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HK's 2006 Eck Springtime Seminar Talk (part 3)

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  • prometheus_973
    BTW: Klemp was doing some reminiscing (due to Easter) and shared some lyrics of his favorite beautiful Christian (Luthern) hymn. The hymn is titled Like the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 20, 2006
      BTW: Klemp was doing some reminiscing (due to Easter) and shared
      some lyrics of his favorite "beautiful" Christian (Luthern) hymn.
      The hymn is titled "Like the Golden Sun Ascending" by Thomas Kingo,
      1634-1703. Klemp, also, recited the following lyrics for the
      audience, "Like the golden sun ascending, Breaking through the gloom
      of night, On the earth his glory spending, So that darkness takes to
      flight..." The rest of the stanza, that Klemp omitted, is: "Thus my
      Jesus from the grave, And Death's dismal, dreadful cave, Rose
      triumphant Easter morning, At the early purple dawning.


      (part 3 continued)

      [Linda, HU Chat]: The next story was about 17-year-old Kara, who was
      an active instrument for the ECK. She led a workshop for youth,
      which was attended by a girl named Tracy from Colorado. During the
      workshop they did a spiritual exercise in which participants were
      invited to meet ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi on a mountain top.

      [Me]: Actually, I believe "Cara" was 17 1/2 years old! HK mentions
      that there were two 17 1/2 year old girls in his stories.

      [L]: Tracy¹s question was to ask the ECK Master, How will I be able
      to afford to go to college? Yaubl Sacabi reassured her that all was
      well. Tracy then asked about her purpose in life, and Yaubl Sacabi
      told her to be aware of the gentle breeze that was blowing.

      [Me]: I'm told that Klemp mispronounced "Yaubl" once and called him
      Ubl. Hmmmmmmmmm.

      [L]: After the exercise, Tracy asked Kara for clarification on this
      second answer of Yaubl Sacabi's, and Kara told her that the gentle
      breeze was the "breath of God."

      [Me]: I can now see where Klemp got the title for his talk. Too bad
      that he couldn't come up with something himself, BUT I figured he
      had "borrowed" it from someone else... again! <smile>

      [L]: After the workshop, Kara heard that Tracy and her mom had been
      checking out Eckankar and ECKists in general, and that they may
      become members.

      [Me]: I'm sure that HK would like to have more resource material.

      [L]: Lisa from Australia lost her first child, a daughter, at the
      age of only three months. She understood that her daughter¹s
      translation represented some karma that had needed to be paid, and
      it taught her to value life even more. During her daughter¹s short
      life, Lisa had done was to sing a certain song to her daughter,
      which she only Sang to the child, and to no one else.

      [Me}: However, Klemp doesn't state what kind of Karma, whose Karma,
      or the purpose of the Karma! Why leave out details? There is more to
      a story or to life than it being all about one person!

      [L]: Seven years later, Lisa had another child, a second daughter.
      When she sang the little song to her second child, the child
      recognized it, saying, "You used to sing that song to me"! This was
      Lisa¹s proof that reincarnation is real.

      [Me]: Yes, but Eckankar has no copyright on it! Darn! That would be
      a real money maker! LOL!

      [L]: Lisa later recalled and early childhood memory of her own in
      which ECK Master Gopal Das came to her when she was a little girl.

      Sri Harold paused in his storytelling to remark that all of these
      stories are about the Breath of God, which gives us life. The
      Breath of God is the blessing of life, which is only possible
      because of the ECK or Holy Spirit. As the Christians say, the Word
      was made flesh and dwelt among us.

      [Me]: And yet Klemp, as the LEM/Mahanta, also claims to be the WORD!
      Except, unlike PT (LOL!), he didn't have a Virgin Birth! I assume
      that he is hinting this Twitchell "fact" to all listening.

      [L]: In the following story, Sri Harold was careful to mention that
      many of the personal details have been altered in this story in
      order to protect the privacy of the persons involved.

      [Me]: Still, he shares things that are subjective private inner
      experiences. HK will do or say anything to sell and promote the org.

      [L]: The story comes once again from Kara, who went to a business
      convention in another city and met a black man with eyes that she
      described as "luminous." We¹ll call him Dave. Kara stopped to
      talk to Dave, who told her that he worked hard for his family, which
      included a wife and daughters and his mother-in-law. He worked all
      day at one job and then at 1 am when his day job was finished, he
      went to a second job.

