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Re: The Blue Light Special! LOL!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, I decided to let this post go up although one_zero sounds like a current Eckist. His statment sounded reasonable enough to be expressed, although,
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      Hi All,
      I decided to let this post go up although "one_zero" sounds like a
      current Eckist. His statment sounded reasonable enough to be
      expressed, although, there will be no debate (calm or otherwise)
      about the validity of Eckankar on this site.

      First, let me say that the THIRD EYE or Tisra Til is NOT the highest
      chakra and that the highest (the CROWN chakra) is still an ASTRAL
      PLANE chakra. Eckankar even admits and shows on the Eck God Worlds
      chart that the BLUE LIGHT is associated with the MENTAL PLANE. Most
      people will "see" a blue light from time-to-time, and this is why
      Eckankar has claimed this as an experience with the "Mahanta." Just
      believe the rewrite and VOILA'- it is so! This is why Eckists are
      told to use their "imaginations" because it helps them to believe the
      distortions of facts and truth and opens them up to more and more
      delusion. Therefore, seeing "Eck Masters" on the outer and inner
      becomes a programmed mental expectation for these unbalanced and
      delusional Eckists because they need to believe and to see them!
      There is a lot of pressure on Eckists to see and
      experience "spiritual" things and link it all to the phoney Mahanta.

      James Davis wrote the Eck book "The Rosetta Stone of God" and told
      all about his experiences with the Mahanta that most High Initiates
      came to envy. What pressure this was to start to "see"
      and "experience" the same as James Davis! Yet, James is NO LONGER AN
      ECKIST! He has rejected his "Eck experiences" with the Mahanta. The
      experiences we have are with our own higher Self that takes on
      different mental (and visual) outer & inner forms! Therefore, We
      become (and are) our own Teachers and Masters. Twitchell, Gross, and
      now Klemp just took/take credit for it all!

      p.s. Great posts everyone!

      one_zero1969 wrote:

      just wanted to say that I have seen the "blue light of the mahanta"
      many times. It appears in the third eye after a while in
      contemplation. it may be seen as a bluish glow or foggy blue light. I
      have also seen pinpoints of white light. the interesting thing is
      that after a while you beginn to see this blue light or white light
      with eyes open. If you continue doing the exerises the next stage is
      that you are able to see the teacher within and after a certain time
      also without. I am convinced that people following other paths would
      also have these experiences but many focus on the lower chakras
      during meditation or have never heard of the third eye.

      one_zero ---

      "mishmisha9" <mishmisha9@> wrote:

      Hi, All!

      I'm wondering how many of you saw the "blue light of the mahanta"
      while in eckankar? Or have you seen a blue light at all--prior to,
      during or after your eckankar experience?

      In "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," on page 205, the great L.E.M.
      Harold Klemp writes:

      "ECKists refer to it as the Blue Light of the Mahanta. The Mahanta
      is the highest state of consciousness known to the chronicles of
      mankind, and this blue light often appears during contemplation. It
      tells of the presence of the Mahanta. The Blue Light makes no
      distinctions between religions. People in religions other than
      Eckankar sometimes speak of it, too, but without understanding its
      nature. However, they do sense that the Blue Light comes to render a
      blessing, give consolation to the heart, assurance to the spirit,
      and healing to the body. The Blue Light of the Mahanta is, then, one
      of the countless ways the Inner Master may show up and pass along the
      assurance of protection."

      Isn't it interesting how HK acknowledges that people of other
      religions have seen the blue light but he judgmentally states they
      don't understand what it means! Just how does HK know this, really?
      Oh, of course, he has to convince people of its special meaning so
      that he can be acknowledged as "the highest state of consciousness
      known to the chronicles of mankind. . . " and then he can take
      control of other people's lives! This is one technique of capturing
      his chelas and keeping them in his psychological grasp/slavery!
      Yeah, others may have seen the blue light, but it takes HK to
      educate them as to what it means--and it serves his purpose of
      positioning himself on the throne of eck!

      But why believe this at all? Why do we fall for this mahanta
      nonsense? The only blue light I remember ever seeing is the blue
      light specials at K-Mart! Do you suppose that is where HK got the
      idea of the blue light? It certainly would be a common experience
      for most people, wouldn't it!

      Does anyone have any idea of what the blue light referred to prior
      to 1969 when Twitchell created the title "mahanta?" Which came first
      the blue light special or Twitchell's term "mahanta?"


      P.S. Have a nice holiday weekend, everyone!
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