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The Path of the Masters - Eckankar LexiCon Tidbits

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, I noticed some things on pages 205-215 of the Eckankar LexiCon under T that seemed interesting. On page xxix of the preface in The Path of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2006
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      Hi All,
      I noticed some things on pages 205-215 of the Eckankar LexiCon
      under "T" that seemed interesting.

      On page xxix of the preface in "The Path of the Masters" is this:

      "This trinity of the Santon-ki-Shiksha is technically called:
      SAT GURU--living Master
      SAT SANG--His company, and
      SAT NAM---the True Name (Shabd or Heavenly Bani)"

      On page 212 of The Eckankar LexiCon is this:

      "trinity of Eckankar. The Sat Guru, the Mahanta, the Living ECK
      Master; the ECK Satsang, or his company of followers; and the ECK,
      or the true name which is the Bani, or the Sound Current."

      --- I just have one question... Where's SUGMAD in this trinity? Oops!

      Here's another interesting tidbit of information from the LexiCon on
      page 212:

      "trinity of Kal Niranjan. The Hindu trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, and
      Shiva; the Western trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. See also
      trinity of the Hindus."

      At least the Christian or "Western trinity" mentions God... even if
      this God or "Father" is seen as Kal Niranjan (SATAN) in Eck dogma!

      Klemp continues to distort this truth and these facts about the Eck
      teachings and the way that Eckankar sees the other religions of the

      Pay attention Eck Vahanas and remember... when you lie and distort
      the truth, or omit certain facts or information it's really okay and
      for the higher good! Besides, you're really lying to and fooling the
      Kal or his agents and that's okay... right! See how it all begins
      and how reality and ethics becomes blurred for the Eckist!

      BTW, I wonder why Klemp forgot to list "tenets of Eckankar" in this
      section? These tenets are defined as: 1) spiritual exercises, 2)
      study, 3) service or law of economy. Yes, HK falls short for being
      the "all knowing" LEM/Mahanta doesn't he? LOL!

      BUT, let's face it... even Doug Marman will agree that Twitchell
      didn't create the title of "Mahanta" for himself until around May of
      1969! Eckankar is Twitchell's religious scam and is made-up and/or
      copied from other sources. "The Path of the Masters," however, was
      used as Twitchell's blueprint and main source of information because
      he studied this religion (Radhasoami) under Kirpal Singh... who
      initiated PT in 1955 in the U.S.

      Klemp just inherited Twitchell's Eckankar scam from another
      scammer... Gross. And, this is why a 12th Initiate LEM (HK) could
      give the boot to a 14th Initiate Mahanta (DG)! <sweet!>

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