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I'm NOT following the path of Counter Cults!

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    Garland pECK wrote: As within So without. If this statement which has been repeated through out the ages by many spiritual groups has any meaning. What does
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2006
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      Garland pECK wrote:
      As within So without.  
      If this statement which has been repeated through out the ages by many spiritual groups has any meaning. What does it say about those that post on this and other groups.If the outer is indeed a reflection of the inner, what have we created for ourselves and how are we continuing to limit ourselves.

      ***  That is an excellent question of which I would ask you, "what are you gaining in doing exactly what you claim others are doing"?   BUT WAIT,  pECK doesn't read anything from the only two groups that lets him post (a.r.e. and TS).  So basically we are talking to deaf ears!  He engages in no dialog, just SPAMMING the two groups that lets him! 
      pECK wrote:
      Clearly others can interfere in our attempts to change our reality as we most certainly interfere in the lives of others as we go about our daily lives. Yet this brings up the question of what is the state of our inner reality if our outer reality is so limited.

      *** Another good question of which I would ask you Sri pECK, "what is the state of your inner reality, since you look down your nose at others, and seem to KNOW what their outer reality is.?"   Is other's outer reality so limited as you seem to assume, that you are that much more spiritually higher than us, (did you forget when you leave Eckankar your initiations are stripped?) shouldn't Ford introduce us to the "new" all knowing God Man of the Entire Universe?
      Sri pECK wrote:
      It is far to simple to constantly blame others for our state in life. Thus removing any responsibility that perhaps we must exert some effort to improve our situation, A good example of this is the many Ex-Eckankar and Conspiracy groups.

      ***  You know, there are only a couple groups on the Internet that will actually allow Sri pECK to post this CRAP, and he is so lazy that he just cross posts to the two groups that will allow him the latitude. He obviously can't post this CRAP on ET or ESA! 
      Sri pECK wrote:
      After a thousand life times and what we have achieved in this life, it all comes down to Paul Twitchell and George Bush misled me. After having supposedly lived in Atlantis and other earlier Higher civilizations, spiritual development is stopped because someone wrote a science fiction book, or lied about an illegal war.

      ***  And only Sri pECK knows that our spiritual development has stopped. And why does he know this?  Because there are a few "that haven't moved on" (including Sri pECK!) and "they should just leave Eckankar and Company alone"!    So the bottom line question is, why do the hard core still bother to post on message boards such as  a.r.e., TS, ET and ESA? 
      I for one love debating with the many intelligent, clear thinking, people who post on these forums. It's actually very enjoyable, and they don't come off being better than anyone else. Put simply, some of us just like the interaction!  Some want to assist in opening the eyes of current followers.  Although this motive may seem counter cultic, when you feel the relief of renouncing Sri Harold Klemp and Eckankar, it is understandable to want to share that experience. Some definitely feel bitter towards Klemp and Eckankar because of the devotion to him and his cult, and want to contribute to 'bringing him down'. For those who run this site and the other forums, there is also the motive of providing a public service. The regular emails we get over on ET and ESA thanking us for the existence of these sites bear testimony to this view!  After all, with who else can you talk about Klemp, the mythical masters and path created by Paul Twitchell?  

      One day, probably all of us will 'move on', but there's still work to do, and, unfortunately for Klemp and Eckankar, there are still many of us willing to do that work. Those of us that Sri pECK called the counter cult;
      We do in fact have regular real-life experiences outside of ANY cult. We enjoy family, friends, social gatherings, and are intelligent, educated members of society.  Not some poor souls as Sri pECK references  "Souls so weak and defenseless that they have / had no say over what IT experiences"? 
      Sri pECK wrote:
      What has Soul learned that it so willingly turns its progress over to another. If Soul is so easily manipulated in this life what chance does it stand in the next or any other life." 
      ***  I don't know Sri pECK, but a couple life themes that appears to fit you this time around:
       This theme drives a relentless search for spiritual peace of mind and constant access to the feeling of being directly connected to God. Some make a career of this search, as spiritualists, as writers, or as theologians who see religion and spirituality as synonyms. In looking for answers, those with a spirituality theme discover more and more questions, which makes the search both exhilarating and endless. When the spirituality theme is expressed at its unselfish best, it inspires, informs, and stimulates those who come in contact with it.  In its worst extreme, though, it can create self-centeredness, superiority, and a judgmental attitude toward other people's beliefs that contradicts the basic premise the spirituality theme intends.
       This theme might imply an innate disinterest in anything that's even potentially addictive. Actually, though, those whose theme is temperance are typically conscious of a potential addiction - to a substance, a lifestyle, money, a person, a career, a religion etc - that they have to constantly work against giving in to. They can be great inspirations in their refusal to fall victim to their vulnerabilities. But at their extreme, they can become psychotically repelled by whatever they are afraid of being drawn toward, and they can also slide into severe snobbishness against anyone who doesn't show the same temperance they manage to maintain. 
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