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Some interesting info on Hu

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    Wonder if Paul Twitchell cannibalized material from the below authors, to help create his Eckankar? If anything some of these links are very interesting.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2006
      Wonder if Paul Twitchell cannibalized material from the below authors, to help create his Eckankar?  If anything some of these links are very interesting. 
      1)  THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES by Manly P. Hall, 1928
      "Their temples wherein the sacred fire was preserved were generally situate on eminences and in dense groves of oak, because a circle was the emblem of the universe; oval, in allusion to the mundane egg, from which issued, according to the traditions of many nations, the universe, or, according to others our first parents; serpentine, because a serpent was the symbol of HU, the Druidic Osiris; cruciform because a cross is an emblem of regeneration; or winged, to represent the motion of the divine spirit.*** Their chief deities were reducible to two - a male and a female, the great father and mother - HU and Cridwen, distinguished by the same characteristics as belong to Osiris and Isis, Bacchus and Ceres, or any other supreme goddess representing the two principles of all Being."

      "Godfrey Higgins states that HU, the Mighty, regarded as the first settler of Britain, came from a place which the Welsh Triads call the summer country, the present site of Constantinople. Albert Pike says that the Lost Word of Masonry is concealed in the name of the Druid god HU. The meager information extant concerning the secret initiations of the Druids indicates a decided similarity between their Mystery school and the schools of Greece and Egypt. HU, the sun God, was murdered and, after a number of ordeals and mystic rituals, was restored to life."
      [ME] I found the sacred texts link very interesting!
      2)  The Flaming Door: Mission of the Celtic Folk Soul 
      by Eleanor C. Merry, 1936

      "And that which came to meet the soul (as light and sound come to meet our outer eyes and ears) was called HU, the spiritual world." (p. 137)

      "The God HU was the all-ruling Divinity of Western Celtic mythology. He represented the power and the glory of the spiritual world." (p. 153)

      "The Mysteries of HU revealed the other pole of human life: the ascent out of the body into the 'glorified' state of expansion of the consciousness in the spiritual world." (p. 153)

      "And HU could bring music to the consciousness of waking man and teach it to him, because he himself could hear in sleep the harmonies of the spheres, and his passage from waking to sleeping to waking was unbroken by any obliteration of consciousness. This was always the summit of initiation experience." (p. 165)

      [ME]  Sound similar to Twit's writing style?


      3)  The Religions of Tibet by Giuseppe Tucci

      "The figure of the creator, who corresponds to the Isvara of certain Saivite schools, bear various names, among them sNang ba ód Idan, Kun snang khyab pa and khri khug rgyal po. That which he creates has two aspects, the exterior world (phyi snod) and that contained within it (bcud), a division that corresponds to that between the Indian bhajana-loka and sattva-loka. The cosmology which is attached to this is surely very old, and is throughout constructed on a dualist basis. From the breath which streamed out of the creator there emerged two syllables HU HU, and progressively, the entire universe."

      [ME] According to research, Giuseppe Tucci was a major scholar of oriental cultures, who specialized on Tibet and history of Buddhism. Fluent in a number of European languages, Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Chinese and Tibetan, he wrote numerous books in which he translated into various languages.

      It wouldn't surprise me that Twit found it much easier to compile info that had been translated by a scholar, use the information for his own needs, and not giving create to where it came from! 




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