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The Unspoken (of) Eck Master - Darwin Gross

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Judy, I think that I will straighten up some of my old Eck documents and look for Helen Frye s article. If I find it I will put it on ESA for all to read
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19 10:00 AM
      Hello Judy,
      I think that I will straighten up some of my old Eck documents and
      look for Helen Frye's article. If I find it I will put it on ESA for
      all to read and you can make a copy from that.

      Thanks to iamfreedom for their comments and insights on this same
      article. I guess that it did have a Tantric (sp?) Yoga sort of slant.

      As far as asking about information as to who we are or where we live
      this is usually considered, by many here, as an area that is off-
      limits due to privacy concerns. This is one reason why this site is
      titled with "Anonymous." You see, this site (ESA) is also available
      to disgruntled current Eckists that don't want to be identified.
      Some of these Eckists don't like the "Religion" of Eckankar and the
      Christian like direction Klemp has taken the Spiritual Path as
      designed by Paul.

      Other curious Eckists have their own reasons for joining and/or
      secretly lurking here and that's okay too. This site is a safe haven
      for these Eckists while being able to voice concerns (or not) and
      read opinions that are based on very different perspectives and
      insights. Tough questions and opposing views (not necessarily
      negative), however, are disallowed by the Eck teachings via threats
      to one's spiritual growth and threats to add more karma to Soul.
      These mind control techniques and "spiritual" directives
      (propaganda) prevent a two-way exchange or Soul=Soul relationship
      with the LEM. Klemp is the sole expert and authority and last word
      as he re-creates Eckankar to fit his private comfort zone and
      Christian background.

      Many true Eckists are unable to voice their concerns due to the Kal
      agents and spys working within the RESA hierarchy because they fear
      being "black-listed" on initiations and positions. These are Truth
      Seekers that are not quite ready (and fearful) to give up their Eck
      social status, their initiations, or those decades of membership for
      what they perceive as nothing, or no belief, or a belief in their
      own individual Self Mastery and Spiritual Freedom. This is why
      religions are so popular and the main reason why they became so
      established. People aren't able to see the Master within and,
      therefore, look outside of themselves for a savior.


      "Judy" chela1 wrote:

      Hey thanks for answering my post.

      Yes it was a very strage article and when Darwin heard about it he
      had a horrible fight with Helen for writing it!!!Helen could be very
      strange but seeing she had been married to a Vanderbilt and was
      filthy rich and drop dead georgeous she was used to doing what she

      The guy that is writing the sedonalegend site lives near me and I
      was telling him I would try and get a copy of the article somewhere.
      I still live in Prescott and was in eck for 9 yrs,moved here from
      michigan so I could be near the eck property.

      I was very good friends with Pat Henderson who now is living in Las
      vegas and has altzeimers.Her son Danny takes care of her as her
      husband died last year.He was a very good friend of my husbands.

      If you happen to find the article I would love to have a copy of
      it.I threw away all my eck stuff when I read the manuscript in 81
      and I also clossed the eck center here as I was the area rep for
      northern az and spent almost all my time working for eck.

      When I found out the truth I went balistic and trashed the eck
      center.I went to the trial here when Helen's family sued eck.Darwin
      was such a jerk and I know he was on drugs.I heard I was on his hit
      list as I put several articles in the paper exposing eck.

      The last day of the trial Charlie Wallace told me he burned Helen's
      will leaving everything to eckankar,then he talked Helen's sisters
      into giving him a lot of money.

      He was such a user. He loved champayne,women and cocaine.
      Helen was sick when she gave everything to eck and she was always
      giving away money and things to her friends.

      I knew klemp in 73,he was a real nerd ,married to Margie and took
      his daughter who was asmatic to Darwin for a healing. He was so dumb
      that Darwin thought he could use him while he was off in a lear jet
      that he bought with money from the eck property and klemp went thru
      all the papers at the office and found out Alan Nichols,who was
      Darwins attorney and not an eckist was the only member on the board
      except darwin and they had set darwin up for life.

      Sorry I am rambling,where do you live???


      shalequadoll chela1 wrote:

      I quit eck after reading David lanes manuscript.I was in training to
      become the mahdist in northern arizona.I have met a guy who is doing
      research on Helen Frye and am trying to find anyone who read the
      article in the mystic news that Helen wrote. It was not approved by
      Darwin and they had a terrible fight about it. I cant remember the
      name of the article but it was about sexual energy.

      I adored Helen and went to Darwins trial here in Prescott when he
      tried to get all of Helen's estate. He told so many lies and I am
      sure he was on drugs as he was so arrogent and such a liar!!!!
      I helped Charlie Wallace get the sky fire house for Helen's sister.
      I dont know if anyone is on here that was in at that time but would
      love to talk to anyone who was. I was very close to Pat Henderson
      who now lives in Las Vegas and has altzeimers.

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