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  • mishmisha9
    Hello, All! From a search on Public Eye, I found this explanation for Conspiracism: A distinct narrative form of scapegoating, that uses demonization to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2006
      Hello, All!

      From a search on Public Eye, I found this explanation
      for "Conspiracism:"

      A distinct narrative form of scapegoating, that uses demonization to
      justify constructing the scapegoats as wholly evil; while
      reconstructing the scapegoater as a hero.

      Sees secret plots by tiny cabals of evil doers as the major motor
      powering important historical events.

      Often employs common fallacies of logic in analzying factual
      evidence to assert connections, causality, and intent that are
      nonexistent. (end quote)

      Also found on Public Eye, there is this from George Johnson, "The
      Conspiracy That Never Ends:"

      The conspirators are internationalist in their sympathies. Nothing
      is ever discarded. Right-wing mail order bookstores still sell the
      Protocols of the Elders of Zion. . . (and) Proofs of a Conspiracy,

      Seeming enemies are actually secret friends. Through the lens of the
      conspiracy theorists, capitalists and Communists work hand in hand.

      The takeover by the international godless government will be ignited
      by the collapse of the economic system.

      It's all spelled out in the Bible. For those with a fundamentalist
      bent, the New World Order or One World Government is none other than
      the international kingdom of the Antichrist, described in the Book
      of Revelation. (end quote)

      I watched the HBO documentary "Protocols of Zion" last night. It was
      produced in 2003. It was quite alarming in that it showed how the
      old forged/fake documents "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of
      Zion" are being revived and distributed by various groups today in
      order to justify their conviction that there is a conspiracy by a
      powerful Jewish run world power elite to overtake the world. There
      were several different groups of people interviewed in this film,
      many displaying a lot of ignorance that fuels fear and hatred.

      "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is being sold at
      Amazon.com even though the editorial reviews are scathing of the
      book's content and lies. Amazon claims that it will sell the book
      because to not do so would impede the right of freedom of choice. In
      other words anyone who wants to buy and read this fake document has
      the right to do so. On the other hand, I also wonder that perhaps
      Amazon recognizes that taking one book off of its offered book list
      might lead to removing more idiot books--for instance the looney
      books of David Icke. BTW, taking a look at Icke's website today it
      seems that he is begging for donations to keep his books in print.
      He claims that someone has stolen his rights to his own books and
      has taken away his livihood, etc. Anyone who wants to help keep
      feeding and housing David Icke can do so by donating through PayPal
      or mailing checks to his British address. It seems that this
      conspiracy theorist in his paranoia and/or scam is making himself
      into a victim of some sort of hoax. Well, the beat goes on, doesn't
      it on the Internet! : ) I also noticed Icke's ad on Mind Control
      (Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brian). They are presently meandering up
      to Calgary and Edmonton, Canada to sell their spiel. What Icke and
      Phillips/O'Brian have most in common is their profession of making a
      living by giving talks, workshops and books to the gullible public
      who want to believe the authenticity of the myths they have latched
      on to. Of course, Icke's and Phillips/O'Brian's websites encourage
      that their followers get the message out to everyone by telling
      others about their crap and to even buy and distribute their books,
      talks, etc. This would all be humorous but for the fact that the
      gullible are fueling flames of hate and fear--and this is what is
      most scary. For sure, the enemy is within--within the delusional
      minds of the easily conned! Those who have bought into this bs have
      become relentless warriors in getting these lies out there to the
      public--and when one challenges or protests that it is enough, the
      believers of these conspiracy theories then resort to insulting and
      attacking the sanity of the sane! LOL! Sorry, it really is a sad
      world with all this nuttiness taking place.

      If you care to look, there are some interesting reviews posted on
      Amazon regarding The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion--just
      go to the book and click on all the reviews.

      Also, if you are interested the Protocols of Zion documentary will
      be released for sale on July 11 at Amazon--you can google more
      comments on it as well. All very interesting.

      You might ask how this ties in with our discussions about the lies
      and deceptions in eckankar. One thing is that some of those who have
      bought the eck lies and belief system have gone a step further into
      believing the bigger world lies--for them, it is logical to advance
      to what they believe is an even higher state of delusion they call
      consciousness. Also, many of those who remain entrapped (present
      chelas)in the eck teachings of being detached, will ignore the
      flames of hatred and fear that are being fueled around them--too
      busy living on the inner and singing HU I guess to be concerned
      about these other hoaxes going on around them.

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