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RE: HK's Job: Cleaning Pipes and Dumbing Down the ECK Teachings

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  • eyesopen444
    Hi All, I d like to add my comments to Mish s post. On Tue 9, 2006 Mish wrote: In this excerpt from Those Wonderful ECK Masters, HK explains what he has been
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2006
      Hi All,

      I'd like to add my comments to Mish's post.
      On Tue 9, 2006 Mish wrote:

      In this excerpt from "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," HK explains what
      he has been doing since taking over the leadership of eckankar--what
      his job as the L.E.M./Mahanta has been since claiming the rod of eck
      power! LOL!

      From pages, 219-220, HK writes:

      "The Mission Foretold:

      Years earlier, in November 1978, the ECK-Vidya, ancient science of
      prophecy, had forecast a major shift in direction for Eckankar
      during my cycle as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. ECK Master
      Fubbi Quantz revealed the task to me. He'd opened a window to the
      future and pointed to a water channel (the ECK teachings) that
      needed a brisk scrubbing. While cleaning it, I noticed how the
      entire channel was subdivided into scores of well-defined units.
      Each unit encompassed a certain time frame. And each represented the
      mission objective of a certain Living ECK Master from the past or

      The water channel was like a plumbing pipe with a number of joints
      or elbow joints. The channel made a right-angled turn in my section.

      ME: Why would an advanced being like(if he really existed- that
      is)Fubbi, use such a mundane, simplistic vision with another highly
      evolved being, the Mahanta? The vision sounds like the child's games
      "Chutes and Ladders" or "Mousetrap". I would think that something of
      such great import would be expressed in a more dignified, elevated
      manner and be accomplished in much the same manner.

      Fubbi Quantz said that during my term of office, the teachings of
      ECK would need a revamping, to present them in a fresh, new way. I
      was to introduce the high teachings of ECK into the everyday lives
      of people.

      So I took great care to clean and scrub my section of the channel
      until it sparkled like polished silver.

      This prophecy is turning out as Fubbi Quantz had foreseen. The
      presentation of the ECK teachings in common, everyday terms makes
      them easy to understand by all who are ready to receive them.

      ME: Funny how these "ancient teachings" need revamping to fit into
      everyday people's lives. Shouldn't it be the other way around? When I
      study, I progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced. One has
      to develop in stages. I always thought that these teachings were for
      those advanced enough to study them.

      HK's job does seem to be, as you say, dumbing down and diluting the
      teachings to have mass appeal-bring in the crowds! What impact will
      that have on such "high" teachings?

      My section of the channel had linked two different directions in
      Eckankar. The previous section used an approach with a strong appeal
      for the metaphysicians, who love the intellectual side of such
      teachings. So that approach is already covered in the ECK teachings.
      But now comes an approach thatt meets the needs of people who must
      shop, put food on the table, and also find family time. Both
      approaches, however, remind ECK initiates to always be aware of this
      very moment. Why rush the natural tempo and order of your spiritual

      Every Master knows full well that the thrust of the teachings must
      address the consciousness of people today, because today's lessons
      are the most important of all. They help us build for tomorrow.

      ME: Haven't we all seen or experienced what happens when something
      special is changed for mass appeal? It becomes cheap and common.
      Metaphysicians, are involved because of a love or at least an interest
      in a subject. The masses are just looking for the next fad. Don't get
      me wrong, I don't hold ekult in high esteem, it deserves to be a
      MacReligion. Drive through theology with fries on the side! : )

      Every individual, then, gets from the ECK teachings exactly what he
      puts into them.

      Everyone is in his rightful place, at this and very moment."

      ME: HK appears to be making it up as he goes along. I've noticed the
      deterioration over the years. Just look at the loopholes and provisos
      that he interjects to cover himself.

      Do you remember "Saturday Night Live" when John Lovitz played a
      compulsive liar character? He was so funny- he would obviously be
      making everything up as he went along and when he felt that he hit the
      best lie he'd say, "Yeah, that's the ticket!" and he go on to
      elaborate even more. At least with Lovitz, you knew that it was for
      entertainment and he was actually funny! HK doesn't have his talent.

      So there you have HK's explanation for dumbing down the eck
      teachings--it's for today's people "who must shop, put food on the
      table, and also find family time." It seems that HK believes that
      people are retrogressing rather than progressing in modern times. If
      Twitchell appealed to the metaphysicians and intellectuals, why then
      has Twitchell's work not lifted up the consciousness of mankind so
      that Klemp could then take it to yet a newer and higher level? Why
      this regression? It doesn't make sense to me, really. Plus, I have
      to wonder why Klemp implies that metaphysicians and intellectuals do
      not have to "shop, put food on the table, and also find family
      time." Surely, this is a common activity for all people regardless
      of their intellectual interests or pursuits!

      Slowing down the initiations is just another indicator that HK does
      not want any chela to grow in consciousness--Klemp is an impeder
      rather than a conduit in which mankind's consciousness will be
      uplifted and a seeker's journey to God will be more direct and the
      quickest way! He certainly demonstrates that he has a low opinion of
      people in general, including chelas--but yet, it is obvious that HK
      is no intellectual himself so he needs to keep everyone in a lower
      state of consciousness in order for him to appear higher! LOL!

      Thanks for listening.

      Have Fun.

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