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Klemp's 2006 Eck Springtime Seminar Talk (part 1)

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Hi All, Many thanks to Linda over on HU Chat for her seminar notes. I m surprised she stayed awake in order to take notes! I also have some notes that I will
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      Hi All,
      Many thanks to Linda over on HU Chat for her seminar notes. I'm surprised she stayed awake in order to take notes! I also have some notes that I will compare to hers as I comment on Klemp's speech. 
      Due to time and space I'm just going to address a part of the talk for now. Many thanks to Liz, Kaye, Mish, Ingrid and everyone for sharing comments.

      ewickings@... wrote:

      Anybody want to take a jab at these seminar notes, compliments of Linda from Hu-chat?  ;-)

      [L]: Sri Harold¹s talk on Saturday was entitled ³The Breath of God.²  Please Understand that the following notes are NOT a TRANSCRIPT, in other
      words, they are NOT the Living ECK Masters exact words.  If you pass on
      these notes to anyone else, please include this paragraph with the notes,
      and do not represent them as a transcript of the exact wording used in
      the talk.  Also, the notes are filtered through my own state of
      consciousness, such as it is.  Thank you!
      [Me]: FYI: When one reports word for word (or within context)  without analysis it is Not being "filtered" through the reporter's "state of consciousness." The thoughts and words are coming from the speaker's (Klemp's) state of consciousness! Get real Linda!

      [L]: Sri Harold appeared to be healthy and happy on Saturday evening.
      He seemed to be wearing a new suit and tie.
      [Me]: Yes, Klemp isn't buying off the rack at Sears any longer as he used to brag of in order to appear frugal and humble.

      [L]: Sri Harold thanked all those who made the effort to come to the seminar,
      and he thanked the ECK Youth for a very large card that they sent to him.
      (It was too large to bring out on stage, apparently.)  He also greeted
      Bernie, the man whose Unitarian friends call Sri Harold ³Big Harry.²  He
      noted that at the previous Worldwide Seminar Bernie had come as a guest.
      This time Bernie is an ECKist.  (The audience applauded warmly.)
      [Me}: The Eck Youth usually sat in the back at seminars and made a racket and hooted and yelled when they were mentioned. It must have been disappointing for them that Klemp (the Mahanta) didn't have some stage hands bring their card out for all to see.
      Yes, Bernie was the Unitarian that the Eck spys were able to recruit. I would also infiltrate (as suggested in the Eck works) at local Unitarian and Unity Churches. Of course, Eckankar would deny that this is done BUT any good Vahana knows that it is an accepted recruitment technique. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY comes to mind.

      [L]: Sri Harold noted that everyone has to find his own door and go through it
      on his own.  We cannot take the spiritual journey for another person.

      [Me]: Of course! Eckankar just leads (and misleads) the horse to the muddied water!

      [L]: An HI (High Initiate) who works at the Eckankar Spiritual Center (ESC)
      noted one day that Freedom Is So Hard.  Sri Harold agreed.  Apparently,
      this HI had had to make a decision one way or another which would mean
      that either way he decided, he would have to give up something.  As Sri
      Harold expressed agreement with this principle, I saw a number of people
      nod their heads in the affirmative, which seemed to mean that a lot of
      ECKists are facing decisions like this.

      [Me]: Yes, should they go LEFT or RIGHT? Klemp makes it simple (and limiting) by only giving two choices. I would almost bet that these Eckists were thinking about changing their names and the problems involved with that (like Harriz instead of Harris), or moving to Chanassen instead of staying in Palm Springs, selling their health food business to work at the ESC, or divorcing their non-Eck spouse to marry a High Initiate!

      [L]: Three questions were gathered from the ECK Youth for Sri Harold to answer. The first question has three parts.

      Question 1a: What was your [Sri Harold¹s] initial impression of singing HU
      when you were new to Eckankar?

