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An ECK Slide Show for Members Only! - Plus New Comments

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, At the very end of this Power Point Slide Show is a slide with an old picture of Twitchell in a group with KIRPAL SINGH! LOL! It s titled, Can You
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      Hello All,
      At the very end of this Power Point Slide Show is a slide with an
      old picture of Twitchell in a group with KIRPAL SINGH! LOL! It's
      titled, Can You Spot Paulji? PT is the one on the left, kneeling,
      and with his head down. Twitchell was a chela of Kirpal's Radhasoami
      group (1955-65) and was initiated by him (not Sudar)!

      Also, it's ironic, that Klemp teaches passivity to chelas and then
      expects a big Vahana effort! Klemp and his cohorts are cheerleaders
      for the Kal!

      Quotes From: Eck Slide Show for Members Only--

      Why would anyone not want to serve [Eckankar]?!...
      Because there are so many Distractions and a million Excuses for
      them. [the slide show pics that demonstrate the distractions and
      excuses were television, beer, empty cash register, dollar bills,
      football, traffic jams, wine and the Internet]

      ***Yes, it seems that Living and Experiencing Life is
      a "distraction" and "excuse" for Not wanting to waste one's time by
      bringing in more paying members to the Eckankar scam. How many
      religions require a fixed yearly donation that is tied into
      spiritual growth, i.e. Self and God Realization via initiation, as
      well as, protection and guidance? Only Eckankar! This fact is what
      really makes Eckankar unique!

      BUT it's possible . . .
      Eventually we will tire of the Distractions and the Excuses. It will
      take time BUT it will happen in this lifetime OR the next OR the
      next. The ECK will see to it. It always does! [My caps]

      ***Okay, now let's address each "distraction" or "excuse" as
      pictured in the Eck Slide Show:

      *TV - A good device to keep us informed and helps us to visualize
      and use the imagination even more so!
      *Beer - Regardless of the Four Zoas it's enjoyable - in moderation.
      *Empty cash register - Ah yes! Buy more Eck materials!
      *Dollar bills - Yes, mo' money for the Klempster!
      *Football - Yep, no more fun or the showing of emotions for a sport!
      *Trafic jams - Yes, would this keep HK from traveling! Apparently!
      *Wine - It sounds like this s/b whine! LOL! Didn't PT & DG drink?
      *Internet - What about all of those Official "Unofficial" Eckankar
      sites like HU-Chat and Chela-Chat or Eckankar.org and this Slide
      Show? Or, does this just come down to time management and desire?
      However, aren't Eckists supposed to give up all desires (even as
      Vahanas) in order to achieve God Realization?! Sure, even being a
      Vahana is demonstrating an Astral or Mental Desire!

      The Master's message is simple:
      Why not share the Master's message with others?
      So how do we get the Living ECK Master's message out to the public?

      We can suggest that they recite their prayers while they put
      their attention on the Third Eye. They can use the image of their
      Master--be it Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna or Guru Nanak. And we can
      tell them to watch for the blue light or the golden light which will
      purify them and lead them home to God.

      ***Should Eckists mention that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Guru Nanak,
      etc. were just second initiates at best, and that their "God" are no
      greater than 4th Initiates (Autobiography of a Modern Prophet pgs.
      385-386)? Also, the Third Eye (Tisra Til) is a lower Astral Plane
      chakra and even the highest (Crown) Chakra is still for the Astral
      Worlds. Also, the "Blue" light supposedly reflects the Mental Plane
      and Not the Mahanta alone. Others on other paths (or not) also
      see "Masters" and colored Light and Sounds. It's no big deal really
      and is not related to Eckankar!

      So where do we go from here?
      Do something--anything--that will help with the Mahanta's
      mission . . . it's so rewarding!

      ***So, spreading the mental diseases of delusion and exclusion while
      only accepting PAYING MEMBERS is the real Mission of the Mahanta!

      In the back of our mind, we know that our goals are Self Realization
      and God Realization in this lifetime. The hardest thing is making
      these goals a realty.

      ***These "goals" are especially hard with the extended time limits
      inbetween initiations along with the training requirements and extra
      ass kissing that it now takes to get promoted. Strange, that under
      Klemp that Eck Initiations have slowed to a crawl for those with
      less than 30 years of membership! This is why "imagining" those
      HIGHER INNER INITIATIONS is so important! It's especially important
      for 7th Initiates! What a scam! LOL!

