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"God's River of Love" - A Profound Riddle by H. Klemp

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  • prometheus_973
    From the 2002 ECK Spirituality Today pages 53-54: HK: Love is the River of God. It carries all living things upon it toward spiritual perfection. It shows
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2006
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      From the 2002 ECK Spirituality Today pages 53-54:

      HK: "Love is the River of God. It carries all living things upon it
      toward spiritual perfection. It shows itself every day, BUT how many
      of us know it to be so? Consider the following riddle." [My caps]

      Me: Well, love is Not really the "river" of God now is it? And, it
      Doesn't really "carry" all living things "upon" it either! Divine
      Love does surrounds and immerses us in It and Its many expressions.
      However, I think that many of us already "know" of this and
      even "understand" the importance of love, versus hate (and
      intolerance), in regard to spiritual growth. So, it seems that Klemp
      has more cheap talk, and another silly story while preaching blind
      mindless acceptance once again!

      HK: "IF you were to teach a fish, a duck, and a rattlesnake about
      water, which would find the concept most difficult?" [My cap]

      Me: Gee, that's a tough one! Am I being graded on this mahanta? Just
      off hand I would say that the fish would be easiest
      to "teach." 'Takes like a fish does to water' seems to come to mind.
      Actually, fish have "taught" mankind much about water over the
      years, but I'm thinking Klemp wants to distort the facts in order to
      twist facts and make a simple point of sorts. Eckists will use their
      imaginations to fill-in the blanks as needed.

      HK: "Most people would say the rattlesnake because it uses water the

      Me: Well, I admit the rattlesnake would be more difficult to "teach"
      safely at least. But rattlesnakes do swim and do so faster than
      ducks. Except, when ducks flap their wings and run on the water when
      trying to evade a rattlesnake! A lot of loud quacking would also
      take place - I'm sure! LOL!

      HK: "However, the fish has the hardest time understanding the
      concept of water. Why do you suppose?"

      Me: Really! I kind of doubt that. I would think that with those
      gills and being born in water, and everything else, that it comes
      pretty naturally for fish! Of course, I'm Not listed in the
      International Who's Who of Intellectuals (Ninth Edition) like Klemp.

      HK: "Yes, because it lives within the water itself. The fish is
      completely immersed in the environment of which one is trying to
      make it aware."

      Me: So, this makes the duck more spiritually advanced? The
      definition of "spiritual hierarchy" on page 197 of the Eckankar
      Lexicon lists fish higher than animals! Now that's a riddle since HK
      claims the duck is more teachable regarding water!

      HK: "The duck, on the other hand, has the most experience with the
      variety of water."

      Me: I disagree. The fish would know more about water than even man
      could "teach." This is really getting stupid isn't it! Don't blame
      me - Klemp wrote it - I'm just responding now because I wasn't
      allowed to as an Eckist!

      HK: "It lives in two worlds, in the water and out of it."

      Me: Actually, the duck Does Not really live "in the water" (like the
      fish) as much as "on" the water and "near" the water. Like surfers -
      such as David Lane. LOL!

      HK: "The duck meets creatures that live only in the water, only on
      land, and both in water and on land."

      Me: Penguins do too right! They can't fly however, but that's good
      because they can't bombard you with their crap either!

      HK: "The duck drinks water. It lives or nests on land."

      Me: And beavers "nest" on the water too, but they have to swim under
      the water to reach the nest. I'm told they drink water too!
      Personally, I wouldn't drink any water where ducks swam. Mr. Klemp
      is really giving us a complex riddle to unravel isn't he?!

      HK: "It swims on water."

      Me: Well, it doesn't really "swim" like a fish or like we humans do.
      Ducks kind of "paddle" their feet don't they.

      HK: "Yet the duck can also fly above the water, letting it make a
      comparison of above and below."

      Me: Not a very good comparison is it since the duck really
      doesn't "know" as much about all of the volumns of water as does the
      fish. However, aren't there also other birds that "swim" on and
      under water and can also fly? Of course, they even do these things
      better than ducks (another riddle)! Maybe Eckists should be more
      like "ducks" instead eagles! DUCKS in ECK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!
      Sounds good to me! LOL!

      HK: "From the air, it can see the tracings of the wind upon a lake."

      Me: And the fish can "feel" the ripples caused by the wind and
      currents from the "flow" of water as it travels here and there free
      to explore various depths. I wonder - How well does the duck "know"
      the wind? What could "we" teach the duck about the wind? [Another

      HK: "Also, it knows the look of rainfall upon a mirrored surface,
      and the return and sending of the sun's golden sheen."

      Me: Sort of poetic, but it's nothing original and I've heard much
      better. Say, what ever happened to Twitchell's poetry book "Coins of
      Gold?" Why doesn't Klemp make this available again?

      HK: "The duck, in short, has a broad range of experience with water.
      So the duck would catch the concept of water faster than either the
      rattlesnake or the fish." [The End]

      Me: Actually, I could have just told Klemp's stupid little story
      without commenting, but where's the fun in that! Of course, by
      itself is really funny and stupid! LOL!

      No, the duck will Not "catch" the concept of water faster than the
      fish or rattlesnake. Water is natural for all three - more so for
      the fish, which according to Eckankar's Spiritual Hierarchy listing
      is more advanced than the duck. After all, the fish has "mastered"
      the water! Perhaps, this is the true meaning of the "riddle" which
      Klemp has overlooked.

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