      [Me]: Cara seems to be full of it... stories. She must have quite
      the active imagination... like Twitch!

      [L]: Kara decided to share HU with this man, bringing out a HU card
      that she said he could share with "his girls." Dave surprised Kara
      by taking out of his walled a very battered HU Card that someone else
      had given him 2 years previously! He explained to Kara that he was
      also a lover of God.

      [Me]: Linda leaves out that this was a "Black Man." However, HK
      makes a big deal of it by saying there is nothing racial in
      mentioning that he was Black. Basically, Klemp is including a Black
      Man in a story for the benefit of the Nigerian Eckists.

      [L]: Put at ease that he was speaking to someone who would
      understand, Dave told Kara his story. He had been in prison for 25
      years for a major crime. When he got out, he realized that he had a
      choice to make. He could go straight or go back to a life of crime.
      He decided to go straight. At one point while walking along the
      street, he saw a White boy who was being held at gunpoint by three
      Black men. Dave began to talk to the men, telling them that he had
      spent time in prison, and that whatever they hoped to accomplish
      with this kid was not worth being put in prison for years. He begged
      them to let the kid go. Two of the Black men decided to leave, but
      the third man continued to point his gun at the boy. Dave saw that
      he was about to squeeze the trigger, and rapidly hit the man¹s arm
      so that it went up and the gun fired harmlessly into the air. Then
      he did what he had to do to make sure the boy would be safe.

      [Me]: I, at first, thought Klemp was trying to make this guy into an
      Eck Master. Apparently the guy had changed his ways and evolved into
      a productive citizen, BUT with a certain understanding and
      fearlessness due to the Karmic lessons he learned will in prison.

      [L]: As the ECK would have it, the boy¹s father had been looking all
      over for him, and he came upon this scene just as the gun went off,
      just in time to see that Dave had saved his son¹s life. The man was
      a very rich, important person, and insisted on giving Dave a reward
      of $3,000. In addition, this influential man saw to it that Dave¹s
      record was expunged, so that his criminal past would not make it
      hard for him to get a job.

      [Me]: Impossible! No one gets a felony expunged and if a person was
      in prison for 25 years it had to be serious and a felony! By saying
      this I now have to question the validity of the entire story and
      Klemp's honesty in telling it.

      [L]: Sri Harold remarked that Dave had given of himself. He had been
      willing to risk his life to save the life of another. ECK Master
      Rebazar Tarsz talks about this sort of selfless service in Paul
      Twitchell¹s book Stranger By the River. Once again, this is an
      instance of the Breath of God as it was felt in the lives of the
      people in the story.

      [Me]: It just goes to show that there are others out there (here)
      that have as much, and more, to give to life than Eckists!

      [L]: The next story is from an ECKist named Bonnie, about a woman
      named Kay, who was pregnant and unmarried at the age of 17 and a
      half. This story occurred 25 years ago.

      [Me]: Ah yes, this is the second 17 1/2 year old female! So is Kay
      now 42 1/2?

      (Sri Harold seemed to stress this, but didn¹t explain why. However,
      when you realize that this coming October will mark Sri Harold¹s
      25th year as Living ECK Master, his stressing that the story occurred
      25 years ago seems to make more sense. If anyone has a different
      interpretation, I¹d love to hear it.)

      [Me]: Yes, Klemp is experiencing OCD with the 25 year thing. Eckists
      need to get ready for some changes in the hierarchy (pecking order).

      [L]: Kay was living with her parents at the time, and she had only
      $700 to her name. She decided to apply for welfare, but had a hard
      time convincing the welfare workers that she was really pregnant. At
      one point, she had to drive her doctor over to the welfare office
      to have him tell them personally that she was pregnant in order to
      get herself enrolled for welfare. Sri Harold remarked that Kay was a
      fighter, that she would keep telling herself that whatever happened
      would not beat her down. When Kay was 8 and a half months pregnant,
      she was out driving and had a flat tire. When she went to get out
      her spare tire, she Found that the spare, too, had a flat! Kay was
      so angry that she kicked the tire. Suddenly, a man in a white
      Porsche pulled over and asked her if she needed help. She said yes,
      and sheepishly asked if the man had seen her kick the tire. The man
      told her that he had, and that he had thought it was funny. Kay
      looked at the license plate of the Porsche, and saw that the license
      plate holder had inscribed on it the name of a local car

      [Me]: Yawn!