      Sri Harold said that he was ³blown away² and that he felt like crying, but
      did not let himself cry because it would be ³unmanly,² which he gave us to
      know was his state of consciousness at that time.  He said that he first
      heard HU sung by many voices at the third ECK Worldwide Seminar, held
      in Los Angeles in 1969.  He described it as a very beautiful song.  At that
      time, he had just left or was about to leave the Christian church (he wasn¹t
      sure) but in his mind he compared HU to a beautiful Christian hymn whose
      words he recited from memory.  He seemed to think that HU was even
      more beautiful than this hymn that he had loved so well.
      [Me]: Very strange that HK claims to have still been a member of the Luthern Church prior to (or in) October of 1969 when, in the past, he claims to have joined Eckankar and taken discourses in 1967 while stationed in Japan! It is also very strange that Klemp still remembered the words of this Christian hymn BUT can't remember if he was or wasn't still a Luthern at the '69 EWWS! Let's face it... HK researched and wrote these words down and then used this to put-down Christians!

      [L]: Question 1b:  What is the best way to introduce HU to others?

      Sri Harold suggested that we simply say, ³HU is a love song to God that
      can help you.²
      [Me]: Doesn't seem like Klemp understood the question or was he just too lazy to go into more detail? Let's face it... HK was just side-stepping the question. Look at all of those HU tapes and CDs and HU cards and those Vahana Tips published in the RESA Star and mailed to the local Public Information Directors!

      [L]: Question 1c:  Has your experience with HU changed since you became the Living ECK Master?

      Sri Harold explained that HU is both an ancient name of God and the
      Sound of God.  It is a Sound that underlies all other sounds; it is the
      fabrication which Life lives, breathes and has Its being.  He apologized for not
      saying more, explaining that one would have to be in his position in order
      to understand any further explanation.
      [Me]: That's the Catch-22 for Eckists. Klemp never has to explain himself or go into more detail because how could chelas that are 1 thru 9 in Initiations ever possibly understand the words of a 14th Initiate! LOL! However, thoughts and feelings (experiences) are expressed in the lower Planes (where humans reside) with WORDS so why can't Klemp express himself via spiritual insights and explanations! Doesn't Klemp claim to be the "Living Word!"
      (end of part 1)

      [L]: Question 2:  For people who find it hard to sit still during contemplation,
      are there any active spiritual exercises?

      Sri Harold didn¹t say this in so many words, but the short answer to this
      question appears to be No.  Sri Harold explained that silent contemplation
      is best, and that each Soul must eventually master the discipline to
      contemplate silently.  He noted that many youth and adults are hyperactive
      these days, and that this situation can be attributed to the electromagnetic
      rays that people are subjected to from items such as cell (mobile) phones,
      TVs, computers, etc.  These things affect our energy, which in turn makes
      doing silent contemplation very difficult.

      Sri Harold noted that people go through what he called ³zones of sensation²
      when doing spiritual exercises.  First, the physical body demands to be
      made comfortable.  Most if not all of us have had the experience of getting
      into contemplation and suddenly having an itch that demands to be scratched.
      We try to ignore it, and it only gets worse.  Sri Harold suggested that we
      simply scratch the itch and then turn our attention to the Inner Master.

      Next, we must quiet the mind, which ³jumps around like a monkey² as it
      says in the Shariyat Ki Sugmad.  Rather than forcing the mind to be quiet,
      Sri Harold just suggested that we simply ³watch the monkey² until it gets
      tired, which it eventually will do.

      The idea is to persevere with the spiritual exercises, no matter what.
      Don¹t give up because you have not been perfectly calm and quiet during
      the exercise.  Just keep on doing your best.  Sri Harold mentioned that
      when it comes to self discipline, ³no one else can do it for you.²  This is
      something each of us has to learn for him- or herself.

      Question 3:  What is the best way to resolve karma with another person?
      We have already had a lot of lifetimes together.   Wouldn¹t we already
      have worked out the karma?

      Sri Harold said, ³No,² which made the audience laugh.  Sri Harold noted
      that reincarnation and karma are what allow Soul to grow.  He made a
        reference to a kiln or baking oven, but I didn¹t catch the reference fast
      enough, so perhaps someone who caught it can expand on this.


