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The HUna Fellowship / And The God Worlds Chart

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    Afternoon everyone, The book I purchased by Max Freeman Long, The Secret Science Behind Miracles as mentioned in Letters To Gail 3 arrived today. I haven t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2006
      Afternoon everyone,
      The book I purchased by Max Freeman Long, "The Secret Science Behind Miracles" as mentioned in Letters To Gail 3 arrived today.  I haven't had a lot of time today, but was thumbing through some of it, and I definitely see some of Paul Twitchell's style, and even words he used in his writings.  I should point out that the books written by Max Freeman Long were written in the mid to late 40's.  
      I get a distinct feeling that parts of Paul's Herbs book, and the Eck Vidya could very well have been inspired by this book.  Max F Long mentioned the Huna is a science not a religion; speaks of reincarnation and the lords of karma; as above, so below; lots of psychic stuff in this book, some of which sounds very much like Paul... there is even predictions and healing correspondences to some of Max Freeman Longs devotees which sounds similar to Twit...   I'll share more tomorrow.
      Also as I was siting at the security gate to the military base yesterday, as I was waiting I noticed the sign posted for the Home Land Security Awareness Levels.  It contains five levels, each a different color.  Not sure why but it reminded me of the God Worlds Chart!  LOL   A couple things that are in common with each other are,  the Eagle, 6 point (star) agenda,  the levels and colors, the Lords of each dept. or office, and who knows you could even assign specific sounds to each Security awareness level!  LOL
      More tomorrow,
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