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Re: Anyone - What did it for you?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Electric, Yes, this is good advice for those Eckists who are having problems with fitting into Eckankar, and can t seem to figure out why. Once one figures
    Message 1 of 6 , May 31, 2005
      Hi Electric,
      Yes, this is good advice for those Eckists who are having problems
      with fitting into Eckankar, and can't seem to figure out why. Once
      one figures out that Eckankar is the problem then one's eyes begin
      to open. But, those Eck guidelines and that required training for
      the missionary work is really a bit too much! Eckists can thank HK
      for the illusionary carrot of initiation and those empty promises of
      spiritual freedom. Some of Harold's volunteers do eventually have a
      wake-up call to the realization of fraud, but the process to
      discover truth is sometimes too complex for those who need a


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      > > I'm just curious. Was there anything specific that someone said
      > > did that opened your eyes to what eckankar really is? Someone
      > > near and dear to me is wrapped up in all this malarkey and
      refuses to
      > > even look at any evidence of the fraudulent, "unevolved"
      behavior by
      > > the organization. I've been trying to come up with a "Eureka!"
      > > statement to open his eyes and haven't been successful so far.
      > For myself, I asked the right question this time. I finally got
      fed up
      > with all the abuse in eckankar, and this time, instead of going
      > and asking "what's wrong with me?" as eckancrap always suggests, I
      > asked, "what's wrong with eckankar?".
      > Eureka! The answers started piling in - all the teachings,
      > discourses, books, workshops, etc., come out of head office, Harold
      > Klemp, blah, blah, blah, so that's where the abuse is originating.
      > Even though I hadn't read much on the fraudulant part of eckankar,
      > with the answer above, I instantly knew that everything they were
      > saying about 'the path' was true. I quit on the spot, and for the
      > little while I kept getting insights. I also went to everywhere I
      > could find and read all the posts and info on the fraud. It all
      > sense and I kept getting more insights. It answered the questions I
      > had about why these, and other, nasty things kept happening in a
      > supposed path of love. And it explained why I had been living a
      > of hardship during my years in eckankar.
      > The above may not help your friend. One has to be ready to 'see'.
      > if one could suggest they really look at the path, and ask
      > of 'why', rather than putting the blame on themselves, they just
      > see through the truth.
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