      The first story is about a woman named Ginger, who had missed her
      flight and had to catch the next available one to her destination,
      Chicago.  Beside her was a nice man, who was soon asked to switch
      seats with a woman who had been separated from her child.  The
      woman, whose name was Grace, and her 3-year-old daughter, Julie,
      came to sit by Ginger.  Grace and Ginger got on very well, and soon
      their talk moved to spiritual things, as it often seems to do. Earlier,
      Ginger had asked inwardly for a signal from the Mahanta to introduce
      HU to anyone who needed to hear about it.  The little girl had a little
      activity book to study her ABCs.  This book was like an Etch-A-Sketch
      toy.  (In explaining this toy, Sri Harold said that one could erase what
      one had just written very quickly, and added cryptically that it was
      ³quicker than a wax tablet that was used in ancient Ireland.²)

      For those who don¹t know what an Etch-A-Sketch is, here is a link:

      I got the impression that this toy of Julie¹s wasn¹t exactly like this, but
      similar.  Anyway, Julie was drawing some letters on this toy and she
      drew the following letters in order:  H U .  Naturally this was Ginger¹s
      cue to tell Grace about singing HU.  Later, while Julie was resting on
      her mother¹s lap, Ginger sang HU to her softly.  The child smiled and
      sang along with Ginger for a while, then rested quietly.

      There was a layover during which Ginger and Grace took Julie to a
      restaurant.  Julie had macaroni and cheese.  At one point, Julie
      became excited and began to make some stress noises.  Ginger told
      Julie she could sing HU to feel better when this happened.

      Sri Harold commented that the Inner Master had opened a door for
      Grace and Julie, but only they can walk through it.


      The next story was about 17-year-old Kara, who was an active
      instrument for the ECK.  She led a workshop for youth, which was
      attended by a girl named Tracy from Colorado.  During the workshop
      they did a spiritual exercise in which participants were invited to
      meet ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi on a mountaintop.

      Tracy¹s question was to ask the ECK Master, How will I be able to
      afford to go to college?  Yaubl Sacabi reqssured her that all was well.
      Tracy then asked about her purpose in life, and Yaubl Sacabi told her
      to be aware of the gentle breeze that was blowing.

      After the exercise, Tracy asked Kara for clarification on this second
      answer of Yaubl Sacabi¹s, and Kara told her that the gentle breeze
      was the ³breath of God.²

      After the workshop, Kara heard that Tracy and her mom had been
      checking out Eckankar and ECKists in general, and that they may
      become members.


      Lisa from Australia lost her first child, a daughter, at the age of only
      three months.  She understood that her daughter¹s translation
      represented some karma that had needed to be paid, and it taught
      her to value life even more.  During her daughter¹s short life, Lisa
      had done was to sing a certain song to her daughter, which she only
      Sang to the child, and to no one else.

      Seven years later, Lisa had another child, a second daughter.  When
      she sang the little song to her second child, the child recognized it,
      saying, ³You used to sing that song to me!²   This was Lisa¹s proof
      that reincarnation is real.

      Lisa later recalled and early childhood memory of her own in which
      ECK Master Gopal Das came to her when she was a little girl.


      Sri Harold paused in his storytelling to remark that all of these
      stories are about the Breath of God, which gives us life.  The Breath
      of God is the blessing of life, which is only possible because of the
      ECK or Holy Spirit.  As the Christians say, the Word was made flesh
      and dwelt among us.


      In the following story, Sri Harold was careful to mention that many
      of the personal details have been altered in this story in order to
      protect the privacy of the persons involved.

      The story comes once again from Kara, who went to a business
      convention in another city and met a black man with eyes that she
      described as ³luminous.²   We¹ll call him Dave.  Kara stopped to talk
      to Dave, who told her that he worked hard for his family, which
      included a wife and daughters and his mother-in-law.  He worked all
      day at one job and then at 1 am when his day job was finished, he
      went to a second job.