      Kay assumed he must be the owner of this dealership, or perhaps one
      of the employees there. She felt safe with this fellow, and decided
      to allow him to take her to a phone booth, where she could call her
      parents. (Sri Harold remarked that this was before cell phones. LOL)
      The man even gave Kay money to make the phone call. Before the man
      drove away, Kay asked for his business card. The card had a name
      and phone number, and the name of the same car dealership that was
      inscribed on the license plate holder. Kay intended to give the man
      a call later to thank him and to pay him back eventually for the
      phone call. When Kay¹s parents came to get her, she decided not to
      tell them about the man who had helped her.

      [Me]: Well, just off hand Kay seems to have made a lot of
      assumptions at 8 1/2 months pregnant and at 17 1/2 years old. She
      was driving a crummy car with bad tires and no spare. She also
      assumed that a possible car salesman would still work at the
      dealership listed on his card or that the secretary who answered the
      phone would have known him. Duh? Was this story written just
      recently from a memory of that took place 25 years ago? Talk about
      embellishments! Maybe Kay also has some past life memories that she
      could share as well. Could she have been Cleopatra the Virgin Mary!
      Klemp claims to have been the childhood friend of Jesus! Maybe she
      had him over for dinner on occasion. LOL!

      [L]: The next day, Kay called the car dealership, only to be told
      that nobody with that name had ever worked there. Kay decided to
      look for the card again to check the name, but it was nowhere to
      be found. Sri Harold had mentioned a couple of times that Kay was
      the kind of person who never loses things, and so it was very
      strange for her to have lost the man¹s business card.

      [Me]: WOW! Was this an ECK MASTER! Or, was this a "fill-in" or
      temporary secretary that told her (as far as she knew) that the guy
      never worked there?! And, the card just magically disappeared from
      her parents house as Kay was about to give birth! Yes, this 17 1/2
      year old who was 8 1/2 month pregnant and living at home trying to
      get on Welfare and driving around in a broken down car had NEVER
      LOST ANYTHING BEFORE THIS. Therefore, this has to be a credible
      story! Not!

      [L]: Kay decided to tell no one about the person who rescued her
      until she met Bonnie, her ECKist friend. Bonnie showed her some
      pictures of the ECK Masters, and Kay excitedly pointed to the
      picture of Rami Nuri, the ECK Master who is now in charge of the
      golden wisdom temple located in the supraphysical (between the
      Physical Plane and the Astral Plane in the city of Retz, on the
      planet Venus. Bonnie asked her if it was a case pf a ³similar²
      person, or an uncanny resemblence, and Kay told her it was
      uncanny. Bonnie¹s comment: I expect to hear stories like this
      from people in other places, but not here in California!

      [Me]: Actually, California is exactly where one is more than likely
      to hear stories like this! This is one reason why Eckankar moved to
      MN. So, why isn't Rami taking care of the Shariyat on Venus? Are
      there fewer people coming? Hey what's the gravity like on the
      physical body there compared to earth? Maybe Bonnie knows?

      [L]: Sri Harold concluded by mentioning some items in the Bookroom:

      ECK Masters and You, a "shortie" as he put it, with only 70 pages.
      It is a large, soft-cover book with glossy colored pages. There are
      a number of stories in it about each of the ECK Masters who works
      with the public.

      [Me]: Yes, these are good books to use in creating false memories.
      Klemp wants Eckists to use their imaginations and these pictures
      obviously help.

      [L]: Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing. This is in the same
      series as the book Spiritual Wisdom on Conquering Fear. It is small
      and written without a lot of ECK terms, so is suitable for the

      [Me]: Tricking the public is the name of the game that brings in the
      big bucks and helps the peons gather those sought after initiations.
      Too bad that Klemp can't use this book's info to heal himself!

      [L]: ECK Parable and Activity Kit for ECK youth. This packet
      contains loose pages which can be combined in any way to make
      suitable materials for any child from ages 3 to 13, and is suitable
      for parents who wish to teach their children the ECK principles at

      [Me}: More brainwashing at an early age. Maybe Eck parents should
      learn that sometimes professional help is needed instead of HUing to
      the Mahanta! Wake Up People!

      [L]: Sri Harold concluded his talk by saying, "Life is Good. May the
      Blessings Be."

      [Me]: Of course it is for him! He's delusional! Actually, any Eckist
      could take Klemp's place. As long as they didn't act like Gross
      there wouldn't be a problem for Eckankar's Board or Eckists in
      general. Sad.... but true! <smile>

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