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Eck Vidya Readings / Why Klemp doesn't do them?

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  • ewickings@aol.com
    ... One or two obvious reasons that Klemp doesn t do Eck Vidya readings would be: #1 He isn t the all powerful and knowing God Man of the entire universe
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2006
      Kaye wrote:
      > >  HK claims to be a prophet and the highest
      > >
      spiritual manifestation on earth. If this is true,
      > > then why are
      Eck-Vidya readings or, at least,
      > > predictions, no longer given.
      There are talented,
      > > humble people who make no such lofty claims,
      but are
      > > able to assist people, the police and healthcare
      > > practitioners in the service of mankind.
      > >
      One or two obvious reasons that Klemp doesn't do Eck Vidya readings would be: 
      #1   He isn't the all powerful and knowing God Man of the entire universe that he claims to be.  If he were honest with his followers he would admit he doesn't have a clue about what is going on with his chela's lives, inwardly or on the outer!  It would obviously put attention on Klemp's inability to help others directly or himself for that matter, since he can't heal what ails him!   And, most importantly, it would expose Klemp and the Org to litigation! Imagine- some poor sucker able to take Klemp and the Org to court for false claims and breach of promises!   : )
      #2   As with some of Eckankar's spiritual material, (Initiation pink slips, ESA sessions) there is a disclaimer to protect the Org and Klemp just in case someone goes off the deep end, jumps off a bridge or runs through airports naked, "it isn't their fault"!
      Before conducting either an Initiation or ESA session, the person conducting this service has to go over the required paper work, ask specific questions of the receiver, and make sure the proper signatures are on the paper work by both the Eck Clergy and the receiver of the service being provided!  ( The process to become an initiator; a 5th initiate that has served as a clergy for a certain amount of years, then becomes appointed as an initiator and receives Super Special Training, *NOT*.    And a 6th initiate that has served as a clergy and initiator for a certain amount of years *Might* be invited to be an ESA, which they will then receive Super Secret Training, *NOT*, and get to attend special meetings with the RESA.)  It should be pointed out that these services are an optional  *donation* , but we all know the Org expects money!     
      Not much different than what most States require; that psychics and mediums who
      do "readings" for a fee have to use a disclaimer stating that the service is for entertainment purposes only, the "reader" is not allowed to give medical, legal or financial advice and that the person receiving the reading should seek the services of a doctor, therapist, lawyer, etc. for these problems.  
      Sharon wrote:
      > Readings are no longer given because back when Twitch
      was doing it, people started comparing their readings
      > and discovered he
      was giving the same readings to many
      > people!!   It may be in
      "Wisdom Notes" that he ranted
      > about this, said there were "reasons" for
      > duplicate readings that lowly chelas couldn't
      > understand,
      and bitched that surely Edgar Cayce
      > must've messed up a few times,
      LOL,  once I weed through the book "The Secret Science Behind Miracles"  I'll have to comment on this further.  Seems Twit realized that doing these readings, or case reports, would bring in a little extra cash, while he made a name for himself.   It was what people were into at the time, so why spend time writing individual answers, when it could free up more time to plagiarize material for his Cult!   I suspect he lifted even *readings* from other authors, and doctored them up to sound like his own;   "I Have Spoken!"          

      > The "Eck Vidya" is meaningless bullshit - Twitch
      > made it all up because he needed his own version
      > "higher"
      version of astrology to sell.
      > Twitch also used to claim he was
      a healer, and
      > accepted "donations" for healings.  One very sad
      > was revealed at a.r.e., when a woman whose mother died
      > of
      breast cancer because she believed Twitch would
      > heal her got on the
      internet and landed at a.r.e.  Her
      > mother hadn't told her family
      she had breast cancer
      > because she believed in the Twitchster, and she
      > while this woman was away at college.  The family knew
      nothing until they found the letters from Twitch after
      > she died. 
      I think Twit might have gotten some of his *healing* techniques from the Polynesians, based on Max Freeman Long's research and books!  

      > Here's a link to the archived posts:
      What a load of BS!  Is Jackie the same loser eckie posting over on Hu-Chat?  One of Eckankrap's little Internet spies!  Hey speaking of Hu-Chat and Internet Spies, did you notice Steve R is back (claiming it has been about 5 years since posting there!  NOT)  Hey Steve recall the rock throwing party you held for me when I first left Hu-Chat and Eckankrap?  Now was that "True, Kind or Necessary"....?   And how come The Reverend Peter Anton isn't "one" of the Mod Squad any longer?  Almost a record for Mods leaving shortly into the stint. But, I think Eck Heart Lou, and Darlene might still hold the record!  ;-)       
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