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Re: More on Alien Conspiracies and HCS

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, Prometheus! I also had high hopes for Ford s HCS, but the infiltration of all these other subjects and links to kooky sites makes me wonder how Ford can
    Message 1 of 4 , May 26, 2005
      Hi, Prometheus!

      I also had high hopes for Ford's HCS, but the infiltration of all
      these other subjects and links to kooky sites makes me wonder how
      Ford can allow all of this to be promoted on his BBs. He debunked
      Eckankar, but it seems that people are encouraged to look at what I
      see as more outrageous groups that distort truth far more
      pervasively and dangerously than Eckankar ever did. It seems
      contradictory to higher consciousness. It is disappointing.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I was looking at an old post by Ford Johnson on HCS on
      4/10/2005 "On
      > Aliens, Conspiracy Theories, and the BBs." I'll quote part of
      > post and comment some, but feel free to give your take on it as
      > Ford: "Is there alien (actually not the best of words to use for
      > fellow God-souls in the process of expanding awareness)
      > in our life here on earth? I believe that there is more than
      > sufficient evidence to support the proposition that this is so."
      > Prometheus: Okay Ford, where is this "more than sufficient
      > to prove that aliens are involved with our life on earth? Where is
      > the sane, rational, scientific, or validated evidence?
      > Ford: "However, there is insufficient evidence to point to the
      > source and/or intentions of those from other dimensions or other
      > worlds."
      > Prometheus: Okay, I'm getting confused now. "There is insufficent
      > evidence to point to the clear source." But, there's "more than
      > sufficient evidence" to prove that aliens are involved with our
      > on earth. How? Who? But, once again "there is insufficient
      > to point to the... intentions of those from other dimentions or
      > other worlds."
      > Ford: "Indeed, are these denizens of other worlds or dimensions
      > subject to the same universal laws of spirit and currently
      > undergoing the same expansion of consciousness that we are, or are
      > they somehow greater than and exist outside the process of God-
      > becoming aware of itself as part of the ONE? Having traveled to
      > of these dimensions and communicated with its denizens I would
      > maintain that they are part of and involved in the same process of
      > expanding awareness and growth to higher consciousness."
      > Prometheus: Well, that's one perspective and Ford's experience. I
      > don't know on what level of reality his communication took place,
      > but it's no more valid than my disbelief.
      > Ford: "Therefore, while it is important to become aware of and
      > thereby not adversely affected by what is going on around us, and
      > share this insight with others when we can, we must not become so
      > enthralled in any of these facets of control so as to lose our
      > spiritual perspective. The insights we have gained in higher
      > consciousness transcend all of these transient phenomena. In the
      > end, the knowledge and awareness (of) their illusory and transient
      > nature protects us... Learning how to know yet transcend these
      > transient truths is the sounder course and certainly the way of
      > Higher Consciousness."
      > Prometheus: So, why do you permit all of the postings by Betty and
      > Mario on TS/HCS involving this slanted perspective if you don't
      > people "to lose our spiritual perspective?" The thing I don't get
      > how does knowing the Cassiopaea, TRANCEformation of America,
      > Illuminati/Power Elite, Reptilian, and the Committee of 300
      > con/cultish fictional accounts of alien involvement in our society
      > help to "transcend these transient truths?" A lie is a lie! Didn't
      > Ford believe all of Twitchell's crap for thirty years! Yes, Ford
      > does admit that conspiracies have always been with us, but the
      > conspiracy stuff is a bit much for me, and this fantasy/sci-
      > fi/spiritual tie-in is really too much of a streach! Does Ford
      > communicate with the mahanta and the eck masters, or have they now
      > turned into aliens ("denizens of other worlds or dimensions")?
      > I wonder how long it will be before more of the alien conspiracy
      > cult propangada will be once again promoted on Ford's BBs? If Ford
      > wants to educate us and make us aware then why doesn't he verify
      > sources of this information to insure that it is accurate. Is
      > no responsibility or accountability in this world or any others
      > allowing Souls to be mislead through the instruments (BBs) of
      > creation?
      > Prometheus
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