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Klemp's "compiling" without crediting sources

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  • Sharon
    Hi Everyone! Here s another one I found shortly after getting out - In Klemp s What Is Spiritual Freedom, on page 49, a story called I Can Sleep When The
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2006
      Hi Everyone!

      Here's another one I found shortly after getting out -

      "In Klemp's "What Is Spiritual Freedom," on page 49, a
      story called "I Can
      Sleep When The Wind Blows." What a great childhood
      memory that brought
      back...although in the original "Uncle Arthur's
      Bedtime Stories," one of my
      favorite books back in the 1950's... it was "I Can
      Sleep on Stormy Nights."
      The book might still be published...I forget the last
      time I saw it in a
      doctor's waiting room. I still remember many of the
      wonderful stories in
      that book, and was glad to find one at a yard sale
      years later for the
      grandkids. Well...if that book's not still around,
      I'd say a modern
      equivalent might be William J. Bennett's "Book of
      Virtues" (not sure of the
      title exactly) ... bought it for the grandkids years
      old-fashioned wisdom & morality..."

      I pulled the above paragraph out of the a.r.e.
      archives, it doesn't look like I ever typed out the
      whole Klemp story, and so far haven't found an Uncle
      Arthur's volume with that particular story in it yet,
      but Klemp certainly leaves readers with the impression
      that the story may have come from an eckist or
      something. I think it's highly unlikely that Klemp
      remembered this childhood story without remembering
      where it came from!

      Poor Klemp, I doubt if the man has *ever* had an
      original thought!! After being in the cult for a
      certain amount of time, originality and true learning
      and growing is impossible - members have to keep their
      thoughts within that carefully defined cult-think box.
      Especially Klemp.

      Have a great weekend, everyone!!



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