eck Board of Trustees and Officers on Gail's Twitchell's behalf.
      And, the whole Eckankar scam was created by a Liar - Paul Twitchell.
      And, Rebazar was created by Twit so it isn't R.T. who "Fills-in" as
      needed either! This is just more myth. Ask Doug Marman!

      HK: "However, Belle found this pet lizard loving and sweet. She was
      not afraid of it. It crawled over her shoulder, down her arm, and
      into her lap. Then it crept up her front and licked her face. The
      alarm clock rang. Since it was an odd dream, she made a note
      of it in her dream journal."

      ### Perhaps this has more to do with Belle overcoming fear!

      HK: "What do you think the dream expert's analysis would have
      sounded like?"

      ### I guess we're about to hear what the other "expert" (HK) is
      about to say. However, you know what they say about opinions don't
      you? They are like ass holes - everyone has one!

      HK: "Well, he never would get a chance to air it, because at
      breakfast that very morning, the Mahanta, the Inner Master, gave
      Belle its meaning. And it rang so true."

      ### I'm curious as to why HK listens to this Radio Show before he
      goes to sleep. Why does the so-called LEM/Mahanta do this? Is this
      the only way he is able to dream? Sad state of affairs for Eckists!

      HK: "She was at the table eating breakfast, reading the latest issue
      of Arizona Highways. Her attention was captured by a photo of a Gila
      monster. Alongside it was an article on how medical scientists had
      discovered that its saliva contained a substance to help balance
      insulin levels in type 2 diabetes. There is also a new medication
      on the market made of a synthesized version of this substance."

      ### I'll bet that this magazine cover was seen by her prior to her
      dream and that her unconscious mind dreamed about it. Maybe it did
      have to do with her sugar intake or Not! Like I previously stated,
      maybe the dream had more to do with her facing hers fears. Or, Klemp
      is just flexing his knowledge and Who's Who intellect! LOL!

      HK: "This was a health warning from the Master. Belle is not a
      diabetic, BUT for a full week, she had been craving sweet things.
      The warning said, 'You're taking in too much sugar." So she said
      good-bye to the ice cream and cookies." [My caps]

      *** Well I'm sure she would have thought about this without the
      mahanta as well because her own Higher Self, which HK tries to
      invade and take over, would have guided her there! And much better
      than HK, the mahanta, the intruder, ever could!

      ### Very true! Klemp is very good at putting words and opinions in
      the mouth of others. This person (Soul) will figure it out without
      being misdirected by a pseudo expert and master.

      HK: "Here, then, you've met two very differnt dreamers, with two
      very different dream advisers. The Mahanta's advice is worlds beyond
      that of this other self-described expert. So very, very far beyond

      *** The master of the universe is the greatest expert of course! And
      why can't he speak through the radio show host for example? There's
      something called golden tongued wisdom in eckankar, and the eck
      should be able to speak through anyone, not only HK!

      ### Klemp makes it sound like he is the only "expert" who knows
      anything about past lives. LOL! Many thousands of people outside of
      Eckankar know much more about this topic than Klemp claims to know
      or will ever know! And, Klemp's very nasty, once again, when he
      attempts to belittle this psychiatrist by calling him a "self-
      described expert!" What does Klemp think he is? LOL! Again, I really
      believe that Klemp is still holding onto anger from his
      incarceration in a Mental Institution. IMO- HK is transferring this
      unresolved anger to all psychiatrists and other mental health

      HK: "Look back sometime and see how far you've come in ECK. And it's
      all because of your love for the Master."

      *** Yeah look back on how much money you have already spent to this
      silly organization to have the protection of the so-called master!
      This protection isn't worth a dime! Just rely on you own inner and
      Higher Self who doesn't need your money to make a good living out of
      it, on your expense!

      ### True, Ingrid, money and time was wasted on a scam that created
      more and more distortions of the real Truth we were seeking. The
      harm in Eckankar is that the seeker must adopt delusion or become
      more delusional in order to fit-in and have Eckie "experiences."
      Eckankar encourages dependency and attachment to a LEM/Mahanta and
      increases one's vanity via higher initiations. Eckists, does this
      sound like it could be another Kal trap like other religions - nah!
      That's just your imagination or is it?

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