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Re: Looking for any eckists who were in Az in the early 80's

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Judy, I have that Eck World News article by Helen Frye! It s lying around here somewhere. I looked for awhile, but can t seem to find it at present. Yes,
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      Hi Judy,
      I have that Eck World News article by Helen Frye! It's lying around
      here somewhere. I looked for awhile, but can't seem to find it at
      present. Yes, it's a very strange article for an Eck publication.

      I didn't really know Pat or other old timer Eckists very well,
      however, I did usually know the people who did know them well and
      that's how I would meet Eckists like Pat (usually at seminars).

      Yes, Darwin was a real trip! I had a friend who worked for him at
      Menlo Park and was told that he got a little too friendly and
      personal with the females at the office (ESC). And, that BB was a
      real witch! Remember too that during these years Darwin was handing
      out Higher Initiations left and right. Klemp got all of his Higher
      Initiations from Gross and yet is deluded enough to think they came
      via the Eck versus an agent for the Kal! Amazing, how Klemp has re-
      written and sanitized Eckankar history to suit his current Kalistic

      And sorry, most of the Eckists that I knew out West (Las Vegas area)
      in the mid 1970's, or so, are dead.


      shalequadoll chela1 wrote:

      I quit eck after reading David lanes manuscript.I was in training to
      become the mahdist in northern arizona.I have met a guy who is doing
      research on Helen Frye and am trying to find anyone who read the
      article in the mystic news that Helen wrote. It was not approved by
      Darwin and they had a terrible fight about it. I cant remember the
      name of the article but it was about sexual energy.

      I adored Helen and went to Darwins trial here in Prescott when he
      tried to get all of Helen's estate. He told so many lies and I am
      sure he was on drugs as he was so arrogent and such a liar!!!!
      I helped Charlie Wallace get the sky fire house for Helen's sister.
      I dont know if anyone is on here that was in at that time but would
      love to talk to anyone who was. I was very close to Pat Henderson
      who now lives in Las Vegas and has altzeimers.

    • iam999freedom
      Hi Judy, I am not from Arizona and although I no longer have any Mystic Worlds I do remember quite clearly the article you are referring to. ... and leaders of
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 18 11:25 PM
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        Hi Judy, I am not from Arizona and although I no longer have any
        Mystic Worlds I do remember quite clearly the article you are
        referring to.
        >The essence of the article was that for centuries the priestcraft
        and leaders of society in general repressed the sexual expression of
        individuals knowing that if they could subdue their sexual energy
        they were more easily controllable.
        >The article went on to assert that when expressed with Divine Love
        sex could elevate the individual beyond the contolling and limiting
        conditions of society into higher states of conscoiusness.
        >If I remember correctly either that or the following edition of the
        Mystic World had a disclaimer about the article saying it was the
        expression of the writer and not the opinion of the LEM (at that
        time Darwin Gross)
        >I hope this helps to give you the essence of what the article was


        -- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Judy"
        <chela1@...> wrote:
        > Thank you so much for responding to my post.I moved to Prescott
        in 1975 so I could be near the "spiritual center"in Sedona.
        > I was in eck before Paul died but was one of darwins students.
        > I had been in eck for 9 years and was the area rep for northern az
        which meant I was the one who did all the work here for seminars and
        Days of eck and held satsang classes.I had pretty much given up my
        life for eck.
        > When I found out the truth about paul and darwin and eckankar and
        smashed everything in the eck center here and closed it down.
        > The guy who is doing the sedonalegend link you sent is the one I
        am trying to get info for.He lives near camp verde and had worked at
        the old property when it became a park.He has so many pictures and
        stories about Helen.We used to get a magazine called mystic world
        news that had several articles in it that Helen wrote.I threw away
        > all my eck stuff so dont have it.
        > Did you know Pat Henderson???Her and I were very close friends,she
        moved here from Indiana.
        > I will try and contact the person you mentioned and see if she
        read the articleand can remember it.
        > Thank you so much
        > Judy
        > I still live in Prescott,did you know any of the people who were
        in eckankar in Prescott???
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        > From: Elizabeth
        > To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
        > Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 6:43 AM
        > Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Looking for any
        eckists who were in Az in the early 80's
        > Hello Judy,
        > I lived in Arizona from 1979 to 1992. Maybe we have met, though
        > was pretty young at the time.
        > You can read about "Broken Promises and Opportunists, the
        > Transition History of Jack and Helen Frye's TWA Get-A-Way: Smoke
        > Trail Ranch . . . at:
        > http://www.sedonalegendhelenfrye.com/page9.html
        > Though if you were there in attendence during the hearings, you
        > already know most of what this link contains.
        > As to whether anyone has a copy of the letter by Helen; I was a
        > little eckists and destroyed most of what I had during the
        > Gross era. Though someone could very well have a copy somewhere?
        > You might want to research the various links within this group,
        > well as the yahoo group Eckankartruth. Sharon, the moderator,
        > compiled a wealth of information as well. She may be able to
        > you? Though I am not sure if she is currently active with her
        > group, you can still read the messages without joining, since it
        > open to the public. :-)
        > Another yahoo group you might find interesting is Conversations
        > Twitchell. There is a guy by the name of David Parker that posts
        > there from time to time, whom you may know? His ID is Tuzahu I
        > believe. He resides in Arizona, and has for MANY years!
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eckankartruth
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ConversationsWithTwitchell/
        > Elizabeth
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