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Re: On HCS, etc.

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  • mishmisha9
    Leigh, Let me step in here. Right now the Bulletin Boards are the thing with Ford s group. Nothing else is happening. Ford reads and approves all posts. He
    Message 1 of 5 , May 31, 2005
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      Leigh, Let me step in here.

      Right now the Bulletin Boards are the thing with Ford's group.
      Nothing else is happening. Ford reads and approves all posts. He
      also posts his opinions as well--hence, the comments he made about

      You are making an assumption that many of us here have not had the
      Ford experience. All one has to do is sign up and you can do all the
      look around that you want. It seems, to me, that Prometheus has more
      knowledge of HCS than you are giving him credit.

      Anyone can go in and read Ford's specific posts, disregard everyone
      else's, and you can get the picture of Ford's vision. That's all you
      have to do, plus of course read the book. My problem has been the
      way he seems to support or approve of everything and anything in
      order to get more participants (it appears to me). Now what kind of
      New Spiritual Paradigm is that? It's being made up as it goes along
      and will be whatever it becomes. : )


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      > > Hi Leigh and Mish,
      > >
      > > I think the whole God-soul, Soul, Self-Realization, Spiritual
      > > Consciousness, God Consciousness, God-Awareness, I AM, etc.,
      > > etc. thing is mostly just semantics. And, as for imagination...
      > > that's the foundation for all belief!
      > Absolutely.
      > There are common (limited)
      > > physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive perceptions that we
      > > have as we form our groupings of personal identity
      > > but after that we then rationalize and make assumptions based on
      > > perceived existence through imaginations.
      > But, all this stuff is how we produce philosophies, too. "Better"
      ways to look at things, feel
      > about things, see things, think about ourselves, and our fellow
      human beings, and so-on.
      > Just my perceived opinion.
      > >
      > > As far as Ford goes... yes I wonder how he justifies
      > > with aliens as "real" as well as the fake and imagined ECK
      > > of Twitchell?
      > He's very big on his visionary experiences, his "inpicturings" and
      tries to describe how
      > people do this for themselves.
      > >
      > > The thing that gets me most about Ford is his permissiveness and
      > > lack of responsibility in allowing Betty and Mario (his HCS
      > > representatives in Canada) to promote the cult propaganda of
      > > Cassiopaea (Knowledge Protects), TRANCEformation of America,
      > > etc. on his sites.
      > I think the bulletin boards are something else. You'd have to join
      the group, get the email,
      > discussions, bulletins, whatever. But my sense is that the public
      bulletin boards are
      > outside that. Something that anyone can come along and do a pitch
      on (within reason).
      > Why? Ford has said of Eckankar, "As a God-seeker,
      > > I will not rest until I have overtuned every rock, read every
      > > and looked at everything I can find to reach the truth about
      > > teaching, which events suggested lay hidden within Eckankar."
      > > 84, "Confessions"] So, why does not Ford look into these
      > > of Betty H. and Mario
      > Just thinking rhetorically, and not in any sense in defense, think
      of yourself in charge of,
      > leading, managing, any group. How do you not be a totalitarian?
      How do you not stifle
      > creativity and freedom of expression? (I've got a good suggestion
      and if anyone's
      > interested I'll share it) Where do you draw the line? How do you
      circumscribe behavior?
      > What's given me the great, enormous laugh about this from the
      beginning is that I knew
      > and know that Ford is going to find out what the problem is with
      Eckankar as a group by
      > forming this one of his and trying to manage it.
      > as he has of Eckankar? One doesn't have to
      > > look far to find information and see the illegal con and cult of
      > > Laura Knight's Cassiopaea... and Ford's a lawyer! Or, the con of
      > > erotic insanity and mind control conspiracy of Mark Phillips and
      > > Cathy O'Brian of the TRANCEformation of America cult!
      > Pro'. If we're just looking at the bulletin boards, which are not
      the group, and may not
      > reflect it, any more than what's on the bulletin board of a
      supermarket reflects the chain,
      > the board of directors, the business philosophy, and the customer
      relations policy, how do
      > we know?
      > >
      > > Perhaps, the problem lies with Ford's working concept of the Law
      > > Duality/Polarity (page 461, "Confessions").
      > Aren't we extrapolating an awful lot from very little insight,
      > "Within everything that
      > > is positive there lies the seeds of its transformation to the
      > > negative. Then too, both the positive and the negative exist
      > > simultaneously in every situation and thing." However, Ford also
      > > states a few sentences down, "A focus on spiritual goals,
      > > every situation to serving the Great Work, will insure it stays
      > > course and remains true to ALL THAT IS." So, how is permitting
      > > lies and this cult consciousness on the TS/HCS BBs helping
      to "focus
      > > on spiritual goals" or "insure it (the Great Work) stays on
      > > and remains true to ALL THAT IS?" How does that happen? Ford
      goes on
      > > to say of HCS (page 465 of "Confessions of a God Seeker")
      that, "The
      > > movement will be a pure channel and protector of this work with
      > > Society functioning as the legal entity around which the outer
      > > organization will evolve. This movement will work closely with
      > > affiliated structure responsible for revealing truth about
      > > and spiritual deception. This organization is the Friends of
      > > which will work primarily through its web site, www.thetruth-
      > > seeker.com." Ford goes on to mention his
      > > higherconsciousnesssociety.com (org)site as well. Anyway, what
      > > happened to truth? Perhaps, it got lost when the agendas became
      > > conflicted.
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > Perhaps the thing to do is go into the group, look around, and
      sample what's going on
      > there first. Isn't this kind of like looking at a person's clothes
      and deciding from that, that
      > you know everything there is or ever will be to know about them?
      > Leigh
      > You may be dead on. But based on the little information I know and
      that anyone I know of
      > knows, I know that I can't say all this at this time.
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