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The Odd and Strange Habits Of Those Mystifying Eck Masters!

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Hi All, This was an interesting post from the EckankarTruth site and I thought I would forward it to ESA in case anyone had comments to add. I m thinking of
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      Hi All,
      This was an interesting post from the EckankarTruth site and I thought I would forward it to ESA in case anyone had comments to add. I'm thinking of going back to Eckankar.org and looking at more of the Paul Twitchell stuff with HK's spin. I recall that Klemp even mentions Julian P. Johnson. Perhaps this was some damage control after Ford came out with "Confessions of a God-Seeker" and spilled the beans about PT's main resource for his New Age scam.
      It's interesting, though, that Klemp mentions Kirpal Singh 15 times (PT's real master) and (the fake LEM) Sudar Singh 4 times!
      Also, I was surprised at how many times Klemp says "BUT." According to what he says in the 12/2005 H.I. Letter using BUT is "A constant stream of contradictions... And when someone says BUT, he's stopped listening... it's limiting... It throws a condition under your feet that is a trip wire... This is pretty much for ourselves." Anyway, these were HK's early talks so one might think that things have changed since he stated this in December of 2005... Wrong! HK is still using "BUT" - Why? What's wrong with this picture?
      Here's another, 'Do what I say Not what I do' that I noticed. Klemp is always saying to use "common language" (to fool the gullible public). On page 455 of Klemp's Autobiography he uses the term "Yavata" when Eck Master and Spiritual Traveler were sufficient terms to use. I'm thinking that HK just wanted to throw out an old obscure term (for the Eckists reading the book) that Twitch had found long ago for his Eckankar Dictionary. Clever? Not!   <smile>

      tomleafeater wrote:

      Havin' a little fun.....

      Why is it that Eck Masters have an odd and strange habit of
      parroting the words of others? Is it a trait that exhibits the higher
      consciousness? It is a phenomenon quite common among the
      Eck Masters.

      For example, Paul Twitchell is well known to have plagiarized
      many other spiritual writers. His loyal and devoted follower, Doug
      Marmon, has admitted to his plagiarism, and even celebrates it
      as one of the seven habits of holy persons, if I understand
      correctly. Actually, I'm not quite certain if Mr. Marmon considers
      the plagiarism to qualify as one of the seven habits of holy
      persons. But he does go to extreme lengths to establish the
      sacred place of plagiarism in the lives of holy Eck people. Even
      Rumi had this habit, according to Marmon. And as Paul Twitchell
      said, Rumi was really an Eck Master, even though he claimed to
      be a Sufi. He just didn't use the word Eckankar. Its not that he
      missed that in his training, its just that he preferred to call
      himself Sufi for personal reasons. Its all very simple, really, as
      Marmon will explain to you.

      Another Eck Master, Rebazar Tarz, the 500 year old master who
      walks barefoot in the glaciers of the Himalayas and lives in a
      frozen mud hut, gulping down buttered yak tea (sic), somehow
      managed to parrot quite accurately, almost word for word, the
      words of Dr. Julian Johnson. It doesn't matter that Johnson
      published the material before Rebazar engaged in the parroting,
      because Rebazar was deliberately channeling exactly the right
      words to provide excitement and entertainment for Paul Twitchell
      and Eckankar later. Now, don't get the idea that Rebazar didn't
      know what he was doing, for everything has a purpose. Rebazar
      saw the future, and parroted the words even though he foresaw
      the controversy that would embroil eckankar later. It was all
      meant to be. He knew Rich, Doug, and Cher would be there to
      make everything better again. So, knowing what was to come on
      the internet, he went forward and plagiarized with the great glee
      that only a qualified Eck master can experience.

      And Lai Tsi, the Chinese Eck Master who was fond of animals
      and lived in a cave, presumably centuries ago, was inexplicably
      found to be reciting a prayer out of the Christian Bible (Lai Tsi's
      Prayer). These Eck masters! So very talented! He could have
      spoken simple words from his very own heart, so full of light was
      He, but he chose to channel the Bible instead, since he knew
      that it would be Christians that one day would be the primary
      Eckankar followers, and he wanted them to feel at home. What
      foresight! What genius! Show me thy ways, oh Lord!!!

      One can only come to the conclusion that plagiarism is a habit of
      holy people. If you find yourself, as an Eckankar follower, having
      the sudden urge to plagiarize some famous writings, it
      undoubtedly signifies that you are entering into the final stages
      of realization. It means you are an old, advanced soul, who has
      the wisdom to use the words of others to say what you surely
      would not have ever said had you been forced to say something
      original. Thus, it means your are very wise, indeed. In this
      manner, you are able to adorn yourself with the beautiful writings
      of the world, like a wardrobe that you put on for the evening, and
      then take off when you retire. The next morning, you can wear
      something else. As an Eck Master in training, the writings of the
      world are yours, for the taking. You may even put your own name
      on them as the author. You are so very enlightened that certainly
      everyone will understand and approve.

      Ah, the Odd and Strange Habits of the Holy and Mystifying Eck


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