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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Whitney, I would encourage your husband to read Ford s book, and then see how he responds to that... at least he has you as a sounding board. But, he
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 4, 2005
      Hello Whitney,

      I would encourage your husband to read Ford's book, and then see how
      he responds to that... at least he has you as a sounding board. But,
      he shouldn't be afraid to read the book because he can decide for
      himself if it contains Truth. I am glad that Spirit led me to Ford's
      book because it is what got me to re-think things and to finally
      leave Eckankar. I was a staunch supporter and both a "settler"
      and "explorer" (eckie leadership terms for co-ordinator/director and
      vahana), and it was quite an internal/external struggle before I
      finally came to terms with the lies and deceptions of Twitchell,
      Gross, and Klemp. Although your husband may not want to follow
      Christianity at least he will be able to seek and find his own


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      <divawhitt@y...> wrote:
      > The individual in question is my husband. When we were dating, he
      > told me about eckankar and gave me a couple of books to read. Of
      > course, I read them because I wanted to know more about this
      > wonderful man I'd met. (He really is.) Although the books were so
      > much fluff, I didn't have a real problem with the whole thing. And
      > then, after we got married, I was snooping around on the internet
      > and found David Lane's site. I was appalled by what I found. I
      > thought there was no way someone as smart as he could sincerely
      > believe in any philosophy after finding out it was/is a total
      > fraud. So, after printing out scads of information, I brought it
      > all home to my hubby. His reaction was that the Kal placed that
      > stuff on the internet to draw people away from the Truth and that I
      > couldn't believe everything I read online. OK, so I set about
      > gathering materials and checking the plagiarisms myself, bought and
      > read Ford's book. I've kept everything in my closet, hidden. Fast
      > forward two years, my husband has been going through an incredibly
      > rough patch lately and has been questioning his faith, progress,
      > yadda, yadda, yadda and I wonder if now would be a good time
      > to "out" my findings. Or would it shatter him and bring him even
      > further down? I really appreciate each of you who took the time to
      > respond to my query. I'm not expecting him to follow the same
      > spiritual path as myself (I'm a Christian) and I don't preach at
      > him. But, for mercy's sake, at least follow something that isn't
      > piece-mealed together from every major orthodox religion
      > Even Christians are told to test everything and hold fast to the
      > (that which is true)! Eckankar doesn't give its followers the same
      > right; the power to question authority and think for themselves.
      > That's the biggest tragedy, in my opinion. The fact that otherwise
      > intelligent people willingly hand over their autonomy and free will
      > (not to mention gobs of money)to a glorified con-man following in
      > the footsteps of another con-man. Well, I've stepped up on a soap
      > box and I apologize. Thanks for listening and doing what you do.
      > Whitney
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