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Fwd: Re: [eckankartruth] HK's EMR Scare Tactics - Cause and Effect?

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  • Elizabeth
    Hi Mish, Sorry for my flub up. When I posted this, I didn t pay any attention to which anti eck group I was posting to! Hence the reason for commenting on
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2006
      Hi Mish,

      Sorry for my flub up. When I posted this, I didn't pay any attention
      to which anti eck group I was posting to! Hence the reason for
      commenting on House MD. I guess I need to pay closer attention, and
      try to write with a better focus on topic. Sometimes my brain runs
      too fast and I feel like I can't get everything in a post that I am
      thinking of... Probably one reason why I sometimes seem to drift
      during a thought! LOL

      It's been a very long busy week! I spent more time in my vehicle
      running my daughters to school, softball, doctor appointments,
      drivers ed class for one, and she finally found a job! Throw in a
      trip to urgent care for a broken fingure from playing softball,
      registered my 4 1/2 year old for kindergarten.... and that makes one
      tired Mom. I'm ready to settle down to the movie Kaye recommended
      and a glass of wine. ;-)

      I hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend!

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      <mishmisha9@...> wrote:
      > Hi, All!
      > I wanted to repost this one too as Liz has done good research on
      > disease!
      > Mish
      > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@ wrote:
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      > prometheus_973@ writes:
      > However, this EMR/Karma excuse doesn't hold water when one looks
      > the good health and longevity of other "Masters!" Also, look at
      > Klemp's poor health early on before becoming the LEM. And, this
      > karma excuse, especially, doesn't make sense when Eck Initiations
      > have "slowed down" with Klemp in charge! Where's all that karma
      > (sin) going if Eckists' own health and circumstances remain crappy
      > or gets even worse!
      > For someone like Klemp claiming to be extremely ill from the EMR,
      > He would
      > actually have to eliminate everything in his home that is
      > electrical. That
      > would include living in a home that has no wiring within the
      > If we are to
      > believe he is actually that sick! Also he wouldn't be able to
      > in an
      > area that has power lines, towers etc.
      > I found a list of some of the symptoms relating to EMR as listed
      > below.
      > Psychological problems: Inability to concentrate, increased
      > anxiety,
      > depression, aggression, irritability, anguish, apathy, insomnia and
      > memory loss.
      > Hearing a buzzing, high pitch vibration, other hearing
      > How many eckist / ex eckist experience the buzzing in the ears?
      > HK
      > actually does have EMR illness, then the buzzing in his ears isn't
      > the Sugmad
      > talking to him after all, and no it isn't the eck sound current
      > either!
      > As House MD would put it, (From House vs God episode aired this
      > past
      > Tuesday night)
      > “No, if you talk to God you’re religious. If God talks to you,
      > you’re
      > psychotic.”
      > or how about this quote,
      > "Isn't it interesting that religious behavior is so close to being
      > crazy we
      > can't tell it apart."
      > Klemp claimed that Sugmad (God) spoke to him the night he jumped
      > from the
      > bridge. And wasn't it his same excuse for why he stripped naked in
      > the
      > airport. It is pretty pathetic when a self proclaimed God Man of
      > the Entire
      > Universe uses his psychotic episodes as a very extreme form of
      > *tests* to reach God
      > Realization! To be completely honest, I never read HK's
      > book "Child in the
      > Wilderness", until the last couple of months prior to my leaving
      > the path!
      > Had I read HK's account of how he won God Realization years ago, I
      > would have
      > left the path and it's Mythical Masters behind much sooner. How
      > can anyone
      > claim mental break down and psychotic episodes are spiritual
      > experiences, and
      > make millions while doing so?!
      > Because most eckist use eckankar and the Mythical Master to fill
      > the
      > emptiness in their lives, because it's easier. It is much easier
      > blame or thank
      > the Mahanta, (God) for your good or bad luck, than to really think
      > about what
      > you are doing, and take responsibility for your life. Facts are
      > the "dirt"
      > that fills that emptiness, (those holes that House commented about
      > in the last
      > episode) eckist still prefer a mythical explanation, not happy
      > with facts or
      > the truth behind the lies of eckankar and it's origins.
      > Have a good weekend everybody!
      > Liz
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