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Re: Eck Monkeys

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  • Freefrom
    Hi Liz and all! I too am at a loss as to how eckie I once was and in some ways I find myself still doing some of the yeck thing and at other times I actually
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2006
      Hi Liz and all!

      I too am at a loss as to how "eckie" I once was and in some
      ways I find myself still doing some of the yeck thing and at other
      times I actually find solace in declaring myself an Atheist.
      Non-theistic is probabably more my inclination.

      There is a drugged affect in being part of the Kult. I recall how I
      could get a kind of hi from just reading a new book or getting a
      discourse in the mail and feeling that I was one of spirichul special
      ones. lol However, I also remember that feeling that I had to hide
      that part of me from the real world, as most would start asking a lot
      of questions and it would bring me into a state of cognitive
      dissonance. But I reached a point where I was just not good at hiding
      myself, even from my eck friends. I was always too curious to follow
      the dictum about only reading eck books and not following any other
      paths, as all roads lead to Rome, etc., but eckankult is the most
      direct road. : ( No matter how much I tried to suppress my curiosity
      in other religions and paths and philosophies, I found that it just
      got worse. I began to feel that I was an eck sinner. LOL And at any of
      the eck meetings, some of my comments were usually not appreciated. My
      eck friends would try all kinds of mind games to keep me in line, to
      be nice and agreeable! Like, learing at me in a menacing critical way,
      accusing me of being argumentative, calling me names (doubter,
      troublemaker, or spiritually ignorant, inexperienced, and if that
      didn't work, then ignoring me or shunning me was always a good option).

      Needless to say, I did not last through the Klemp transition. Yet, I
      find that I was scarred by the eckperience. My eck friends were and
      are the worst kind of friends possible. I can see from the quotes you
      listed in your other posts about calling people "losers" and other
      derogatory remarks, that the basis of the whole "reliogion" eckankult,
      is to really attack you at your core being, your beingness, authentic,
      real self-acceptance, and rather to encourage the Kult form of
      self-hate. This is where the real harm is done, group control through
      teaching you that you will never be good enough, a form of
      self-flagilation. No initiations for you was the underlying message,
      and still is. How could anyone ever measure up to Klemp, the Godman of
      all Universes, NOT. Such a Con. They exploit your weaknesses. It is as
      simple as that. Eckankar, is just scam. It is so liberating to know
      that you are not bound by any doctrine or dogma! (smile)

      Best Wishes!


      P.S. THanks for all the links. They're Great!

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@... wrote:
      > Prometheus and all, forgive me if this has already been discussed
      or the
      > links provided. I've been out of the teachings now for nearly 3
      years, and
      > never took a lot of time to read the wealth of information that is
      out there on
      > the Net.
      > The more I read, the more I am just totally amazed at the ignorance
      of the
      > path called Eckankar, and it's God Man of the entire universe HK.
      Today was a
      > day off from school and kids for me. So I have been reading The
      > Essays and such, plus more from the Neural Surfer link by David
      Lane, and
      > others that have assisted him over the years?
      > What is amazing to me is I had every single discourse offered by
      > from Paul's, Darwin's and Klemp.... but I question where my head
      was when I
      > missed some of this stuff? Anyway, I am providing the link to The
      > Surfer, The 20th Century Eckankar Debates, and also pasted another
      analysis. I
      > honestly do not recall reading about the *Ancient Atlantis Monkey
      > Harold speaks about! If I had consciously read it, I would have
      laughed my ass
      > off no doubt!
      > So sad, and yet so unbelievable! Did this come from one of HK's own
      > Dreams, or from some Sci Fi movie or story? What kind of person
      could come up with
      > such twisted stuff like this?
      > ######
      > _http://vclass.mtsac.edu:940/dlane/ecknew.htm_
      > (http://vclass.mtsac.edu:940/dlane/ecknew.htm)
      > "Letters still cross my desk from people who juggle the meaning of
      > January 1971 Illuminated Way Letter. He said that the next Mahanta
      would be
      > along in about fifteen years, and that he might appoint an ECK
      Master to serve
      > in the interim until the appointment of the next Mahanta. They count
      > fingers like monkeys in a zoo, scratch their heads, and lay their
      lack of
      > success with the spiritual exercises to an outer cause."
      > Analysis: ECK Monkeys. I wonder which initiation that is?
      > Perhaps Harold is referring to this uplifting (not) story from one
      of his
      > first discourses:
      > * "In ancient Atlantis, the people were working with the
      > of the black arts, which left the entire civilization with a taint
      of cruelty
      > upon it such as has seldom been seen, even in modern times.
      Captives of war
      > were taken into slavery, but their captors shortened their spines
      > surgery, removing the spine from between the shoulder blades to the
      coccyx. This
      > produced grotesque dwarfs who were made house servants, and their
      > always marked them as subservient to the citizens. The captive was
      put into
      > occupational therapy the day after the operation, made to swim in a
      pool in
      > order to strengthen the new muscles and to accustom him to the
      short brace,
      > fabricated to the outside of the spine to strengthen his back. The
      > thereafter, took on the appearance of monkeys." - The ECK Satsang
      > Third Series, Harold Klemp, Page 40.
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