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What the hECK is wrong with pECK ! LOL!

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  • prometheus_973
    Forward from X-Eckankar_The-Chains-of-Eck: Hi All, Klemp is a fake, a phoney, and an agent for the Kal. Many Eckists (according to dogma) view the LEM/Mahanta
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2006
      Forward from X-Eckankar_The-Chains-of-Eck:

      Hi All,
      Klemp is a fake, a phoney, and an agent for the Kal. Many Eckists
      (according to dogma) view the LEM/Mahanta (Klemp) as being greater
      than God and certainly greater that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Brahma,
      et all! Eckists "pray" to the Mahanta as he preys on them via their
      weakened minds.

      There can be No self-responsibility or Self-Mastery when Eckists are
      encouraged to do everything in the name of the Mahanta! Eckists
      substitute the "Mahanta" for "God." They call upon him (Klemp) to do
      their bidding and to help and protect them in the same way that
      Christians call upon Jesus or God to "help" and "protect" them!

      For Eckists "karma" is now substituted for "sin." The Mahanta is
      supposed to take care of Eckists' "karma" like Jesus took on
      the "sins" of all people when he died on the Cross. And, just like
      in Christianity, the chela guilty for the "bad" and God the Mahanta
      gets credit for the "good."

      One just has to "believe" or "imagine" that the "miracles of
      visitations" are true and to place one's trust with another Higher
      Being rather than becoming one's own Master (Soul) in this Here and
      Now. It's so much easier to just be a "follower" and eternal dreamer
      of the "Heavens" that await after this lifetime!

      And, most Eckists have no inner or outer experiences with the Eck
      Masters because these "experiences" are from: Delusional and
      mentally imbalanced chelas and those desparate to believe; The
      embellishments of liars and wannabes in order to be mentioned in
      print or at seminars; Those who mistaken the bodies their own SOUL
      takes on (as Eck Masters, Jesus, etc.) in order to communicate with

      Therefore, Eckankar is a minor religion and religious cult/scam that
      was Not Only created as a vocation for Twitchell - it was also
      created to feed Twitchell's ego for self-importance. It was a joke
      that made money! Except, Twitchell started to believe his own hype
      after more and more people came in and professed their "inner"
      experiences with him. It was a miracle $$$ !!!

      The '60s was a time when young people were looking for something
      different in religion. They were looking for "spiritual"
      alternatives. Eckankar became just another "Westernized" copy of
      Hinduism much like TM, etc., etc. Except, Twitchell copied
      Radhasoami much more than some of the other New Age religions copied
      their original sources. Of couse, Twit, had to do "alterations" and
      expanded upon his new "Eck" dogma through fiction (imagination).
      Imagination is key for Klemp to continue the old scam of Twitchell's.

      So, what are we are doing on the anti-Eckankar sites? We are giving
      Eckists the real truth, other perspectives, and the real facts
      behind the scam. We are helping current, as well as, former Eckists
      to discover and understand "WHY" and "HOW" they were scammed so that
      they will come to Know Thy "Self" better. We want to share these
      truths in order to help others. We were there once and, therefore,
      have empathy and compassion for these Souls. For some reason Garland
      has rejected the idea of helping others while being obsessed with
      self importance. Perhaps, he's angry with everything
      involving "eck," including himself, and the eck in pECK is a
      constant reminder of this. He'll always be reminded of how he once
      trusted and believed and was scammed!


      Hi, Ingrid!

      Thanks for reposting G. Peck's critical analysis of other former
      eckists. It seems that Garland is clueless while thinking he knows
      more than others.

      What I'd like to know is why in the hECK is pECK defending ECK? I
      couldn't help noticing the "eck" in Peck! I would imagine that has
      grabbed Peck for a long time! lol?

      It seems that pECK should do what he is preaching to other ex-
      eckists--he should change himself and move ahead. For beginners, I
      suggest that he come down off the lofty pedestal he has climbed up
      on, and act like a normal human being, instead of remaining the
      arrogant pretenser he displays to those he likes to judge with
      criticisms! Maybe he needs to establish his own following so he can
      feel better about himself. He seems to be begging for personal
      attention . . . or maybe he just needs a life! : )

      Tianyue's response to Peck on A.R.E. is excellent, but it seems that
      Peck has not bothered to consider these remarks. Prometheus does a
      good job here as well. The way G. Peck continues to repeat his
      message over and over, I have come to believe that he speaks but
      doesn't listen to anyone but himself. I bet he doesn't even bother
      to read what others reply to him as it is obvious his mind is
      snapped shut (closed) to other's ideas. And that is why he is the
      one stuck and will remain stuck, perhaps until the end of all time!

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