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Re: Even Casinos are Game for Eck Vahanas!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz, I think that most people tend to avoid what they fear or don t understand. Your Mom and Step Dad feel more comfortable around the casinos because it s
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2006
      Hi Liz,
      I think that most people tend to avoid what they fear or don't
      understand. Your Mom and Step Dad feel more comfortable around the
      casinos because it's easier to understand (on the surface) and is,
      therefore, non-threatening to their beliefs. The psychic stuff is
      another matter. Just look at all of those California Eckists (and
      others) that are involved in a hodge-podge psychic and New Age
      beliefs and experimentation!

      Actually, I always found the psychic fairs to be fun! Although, some
      Eck booth volunteers tend to spend too much time at other booths!
      Yep! I've been on/in and set up tables and booths at civic events,
      street fairs, state fairs, psychic fairs, hotels, bookstores, health
      food stores, flea markets, at churches and in libraries, and at Eck
      seminars! I really got around at one time. Sometimes it was fun,
      sometimes Not - usually it was just boring and a waste of my time
      and/or satsang society money.

      The money, time, and effort (planning) was never worth the end
      result except for Eckists to socialize. Eventually, some Eck Vahanas
      realized that it was all just "Busy Work" to keep the servants,
      volunteers, and peons occupied and distracted while giving them a
      purpose and "mission." Burn-out is usually why most things don't get
      done, and why HK's "Guidelines" are taken so lightly and even
      ignored! Eck H.I.s are also told they are a law unto themselves!

      Thus, dropping some HU cards off at a casino gets one out of the
      house or apartment and is seen as helping the Mahanta with his
      mission. Eckists do what feels good and it also gives them a sense
      of purpose and of fulfilling the "outflow" for the "inflow" they
      believe they have received. Ignorance is Bliss... forever! <smile>


      Liz wrote:

      In a message dated 5/1/2006 1:53:32 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      prometheus_973@... writes:

      Hi Liz,
      Actually, this gambling/vahana work has been going on for a long
      time. Remember, Eckankar used to be based in Las Vegas!

      Liz: Even tho HK would like everyone to forget this fact!

      [P]: However, the casino thing works better if the Eck Vahanas are
      Not H.I.s due to the Four Zoas and the anti-gambling restriction.

      Liz: My sister and I were chatting yesterday, when she mentioned our
      Mom and Step Dad who are HIs have been doing their vahana work in
      the casinos for the last three years. Guess it just shocked me to
      think of *them* in a casino. LOL but then again they wouldn't get
      anywhere near a psychic fair to do vahana work. Go figure....

      [P]: Eckankar seems to increase one's delusional view of the world
      by always making more and more excuses for doing as one pleases -
      as long as the Eckist does everything in the name of the Mahanta
      they are karma free and are Not responsible under "normal" rules
      and law! What a joke... and it's on them! <smile>

      Liz: Sounds more and more like a Christian path
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