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Eck Initiations, and Other Klemp Secrets

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz, Yes, Klemp is a piece of work! LOL! He ll implement the Catch-22 rule at anytime. Have you heard this one: All problems come from the inner to the
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      Hi Liz,

      Yes, Klemp is a piece of work! LOL! He'll implement the Catch-22
      rule at anytime. Have you heard this one: "All problems come from
      the inner to the outer; therefore, we want to find out what is being
      done on the inner planes that is bringing about the problems out
      here, which seem to be too much to endure at times." [09/2004 Wisdom
      Notes] I'll comment more below.


      ewickings wrote:
      Sharon wrote:

      Readings are no longer given because back when Twitch was doing it,
      people started comparing their readings and discovered he was
      giving the same readings to many people!!

      Me again ;-)

      I wanted to comment further on the Eck Initiations, and pose a
      question to you! "Why doesn't Klemp want his chela's to discuss what
      level they are, or share their secret word given during the
      initiation ceremony"?

      ***There used to be Circles of Initiation Workshops at major Eck
      Seminars under Klemp. The secret word given at the 2nd Initiation is
      from a book - nothing special or secret there!

      Eckists are warned never to discuss their initiation ceremony, nor
      are they to reveal their secret word. "Any initiate who violates the
      tenets of ECKANKAR will automatically be dropped out of ECK. (Or
      demoted and called losers and weeds) This means that he will be put
      back in his spiritual unfoldment and will not have any opportunity
      for growth until the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, has reinstated
      him." Paul Twitchell - The Shariyat ki Sugmad

      ***Catch-22 again! I read in a Mystic World where Klemp told of the
      Inner experiences that an Eckist shared with him in her H.I.R.O.
      about her Initiation! There's a lot of pressure for Eckankar to
      give "proof" that the Eck Masters are real and that this is a valid
      scam ... I mean religion! Yea, that's the ticket!

      Obeying the Law of Silence, most Eckists never discuss their
      mystical initiation ceremony, or their super secret words. But for
      those Weeds and Losers that dared to divulge this super secret to
      others, were stunned to discover they had the same word.

      ***As I said Klemp does discuss these things... he needs the PR,
      therefore, rules don't apply when cash is on the line! Besides, he's
      Top Dog! Here's another quote: "So we don't share much. The only way
      to understand it is to go through a similar experience. So we come
      to live more in silence about the secret things than we'd planned to
      do." [12/2005 H.I. Letter] However, I'm thinking of "The Rosetta
      Stone of God" where James Davis did a lot of sharing. Didn't Phil
      Morimitsu write some books where he shared his personal inner
      experiences? Sure! And aren't there a lot of "shared" stories
      printed in every Eck book and a "sharing" at Eck seminars about
      these "secret things!" Catch-22 again!

      A number of former Eck members (me included) have revealed that
      there is a *secret* Initiator's Handbook containing a list of pre
      selected super secret words. This is to be used in case the
      initiator isn't having such a good day being a *clear channel* while
      trying to communicate with the God Man of the entire universe to
      get a word for the chela. LOL

      ***Yep, "charged" words that weren't really all that charged! Let's
      face it... these were for the 2nd (Astral) Initiation! It just goes
      to show that these 6th Initiates (or higher) aren't very connected
      to the Eck if they need help (a list) to find an Astral secret word
      (Mantra). This is more proof that the Eck Initiations are a sham!
      How can those undeserving become 5ths, and 6ths, and 7ths, and 8ths,
      and 9ths, and even 14ths unless it is phoney!

      And is it no surprise that Twit created Eckankar's initiation
      ceremony itself, in many ways similar to the Transcendental
      Meditation's ceremony, where one offers a fruit or gift to the
      initiator and receives a secret word unique to the spiritual
      vibrations of the initiation level being given.

      ***This is very true. TM Initiators also used a list for Mantras and
      even sutras (for advanced techniques), and required the student to
      bring fruit (apples or oranges usually) and a clean white
      handkerchief. Both had to freshly showered and wearing clean
      clothes. The initiator used white rice and lit incense in the
      ceremony and said prayers to invoke devas. These are the Hindu roots
      of the TM sect and the of Eckankar sect, although, Eckankar is
      linked more to the Sikh religion (a sect of Hinduism) via the
      Radhasoami sect and Kirpal Singh - Twitchell's last Master (a.k.a.
      Rebazar Tarzs). Somewhat confusing isn't it?! This works in favor of
      Klemp - Eckists are somewhat lazy when it comes to checking out the

      As for the selection of those special Eck Initiations; According to
      the Eck teachings, the inner master decides when a student is ready
      to progress to the next initiation level. However the truth is,
      rather than having the God Man of the entire universe select them
      for the next initiation, many members have learned that the
      initiation pink slip arrives pretty much on schedule, whether
      they've been applying themselves or not.... hmmm I wonder why?

      ***Very true about the RESA having a lot of say so! Why do you think
      there is a phone list for a "yea" or "nea." A quarterly list is
      generated to the RESAs and local H.I.s will get calls from the RESA
      (usually) asking about local chelas up for initiation. Sometimes the
      RESA will have to go to a trusted and balanced lower initiate Eckist
      (usually in a "settler" position like LD, SSC, or PIC) for
      information when the H.I. contact does not know the person. If the
      H.I. (or other) being asked has a negative comment about the chela's
      initiation - that person then must explain why! Ultimately, the RESA
      has the final say so, except of course, in Catch-22 situations!

      Surprising to many of the chelas, those mystical Eck initiations are
      generated by a computer program created by Klemp himself. What they
      didn't / don't know is the local RESA and Eck Initiators have the
      biggest say in whether someone will receive the next initiation.
      SO, it is in the best interest of each chela to keep their noses
      warm and brown! ;-)

      ***Oops, I guess I already addressed this above. But yes... Eckists
      need to suck-up and kiss butt. This comes naturally for some
      Eckists! These will climb the initiation ladder faster. LOL! Eckists
      should do some networking with the local and state H.I.s - make
      friends and let them know your name! Oh, here's a tip - talk about
      the Mahanta's love every chance you get, but don't sound like a
      broken record. BTW - There are many H.I.s that are social misfits
      and Eckankar gives them an excuse to blend in and only seem "quirky"
      at worst! So what, one might say. Well, these are also the ones
      giving the "yea" or "nea" to the RESAs! And the RESAs believe them!

      Well, TGIF ;-)
      Have a good weekend everyone!
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