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Re: "The Writing of Paul Twitchell" from Eckankar.org

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  • prometheus_973
    From The Writing of Paul Twitchell by H.Klemp (Last modified June 23, 2003): STRUGGLE for MASTERSHIP - HK: Paul had some experiences in which Kirpal Singh
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 19, 2006
      From "The Writing of Paul Twitchell" by H.Klemp (Last modified June
      23, 2003): STRUGGLE for MASTERSHIP -

      HK: "Paul had some experiences in which Kirpal Singh came to him in
      his room... Kirpal Singh was very interested in Paul's account of
      his experience in The Tiger's Fang and he even offered suggestions."

      Me: Yes, Klemp is basically saying that Kirpal Soul Traveled to see
      Paul in his room and that Paul wrote about these experiences in The
      Tiger's Fang. Therefore, Paul wrote about Kirpal in The Tiger's Fang
      and Not Rebazar!

      HK: "Kirpal Singh told several of his close followers that his line
      of mastership would end with him, and that the mastership would then
      be picked up in one of the Western countries. BUT I sincerely wonder
      if he recognized Paul, a former chela, as being the carrier of this
      Light and Sound of ECK."

      Me: Well, for one thing this is all hearsay. Klemp doesn't really
      know what Kirpal told his followers, unless of course, Twitchell
      (the "rascal") claimed this is what Kirpal told him. However, this
      does justify Twitchell starting up his own Western version of Shabd
      Yoga and continuing the Lineage of Radhasoami (Ruhani Satsang)
      Mastership. The problem is that Kirpal died in 1973! Could it be
      that Twitchell was getting older, had a young wife, and couldn't
      wait to see what would happen with Kirpal?! Probably!

      HK: "Paul sent his manuscript of The Tiger's Fang to Kirpal Singh in
      India, which triggered a series of letters back and forth. It caused
      a very disagreeable situation when Paul wanted the manuscript back
      later. Paul had admired Kirpal Singh for a long time BUT then they
      had this little falling out. Perhaps they worked it out later."

      Me: Well, as we all can see there was no SUDAR SINGH or REBAZAR
      TARZS involved in this 10 year period beginning with Paul's
      initiation by Kirpal in 1955. THE TIGER'S FANG was all about Kirpal
      and Paul's embellished stories where he once again "twisted the
      facts." This is why Twit and Kirpal had a "little falling out" over
      The Tiger's Fang manuscript. Kirpal returned the manuscript to
      Twitchell in 1965 or 1966 - I forget which year. Maybe Doug Marman
      can let us know which year. I'll have to check it out later.

      Anyway, it's interesting how Klemp gives out some of this PT
      information by jumping around back and forth in the time line with
      bits and pieces here and there while using hearsay and assumptions
      and basing it all on the accounts of a professional liar!
      Incredible! It's all very confusing isn't it? And, that's the idea
      behind this. Eckists will never piece these things together because
      they are lazily happy where they are so why ruin the delusion with
      the TRUTH?!

      Prometheus wrote:

      "Another Way to Use Your Word" is another section to this part on
      Twit and is modified from Klemp's Youth Conference talk of

      Klemp starts off saying that there are 150 Astral Plane regions, of
      course, Klemp got this info from Twitchell. HK's clueless about such
      things! BTW are these the same as Parallel Universes or does each
      Parallel Universe have 150 Astral Plane Regions? Are Sub-Planes the
      same as Regions or smaller than Regions? Anyway, HK goes on and says:

      HK: "There are many different words for the Astral Plane that can be
      used in conjuction with the word you get at the second initiation...
      Using your word for the Second Initiation to bring you to the Astral
      Plane, you just accept that you are here--even though you may not
      see or know anything at the time."

      Me: Yes, just accept things on blind faith. This is how it starts
      for the 2nd Initiate and from here you just accept and imagine more
      and more!

      HK: "From here start chanting another word of God. It can be a word
      such as MEARP, which is found in the ECK-Vidya, or some other word."

      Me: Why isn't the ECK-Vidya still available? Also, the "Mearp"
      Region, according to the Eckankar Lexicon, is located on the Soul
      Plane and is where the Soul Records are located for the MAHDIS. Why
      is Klemp suggesting this word to a 2nd Initiate! Not too smart is it!

      Here's something from "The Inner-Plane Library System"

      HK: "Most of the writers from earth go to the branch libraries, so
      they don't get to use the best sources. BUT the good researchers--
      such as Paul, Julian Johnson, Paul Brunton, and others--can come in
      here and select the paragraphs that suit their audience."

      Me: It's interesting that Klemp included Julian P. Johnson, the
      author of "The Path of the Masters," as a researcher with Twit. Yes,
      there is a connection and Klemp knew of it way back then!

      HK: "I'm doing all this research in a SOUNDPROOF BOOTH so it doesn't
      disturb the other people who are doing research."

      Me: I'm amazed at how clueless Klemp is! Really, he just can't seem
      to connect the dots!

      In "Soul Travelers of the Far Country" chapter 7 he meets with Gross
      in a SoundProof DarkRoom twice (of course he worked in there daily)
      and here he is again in a SoundProof room. No ECK here! No Light and
      Sound or Sound! And, isn't the SOUND the greater of the two! That's
      the Eck brain washing that I recall. Perhaps, Klemp should listen
      closer to his own lying words. Afterall, the lies of Twitchell ARE
      the Foundation of ECKANKAR. <smile>

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