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Re: House MD... Neg. Behavior - Pos. Results

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! I ve inserted a few comments after each of the following posts. I didn t want to delete anything, in case anyone wanted to re-read the original posts
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      Hi, All!

      I've inserted a few comments after each of the following posts. I
      didn't want to delete anything, in case anyone wanted to re-read the
      original posts I'm replying to! The TV show House is really a good


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Freefrom"
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      > HI Prometheus and all,

      I too have been watching the TV show House. It took me a
      while to see the connection and irony of the name of the Dr. and the
      show, as in, "Is there a Dr. in the House.". ; ) I'll have to admit
      that some of these medical shows kind of get to me. There is a sort
      of approach/avoidance that goes on, but the topics are also
      interesting, and yes sometimes kind of gross (no pun intended). The
      fact is, IMO, though, we humans have a tremedous ability for
      repression and denial.
      It has been my experience that "spirit" is always reminding me of the
      middle path. If I am getting too lop sided from negative to positive
      or whatever then there is something that may happen to get my
      attention, to wake me up, to find a balance.

      All this talk about either/or thinking is just nonsense IMO. For me
      it is about being open and spacious, not contracted, more expansive
      in consciousness, awareness. If I refuse to believe that speeding
      cars exist as this is negative to me, then it just increases the
      probablility that I am going to be hit by a speeding car, especially
      if I live in or around a big city. Ouch! <smile> Eckist would see
      this as somehow identifying with effect instead of cause and say
      that we are to only allow thoughts of friendly dogs as we cross the
      road of life, so to speak. IME I have found the psychology of
      Affirmations to be somewhat suspect and rather guilt affirming as an
      unintended side effect. With Klemp and all the other
      eckankult "teachings" this problem is just magnified
      ecksponentially, since it is just a numbning, dumbing down of our
      senses and our ability to practice plain old common sense thinking.

      The character House, seems to represent the spirit of no nonsense as
      well as questioning and asking the question, "What is really going on
      here.". At least that's my take on things so far.

      Best wishes




      I really enjoyed your comments here, especially when you
      stated, "The character House, seems to represent the spirit of no
      nonsense as well as questioning and asking the question, 'What is
      really goin on here.'"

      No nonsense, questioning and asking the question--sounds like a good



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      > <prometheus_973@> wrote:
      > >
      Hi All,
      I've been watching DVR recordings of House lately and have noticed
      that negative circunstances, or even behavior, doesn't seem to
      interfere with positive results. Apparently Klemp thinks that
      positive results can only happen IF one "acts" or speaks positively
      or takes a positive view or attitude. However, even real life
      (versus TV situations) indicate otherwise.

      I find it interesting that Dr. House always seems to use "insights"
      related to Golden-Tongued Wisdom or Waking Dreams (Eck speak) in
      order to treat and cure his patients... the main case in the 11th
      hour... of course!

      There was a minor case where a little boy kept shoving things up his
      nose. Dr. House pulled out a small toy fireman once, then on another
      visit a policeman, then on the last visit a firetruck. The TV was
      playing in the exam room and there was a news scene of a fire
      rescue. It then occured to House that the child was putting these
      objects in his nose to rescue something. House then probed further
      and pulled out a cat! Therefore, the negative situation or House's
      attitude, in general, didn't interfere with Spirit from coming
      through and giving him insight as to the underlying problem and

      So, you see... one doesn't have to be a recluse in order to avoid
      the negative (like Klemp), or to only "act" and speak of the
      positive in order to have positive results. Life is a blend of
      positive and negative. What really matters is one's "heart and Soul"
      and Not Klemp's interpretation of right or wrong!

      Thanks Liz and Kaye for the Dr. House comments. I'm glad that you
      brought the show to my attention. : )

      > >

      Hi, Prometheus!

      I agree that life is a blend of the positive and negative, and that
      each of us is a blend of that as well, so in essence, a female
      should not be defined as solely a negative battery while the male
      species is the positive! : ) This is a time worn out theory
      instituted in male dominated societies and religions in order to
      control one sex over another! So, I guess that Klemp is now
      realizing in his golden years, he will have to call upon the
      assistence of his wife Joan to maintain control of the rod of eck
      power and the eckankar organization, and that he will have to change
      his tune about negatives and positives! Just watch as he seats Joan
      in the power seat of L.E.M. or Co L.E.M.! LOL!



      > > ewickings wrote:

      Hey Kaye did you watch House MD last night? LOL I couldn't believe
      some of the things he was allowed to say... talk about raunchy. The
      timing was spot on! LOL It just gets better every week!

      Previews for the next episode might go something like this:

      Klemp being given instruction by Dr. House on how to attempt a new
      spiritual exercise.

      "Mr. Klemp if you really want to have an experience with the FLEM, I
      want you to sit quietly with eyes closed, taking a few cleansing
      breaths. Focus your attention on FUZZ, I mean FLEM. After a few
      moments of relaxing, I want you to start chanting FUUUUZZZZ. Do
      this for 20 minutes each day and Soon you will be having what you
      might call a real life waking dream experience.

      .... and while you're at it, take this little blue pill about 30
      minutes before contemplation". ;-D
      > >


      Kaye and Liz,

      You've gotten me hooked on House too! Thanks for writing about it on
      this group! Really good show! : )

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