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Letters To Gail 3 by Paul Twitchell / The Huna Fellowship

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    Good morning everyone, I came across some info this morning while researching Letters To Gail 3. I posted this on the Truth Seeker BB, and thought I would
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2006
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      Good morning everyone,
      I came across some info this morning while researching Letters To Gail 3.  I posted this on the Truth Seeker BB, and thought I would share it with you as well. 
      Enjoy and please post any thoughts or comments you may have.
      While researching Letters To Gail 3, I came across one of the letters by Paul Twitchell titled "Mathematics and Word Symbols",  April 15, 1964
      In this letter he references a book titled "The Secret Science Behind Miracles" by Max Freeman Long.  I did a search on Max Freeman Long and the book he wrote.  What I discovered was this: 
      This was the beginning of Max Freedom Long's research into the Huna tradition of the ancient Polynesians, the science used by the early Polynesians for healing, changing the future for the better, control of winds and weather, etc.   His work not only resulted in The Secret Science Behind Miracles, a study of the Huna Tradition, but also provided personal guidelines for self-improvement and exposed correlation between the Huna faith and religions of today.

      The Huna Fellowship:
      The Huna Fellowship was founded by Max Freedom Long in 1945.
      Huna (tm) is an internationally registered trademark of Huna 
      Research, Inc., the organization which coordinates the teaching, 
      research, and practice of this ancient system recovered during over fifty 
      years of research by Max Freedom Long (1890-1971) from the ancient 
      traditions of Hawaii.

      The Huna Way of Life contains elements of philosophy, psychology,
      and religion, offering practical, easy-to-learn methods of personal goal
      attainment and spiritual growth.

      After briefly looking over some of the information,  I began to wonder if David Lane or Ford Johnson had researched any of the Huna Fellowship? And if so, did they come to a similar conclusion, that Paul Twitchell lifted some of Max Freeman Long's Secret Science Behind Miracles and the Huna Fellowship, to assist in creating his Eckankar?   
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