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Re: More comments on Initiators and Eck Spiritual Aides

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz, I love your posts! I ll do one to TS in awhile. Cross-posting these or other topics in the ESA archives with, maybe, new commentary would be great to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2006
      Hi Liz,
      I love your posts! I'll do one to TS in awhile. Cross-posting these
      or other topics in the ESA archives with, maybe, new commentary
      would be great to share on Ford's TS BB.

      Some of the biggest problems Eckankar has are with the "mostly" All
      Volunteer missionaries (vahanas or "explorers"), local staff
      ("settlers"), Clergy, Initiators, ESAs, and RESAs. Unpaid part-time
      volunteers that have only sporatic and limited training and
      education cannot be very good representatives of a Church.

      Actually, it's all a farce! There are NO Official Training Records
      kept on anyone! Eckists should look around at others who are the
      same initiation level and ask, "Why are we all the same level when
      we shouldn't be!" The simple and easiest and factual answer for this
      anomaly is that the initiation levels are: a scam; all about money;
      depend on when one entered the pyramid e-cult; and, under which
      master! Also, if Eckists don't pay that required annual donation
      amount they won't have those "Higher" initiations, or future ones!

      On another note: I always thought it odd that Eckists look down upon
      the Astral, but will consult with Intuitive (psychic) Healers!
      Funny, how the more politically correct term makes it all okay for
      Eckists! My question is, "Why do Eck High Initiates consult with
      psychics, i.e. Intuitive Healers?" One would think that they know
      more or have access to information beyond that of an Astral Plane
      psychic! LOL! Does anyone else see the irony here?! Therefore, this
      is even more proof that Eckankar not only doesn't work, but is full
      of dissatisfied and fearful customers. Where are the Eck Masters and
      Mahanta, or those "Herbs, the Magic Healers" when these Eckists need
      them versus consulting a psychic! Curious people want to know!
      <smile> Then again, Klemp has had acute health problems before
      Eckankar, as a lower initiate, as a high initiate, and still as the
      LEM/Mahanta! Could it all be due to taking on O.P. karma? Nah! None
      of it is! Just another Eckankar myth to continue the hoax!


      ewickings wrote:

      Technically Eckankar and it's 3 Eck Masters obviously couldn't take
      time out from their godly duties of the entire universe, to do the
      initiations. So, they created the Initiators. Made more sense to
      claim the HI clergy could be channels for the Masters and have them
      do the initiations.

      As for those Eck Spiritual Aides; they are no more qualified to
      conduct an Eck Spiritual Aide Session than Lucy Van Pelt from the
      Charlie Brown cartoons, though I like her better in that
      capacity! ;-)

      What it takes to become a TRUE counselor or aide on the outside
      world, Eckankar spends about 4 hours on a given afternoon training
      someone to be an ESA! Or maybe it is now broken down into two 4
      hour sessions for the training? Who cares.... it still doesn't
      qualify ANYONE to give advise to someone needing help!

      Well, now that I've got that off my chest, I am going to go have
      lunch with my wonderful hubby! You all have a great day!

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