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Taking another look at True, Necessary, Kind, and Klemp's Loser comments

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    I just couldn t resist taking one more look at True, Necessary, Kind, and Klemp s Loser Comments! If you haven t taken a look at the Critical Essays found at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2006
      I just couldn't resist taking one more look at True, Necessary, Kind, and Klemp's Loser Comments!  If you haven't taken a look at the Critical Essays found at the following link, you are missing out on some excellent observations!
      As I was reading more of *Raphael's* comments, I saw how it really ties into some of the previous messages posted here at ESA.   I snipped and pasted some of the more thought provoking ones below.
      Happy Friday!
      "The Law of the ECK" can never be evaded. It must be obeyed or one reaps pain and anguish. The Law is this: 'Never criticize, never find fault, never blame anyone, either to their face or behind their back. Never hurt the feelings of anyone, man or animal. Never let a harsh or unkind word escape your lips. But always speak words of love and of truth and of kindness.' The rule which has been laid down by the ECK Masters, time and again, is a most excellent one for all men to follow. It is said in the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad and repeated by the ECK Masters: Before you propose to speak, always ask yourself, "Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?"
      This is one of the most inflexible of all the spiritual laws for those seeking God. No one, not even the ECK Masters, can ignore this law and still make progress on the path of ECK. The path of love leads to enlightenment and freedom and the true heavenly world, but the way of anger and a wicked tongue can bring the chela to the tight clutches of the Kal forces." - Paul Twitchell, pages 70-71, The ECK Satsang Discourses, Second Series.
      There is never any excuse for an ECK chela to think ill of others, take offense easily, criticize the actions of others, lecture or discourse on the mistakes of another - either to the person himself, or to others about him. He should never be a chronic faultfinder or point out the defects of character or conduct of others, making them out to be really bad. He should never scold, nag, harangue, or habitually blame others for what goes wrong. Nor should he ever abuse or curse others; ever fight, quarrel, or try to inflict injury upon another person. He should always remember that a mental injury or wound is often more painful than a physical one, and is naturally slower to heal." - Paul Twitchell, page 71, The ECK Satsang Discourses, Second Series.
      The following quotes from The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, by Harold Klemp, will show Klemp's continual disobedience to 'The Law of the ECK' to which, as Twitchell points out, even the ECK Masters are subject to.
      "No one can imagine the resistance that he (Klemp) encounters from his own people (eckist), because, in their ignorance, they do not see the great love that he carries for them." - page 5
      "In this discourse I will talk about the hardships that the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master puts up with so that people in the human consciousness can rise upward in spirit. You would truly be wonderstruck at the complaints from initiates in regard to the call of service to ECK. People want spiritual advancement but are too selfish and lazy to work for it. Earth is for them a garden that is to serve their whims in plenty." - page 7
      "The reason behind the bickering is that these individuals (certain eckists) are more into self-service than into living the ideal of the great saints who have walked the earth before them, such as Rebazar Tarzs, Peddar Zaskq, Sardar Lhunpo, or Fubbi Quantz." - page 8
      "These people (certain eckists), those who think only of what they can get out of ECK, are obstructions to the mission of the Master." - page 8
      "Why do the Adepts of the Order of the Vairagi put up with the insolence of the candidates who stand on the threshold of the path? Somebody who has gotten to this area of the secret doctrine has demonstrated, under the fire of spiritual tests, that the Spiritual Eye is awakening." - page 8
      "Paul made another point that bears a close look: 'ECKANKAR will not work only as Soul Travel; but it must be known as religion.' This raises the hackles of some ECKists when they read but half the message of the Shariyat."- page 9
      "These are the introverted chelas I mentioned earlier in this letter. They have turned the spiritual energies in upon themselves" - page 9
      "They hold forth the outworn idea that truth should be passed directly from Master to disciple in a remote ashram.That is wishful thinking. If the methods of old were used by the ECK Masters today, it is certain that only a handful of persons would ever have heard of ECK. You can see behind the facade of these people because they are strongly opposed to any changes at all. They feel that their resistance to better ways of putting the ECK writings before contemporary society is a pure desire to keep the original message clean and unsullied. You'll hardly find a more self-righteous group as an obstacle to the Mahanta's mission." - page 9
      "Those who pay lip service to the spiritual exercises by giving them a cursory trial complain that ECK does not work for them. Therefore, something is wrong with the program.True to the mold of the loser, failure in their life is always the fault of somebody else. They seldom take responsibility for what they do, and what they do is done in a halfhearted and sloppy way." - page 9
      "You'd be surprised how many initiates cannot hear the Mahanta's words that speak softly behind the writings of the outer volumes of The Shariyat." - page 16
      "They do not have the necessary phone line with the Inner Master. Consequently, they become rigid about the letter of the law and forget its spirit. But nobody can tell them this, because they are so fixed in their own great self-image." - page 16
      "Letters still cross my desk from people who juggle the meaning of Paul's January 1971 Illuminated Way Letter. He said that the next Mahanta would be along in about fifteen years, and that he might appoint an ECK Master to serve in the interim until the appointment of the next Mahanta. They count their fingers like monkeys in a zoo, scratch their heads, and lay their lack of success with the spiritual exercises to an outer cause." - page 16
      "The real reason is that they neglect the self-disciplines asked of them: the Law of Silence about their conversations with the Mahanta, the steady drill of contemplation, one of the Friday fasts, and the monthly reports to the Master." - page 16
      *** (Me)  At this point I include comments by Raphael because he did such a good job!
      "The Law of Economy, then, works whether anyone knows of it or not. The spiritual bumbler is always at odds with it, and he has a host of personal problems for which he finds no relief. Bad habits lock him into the same behavior that brought trouble in the first place, and so the cycle of trouble goes on." - page 21
      Raphael's Comment: Come now Harold, bumbler? Did you forget sloppy, ignorant, half-hearted, monkey, losers, etc. Better pull out your 'put-down' thesaurus and review it. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

      "Others wallow in self-pity, blame others, and stumble blindly with a heart of sorrow. The law accepts no excuse for failure, and the Lords of Karma are a still lower example of its manifestation. They are the authors of the Book of Life, the Mental Place record of all deeds done by each person, from birth to death, in both the Physical and Astral worlds. The Law of Economy reaches to the top of the Mental Plane but no farther than that." - page 22
      Raphael's Comment: Is this kind? Harold blames others for blaming others, and criticizes those wallowing in self-pity, those souls in need of COMPASSION not CRITICISM. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken. (What are you so angry about Harold?)
      "The ECKshar will balance the spiritual forces in an individual (eckist), but if he persists in old mental habits and behavior, he will be no better off than the man on the street." - page 22
      Raphael's Comment: Who is the man on the street? 99.99999% of humanity who are not initiates of Eckankar. This criticism of the 'every man' is subtle but real. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.
      "A Master is a diplomat, but he must be able to call a spade a spade. He must be honest with everyone and tell exactly who and what is making a problem - and do this without beating about the bush. His entire development has followed the line of gaining the fullest love for ECK." - page 24
      Raphael's Comment: Now how can a master (Harold?) tell exactly who and what is making a problem without finding fault and blaming someone either to their face or behind their back? 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.
      From the book  "Stranger By The River", by Paul Twitchell
      "Do not listen to one who preaches or acts with evil, lest you should bring about thy own undoing, for the fault lies within thyself for listening to that teacher. Open thyself to receive evil and in doing so become one with him who preaches evil. Yea, I tell you, that it is true there are rogues even among the spiritual orders, but it is thy fault if you will find favor with them. Use thy discrimination and mingle only with the good. Then you purify thyself!" - Rebazar Tarzs

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