      Unless we live our daily lives by the ECK principles we can never
      hope to make progress on this path. It requires discipline, love and
      desire to serve.

      ***It also requires a continuous PAID MEMBERSHIP! Taking a "rest
      period" freezes one, in time (and monetary requirements), from
      spiritual growth within the Eckankar Hierarchy. Why is this if
      Eckankar is Not all about the money!

      Why discipline?
      Without discipline there would be chaos: a perfect breeding ground
      for the Five Passions of the Mind!

      ***Where was Klemp's discipline when it came to that THIRD TEMPORARY
      POSTAL CLERK (FILL-IN) that HK angrily chastised (on Joan's behalf)
      in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter!

      Random Order - try to match!

      * Anger * Humility
      * Lust * Detachment
      * Vanity * Forgiveness, tolerance
      * Greed * Discrimination
      * Attachment * Contentment

      ***Why is it that Eckists tend to focus more on the Negative
      Passions than on the Positive Virtures! Very KAL like thinking and
      focus it seems! Now try to compare or match the Passions with the
      Virtures. Difficult isn't it! That's because Twit changed two of
      them around from the chart listed in The Path of the Masters.

      The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are a simple discipline compared to
      this! [Here the slide show displays a pic of an Indian man with his
      head buried in gravel with his legs protruding straight up!]

      ***Some people demonstrate their amount of spiritual belief in the
      form of disciplines (even weird ones) associated with other
      religious paths. This should not be ridiculed by Eckists - people
      (Eckists) living in glass houses should not throw stones!

      Or this! [more pics of a man contorting in yoga positions] Only the
      Light and Sound can lead us home to God.

      ***This "contorting" is a form of Yoga! I thought Eckankar was
      supposed to respect other spiritual paths and alternative methods of
      healing? Besides, maybe he was experiencing the Light and Sound
      while in this Yoga position! Eckists tend to judge others and place
      others on a lower level of consciousness. I wonder, has this Eckist
      ever heard of Shabd(a) Yoga?

      There's nothing like it [Eckankar].

      ***Actually, this is Not True either! Radhasoami and Sant Mat are
      the roots Eckankar!

      ECKANKAR is a practical, down-to-earth teaching that emphasizes
      responsibility, self-sufficiency and respect for others. No
      reasonable person can fault with such a philosophy.

      ***No reasonable person turns a blind eye to the fact that even
      Klemp states that the founder of Eckankar, Paul Twitchell, "Twisted
      Facts and Exaggerated." Look at the "facts" on Eckankar.org!
      Twitchell was born in 1908 and at age 27 (1935) had never traveled
      to India and lied and exaggerated about what was put in Kentucky's
      Who's Who. Then PT claims to have met Sudar Singh (970th
      LEM/Mahanta) in India in 1935! This information is admitted to on
      Eckankar.org under the info on Twitchell.

      Be proud that you're an ECKist!

      ***Yes, more of that Eck elitist attitude again!

      Please note. . .
      This presentation is for ECK Chelas only.
      Please do not forward to non-members.
      Thank-you for your cooperation.

      Baraka Bashad
      ss - Sun Valley, CA

      (end of slide show presentation--thank you)

      ***Since this "SLIDE SHOW" came from California one would think it
      was approved by RESA Don Ginn and the ESC. However, after seeing it
      for myself it makes me wonder if it was approved for Internet
      viewing by anyone at the ESC!

      Yes, the pressure is on for all Eckists to go through the motions
      and ACT "as if" they really know what they are talking about, but
      most Eckists just parrot the "approved" version of truth. This is
      why Eckists are now encouraged to use other people's (OP) stories
      listed in Eck publications! However, I know for a fact that some of
      these stories TWIST FACTS and EXAGGERATE the real truth, like Twit
      did! It's all good, though, because it's for a greater good and
      goal - right? Wrong! These rationalizations are just KAL tricks!
      Delusion via HK's suggestions and influence causes distortions in
      judgment and in the imaginations of Eckists. These are the
      true "Distractions" from real Spiritual Growth and Higher

      Eckists need to ask more questions and pay more attention to the 7th
      Initiate glass ceiling, and to other limiting factors like the need
      for paid membership being linked to initiation qualification!
      Eckists, also, need to reread the Twitchell info and check out the
      dates I have mentioned. Remember, the 1908 birthdate for PT is given
      in the front (copyright page) of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Books 1&2.

      p.s. I was able to pull this Slide Show up for myself and,
      therefore, made some changes in my comments.
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