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A Waste of Time and Money! & the LEM's Poor Health

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, The 25 year focus means that Joan could become the Co-LEM or FLEM on October 22, 2006... or 2008! A quarter of a century (25 years) seems more
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 20, 2006
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      Hi All,
      The 25 year focus means that Joan could become the Co-LEM or FLEM on
      October 22, 2006... or 2008! A quarter of a century (25 years) seems
      more significant for HK, unless of course, he would try to streach
      it to 24 plus 3. This would make his reign as two 12 year cycles and
      one three year cycle. However, Twitch didn't quite make it to two 3
      year cycles and Gross was short two years on a 12 year cycle, BUT
      did complete Three 3 year cycles! However, does it really matter
      since we are simply estimating the chronometry of how long people
      can be fooled! LOL!

      One H.I., who attended Klemp's 2006 ESS talk, observed that he
      looked thin, weak, and had an unhealthy looking gray skin tone
      (Although, he wore a nice looking suit and tie!). Klemp's demeanor
      and speech was another indication that something is wrong. HK always
      speaks slowly, in a monotone, and pauses a lot, BUT this time he
      seemed somewhat confused and was at a loss for words on occasion
      (phrenetic comes to mind) and he also mumbled some of his words. He
      also cleared his throat more than usual and gave no explanation for
      it this time and made no apology. HK, also, seems to be dwelling in
      the past more than usual (i.e. the Christian hymn he has memorized
      from his youth) and HK is not giving (positive) attention to all of
      his chelas' needs. And, it appears, that HK is Not as alert
      or "involved" with daily ECK business as one would expect from
      a "CEO/LEM/Mahanta."

      So, this seems to be a transitional time for Eckists as they now
      begin to look at others for present and future leadership and
      spiritual guidance (i.e. Joan plus the fictional Eck Masters).

      Hey, I know what Eckists can do! Eckists can acknowledge that they
      Now have the skills to complete their own spiritual journey as
      Master Souls! Why not! What is Spiritual Freedom if the eaglet is
      afraid to leave the nest?! Surely most H.I.s have enough "feathers"
      to achieve solo flight! It has to happen eventually doesn't it?! Why
      not BE Free in this Here and Now?! Eckists should recognize the
      Spiritual Power & Love given to Soul and become their own Master now!
      Just Do It! <smile>


      Liz wrote:
      Mish wrote:
      I don't understand why the Youth's special card that they made for
      their mahanta couldn't have been displayed on stage. They spent a
      lot of time and gave of their heart to please HK, but he didn't care
      enough to give something back to them--a genuine display of

      Liz: In eckankar their idea of recognition for others is not as
      important because it is an ego thing. The focus is to be on the
      LEM / Mahanta 100%.

      Although at the last WW, I think HK would have appreciated
      recognition for the fact he has been the LEM then for 24 years.
      Which is actually more spiritually significant when you understand
      eck teachings focus on cycles, ie cycle of 12 etc...

      So, not sure why the tie in to HK's stories containing so much on
      the 25 years. So what, he will be the LEM for 25 years this Oct.
      Since when does HK want to get too pulled in to outer physical mile

      I think most Youth would have enjoyed more than a shout out... but
      HK will claim they don't need anything but the inner Mahanta's

      Mish: HK really shows a disrespect for young children when he says
      just a "yes" or "no" is all they need to hear in answer to their
      questions! Not a cute joke, if that was the intent. I spent a lot
      of time talking to my children, and always tried to answer their
      questions or help them find the answers they were seeking.

      Liz: Well we already know he wasn't much of a father with his own
      daughter! Recall that rusty old push mower story? Who would expect a
      young child to cut the lawn with such a rickety old thing, and not
      help fix it when it wasn't working properly?

      I suppose as the LEM, he has more important things to tend to
      besides helping raise a child! Like a lot of other men, he is
      arrogant and "let her mother take care of those lower physical plane

      Mish: But I guess a narcissistic person would thrive on putting
      others down--disregarding children and also doling out those
      initiations slowly to his followers, so as to keep chelas in a lower
      position, but to also keep them selling eck to the public!
      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Ego and dollars--that's what eckankar is all about!

      Liz: My question is, what is HK or Eckankar doing about those Youth
      that are not dealing with life very well? Am I nieve? Was I the only
      one that believed when the LEM claims his love and protection is
      always with you, it was a true statement? So what about those Eck
      youth that have attempted suicide? Where was the protection then? I
      wonder why the mother isn't questioning this herself?! (You won't
      hear about these sorts of things, but believe me they are happening!)
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