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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] RE: Good Article on Cults

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  • ewickings@aol.com
    Hi Kaye and all, Wow, we should all start our own counter - cult! Looks pretty easy don t it? LOL ... bit where I have to drink cyanide-laced Kool Aid, or
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 8, 2006
      Hi Kaye and all,
      Wow,   we should all start our own counter - cult!  Looks pretty easy don't it?  LOL
      From the Cult article:
      >"The only thing that prevents me from starting a cult is the end bit.
      The bit where I
      have to drink cyanide-laced Kool Aid, or be burnt alive by an over-
      zealous Swat team. That doesn't appeal to me too much."  (End Quote)
      As I was checking my email this morning, came across a news release.  Not sure how many have ever heard of the psychic John Holland?  Supposedly he is going to be doing a reading at Wako, then we will know for sure if it was an over-zealous Swat team that fired the first shot!  (Is this one of those conspiracy theories?) The show sounds interesting to say the least!
      Bet Twit or Klemp couldn't pull off something like this!  Say, why hasn't Klemp blessed the entire universe with his Godly abilities, like getting the History Channel to do a special on "Those Wonderful Eck Masters", or Eckankar's History?  Those snoring, I mean boring Eck vidoes only seen on PBS when they don't have anything better to show..... 
      How about this little clip:  http://tinyurl.com/hw7p7
      Have a good one,

      We are really delighted to let you all know that, the History Channel is going to air the pilot for a potential new series.

      "This is one show you really don't want to miss. There's never been anything like it on TV to date." JOHN HOLLAND

      “Psychic History” is a pilot for a new series that will feature John using all his psychic abilities on some of the world's most confounding mysteries. This pilot episode focuses on the haunting story at Waco, Texas where David Koresh’s religious sect of Branch Davidian’s took on the forces of the U.S. government.

      In this dramatic episode, Holland was flown into the area totally blindfolded, without a clue to where he was going. He's filmed as he applies his special skills to resolving the lingering mysteries of Waco: Who fired the first shot? Was it the Federal agents or one of the Branch Davidians? And were Koresh’s followers being held against their will?

      In addition to providing answers to these controversial questions, John also makes an amazing observation – that a house half way across the country from Waco was where the religious sect assembled their guns. Only the police knew this; the fact was never made public, and yet John was able to psychically step back in time and witness and experience this horrific disaster. This is the kind of stunning revelation that can turn skeptics into believers.


      The pilot will air 3 times:

      • June 26 at 9 pm EST/PST
      • July 6 at 11 pm EST/PST
      • July 8 at 5 pm EST/PST

      Or check out the History Channel for listings and times... lots of interesting programing! 




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