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Question for Sharon, and wondering about the Death Prayer in LTG3

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  • ewickings@aol.com
    ... Hi everyone, Sharon I too recall reading somewhere that Twit writes how soul may not correctly re enter or attach to the body. The head hanging from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2006
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Sharon <brighttigress@...> wrote:
      > Ohmigod, I didn't
      remember that Atlantis monkey people
      > stuff!!  What a hoot!! 
      It reminded me of something
      > very odd I'd read in the early years and
      would *love*
      > to find again - a paragraph or so where Twitch
      > something about how "soul" may not be correctly
      > attached
      to the body or something, some weird stuff
      > about heads hanging from
      people's shoulders or
      > something...I'm not quite sure, but maybe someone
      > is familiar with something like this and knows where I
      > can
      find it again?

      Hi everyone,
      Sharon I too recall reading somewhere that Twit writes how "soul" may not correctly re enter or attach to the body. The head hanging from people's shoulders etc... sounds very familiar.  I no longer have anything of importance that Twit wrote so can't be of any help finding this paragraph. Unless it is in "The Key To Secret Worlds", or "In My Soul I Am Free", of which I still have copies. When I have some free time I'll look into maybe finding this in them?
      To tie up loose ends, thought I would get back to the God Worlds Chart Levels;  While I was looking at the God Worlds Chart yesterday I noticed my copy,  through the center of the chart, from the bottom up it is shaped as a  V.  Of course it may be that the Org was implying that the further one goes up the levels, the most pure the god worlds?  Since having recently seen the movie The Da Vinci Code, where they referenced the "Holy Grail" the Cup is shaped similar to a  V, the cup representing the feminine.  I looked at the god worlds chart with a different perspective.  And my mind went back to  "Those Wonderful Eck Masters" book, and the discussion of a Co LEM being Female! ;-)
      Just some wandering thoughts....
      Then I wanted to also ask anyone that might have a little more info on Letters To Gail 3;  I recall one of the reasons the book was pulled was for a "Death Prayer" Paul supposedly included in the volume?
      I received the book by Max Freeman Long, "The Secret Science Behind Miracles".  I spent about an hour just flipping through the pages yesterday, and found a "Death Prayer" in this book.  If someone can direct me to a copy from LTG3 that might contain this Death Prayer, I would love to see if it has any similarities to Paul's. 
      Max Freeman Long also wrote a couple other books titled, "The Secret Science at Work", and "The Huna Code in Religions", which I might try to get copies of.  I am surprised by how much Max and Paul sound so similar!  Maybe I will, and maybe I won't find anything Paul plagiarized?  It will be interesting to see.....
      Have a good day everyone!
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