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The Mystic World 06/2006 - Ask the Master

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Unfortunately for Eckists Klemp Did Not use the Principle of the Threes and only permitted one Eckist (instead of three) to ask questions. Perhaps,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2006
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      Hello All,
      Unfortunately for Eckists Klemp Did Not use the Principle of the
      Threes and only permitted one Eckist (instead of three) to ask
      questions. Perhaps, Klemp's time management skills need honing? Or,
      he simply doesn't see the need or care to answer questions - go to
      the inner! : ) Also, everytime Klemp opens his mouth, as usual, he
      inserts his foot!

      BTW - This Q&A comes from the Eckankar Letter of Light and is,
      therefore, another recycled story of Klemp's. Why can't HK be in the
      NOW instead of always revisiting the Past?

      Q: "Soul exists because God loves It. Soul has the Physical, Astral,
      Causal, Mental, and Etheric bodies.

      -How does this affect the karmic load, especially in reincarnation?

      -When the physical body dies, how does this affect other bodies?"

      Me: Doesn't this sound like a staged question from an ESC staff
      member or by Joan? Actually, isn't the Etheric Plane just the upper
      Mental? But, okay, how does the death of the physical body affect
      the other bodies including the karmic load of Soul overall? Let's
      see what wanna-be farmer/preacher/guru Klemp's opinion is of this
      spiritual question.

      HK: "You suspect, of course, that somehow it works out."

      Me: Maybe you could just refer everyone to where this is already
      explained in the Eck works. Hasn't this little detail been covered
      since 1965?

      HK: "The individual Soul, you know, has a body on each of the planes
      you mentioned, because a body can only exist in a world, or plane,
      of like substance."

      Me: Okay, okay we've already covered this! Well, I can see that
      Klemp is padding his response to make it seem longer because he
      doesn't have all that much information to share for explainations
      and clarification of these two questions.

      HK: "Now think of karma, whatever chunk of it happens to be on one
      plane or another, as a schoolbag full of books. Each chunk of karma,
      like one book, is like one part of a whole body of other karma

      Me: How does this explaination of karma answer either question,
      especially, for H.I.s who have resolved their karma (except daily

      HK: This karma, as a collective whole, is all the lessons that Soul
      (a person) needs in order to become a more godlike being."

      Me; This is redundant! We already know this and so does the Eckist
      asking the two questions! Besides, Eckists (Souls) achieving the 5th
      initiation, according to Eck dogma, are more "godlike" than Jesus
      ever was!

      HK: So when the physical body dies, any karma (like a book) not
      completely learned is put in the schoolbag and carried home (in this
      case, to the Astral Plane)."

      Me: Klemp has still Not answered the questions! Besides, I thought
      Soul continued to work off karma "inbetween" physical bodies on
      other Planes. Actually, Soul is supposed to be working on karmic
      lessons in multiple Astral bodies and on the other Planes
      simultaneously! Klemp seems to overlook this - again and again!

      HK: "There's homework between lives. It's a chance to review the
      day's (or past physical life's) lessons, take them to heart, and try
      to do better in (earth's) school tomorrow (the next lifetime in the
      Physical Plane--perhaps on earth again)."

      Me: As Soul, shouldn't one become more aware of all of those
      simultaneous bodies being lived and not just one past physical
      (earth) life? Sure!

      HK: "At death the main karma, by which an individual was learning
      the purity of spirit in an earlier life, moves to the plane above.
      At rebirth, all unlearned lessons of that karma continue."

      Me: This is inaccurate because we would all Not need to be here if
      we kept moving "to the plane above" after every life. I notice that
      Klemp mentions "purity" again but why didn't he capitalize Spirit?
      Oh well, let's see if Klemp ever gets around to answering the two
      questions or just does his Mahanta PR spin again!

      HK: "As an Eckist you know there's a shortcut to this tiresome cycle
      of karma and reincarnation. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master
      [Harold Klemp - moi] can show those with eyes to see and with ears
      to hear a better way."

      Me: Yes, the "better way" is one of imagination and delusion to
      think that this phoney can promise anything. Let's face it. If
      something "good" just happens then he (the Mahanta) takes credit for
      it, and if he's sick it's because he's so loving and is taking on
      your karma for you. BUT, if something bad happens to you then it's
      your fault, besides, you need the purification! It's always win/win
      for Klemp and lose/lose for the chela! Unless, of course, the chela
      can rationalize and imagine that they are High up in the Inner God
      Worlds. : )

      HK: "Much of one's karma in daily life can thus work off in the
      dream state. It's less wear and tear on the body."

      Me: Well, that's really delusional! Eckists might as well become
      recluses like Klemp. Apparently, Eckists can just be A-holes in the
      waking state and have it expunged in the dream state! That's kind of
      like going to confession on a daily basis - but is more convenient!
      Eckists don't even have to remember the "dream" where the karma was
      resolved! Cool! I can see why I once believed in all of this crap
      too! It certainly is the EASY WAY! LOL!

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