      Kara decided to share HU with this man, bringing out a HU card that
      she said he could share with ³his girls.²  Dave surprised Kara by
      taking out of his walled a very battered HU Card that someone else
      had given him 2 years previously!  He explained to Kara that he was
      also a lover of God.

      Put at ease that he was speaking to someone who would understand,
      Dave told Kara his story.  He had been in prison for 25 years for a
      major crime.  When he got out, he realized that he had a choice to
      make.  He could go straight or go back to a life of crime.  He decided
      to go straight.  At one point while walking along the street, he saw a
      white boy who was being held at gunpoint by three black men.  Dave
      began to talk to the men, telling them that he had spent time in
      prison, and that whatever they hoped to accomplish with this kid was
      not worth being put in prison for years. He begged them to let the
      kid go. Two of the black men decided to leave, but the third man
      continued to point his gun at the boy.  Dave saw that he was about
      to squeeze the trigger, and rapidly hit the man¹s arm so that it went
      up and the gun fired harmlessly into the air.  Then he did what he
      had to do to make sure the boy would be safe.

      As the ECK would have it, the boy¹s father had been looking all over
      for him, and he came upon this scene just as the gun went off, just
      in time to see that Dave had saved his son¹s life.  The man was a
      very rich, important person, and insisted on giving Dave a reward of
      $3,000.   In addition, this influential man saw to it that Dave¹s record
      was expunged, so that his criminal past would not make it hard for
      him to get a job.

      Sri Harold remarked that Dave had given of himself.  He had been
      willing to risk his life to save the life of another.  ECK Master Rebazar
      Tarsz talks about this sort of selfless service in Paul Twitchell¹s book
      Stranger By the River.  Once again, this is an instance of the Breath
      of God as it was felt in the lives of the people in the story.


      The next story is from an ECKist named Bonnie, about a woman
      named Kay, who was pregnant and unmarried at the age of 17 and a
      half.  This story occurred 25 years ago.

      (Sri Harold seemed to stress this, but didn¹t explain why. However,
      when you realize that this coming October will mark Sri Harold¹s
      25th year as Living ECK Master, his stressing that the story occurred
      25 years ago seems to make more sense.  If anyone has a different
      interpretation, I¹d love to hear it.)

      Kay was living with her parents at the time, and she had only $700
      to her name.  She decided to apply for welfare, but had a hard time
      convincing the welfare workers that she was really pregnant.  At
      one point, she had to drive her doctor over to the welfare office to
      have him tell them personally that she was pregnant in order to get
      herself enrolled for welfare.  Sri Harold remarked that Kay was a
        fighter, that she would keep telling herself that whatever happened
      would not beat her down.

      When Kay was 8 and a half months pregnant, she was out driving
      and had a flat tire.  When she went to get out her spare tire, she
      Found that the spare, too, had a flat!  Kay was so angry that she
      kicked the tire.

      Suddenly, a man in a white Porsche pulled over and asked her if
      she needed help.  She said yes, and sheepishly asked if the man
      had seen her kick the tire.  The man told her that he had, and that
      he had thought it was funny.

      Kay looked at the license plate of the Porsche, and saw that the
      license plate holder had inscribed on it the name of a local car
      dealership.  Kay assumed he must be the owner of this dealership,
      or perhaps one of the employees there.  She felt safe with this
      fellow, and decided to allow him to take her to a phone booth,
      where she could call her parents.  (Sri Harold remarked that this
      was before cell phones. LOL)  The man even gave Kay money to
      make the phone call.

      Before the man drove away, Kay asked for his business card.  The
      card had a name and phone number, and the name of the same
      car dealership that was inscribed on the license plate holder.  Kay
      intended to give the man a call later to thank him and to pay him
      back eventually for the phone call.  When Kay¹s parents came to
      get her, she decided not to tell them about the man who had
      helped her.

      The next day, Kay called the car dealership, only to be told that
      nobody with that name had ever worked there.  Kay decided to
      look for the card again to check the name, but it was nowhere to
      be found.  Sri Harold had mentioned a couple of times that Kay
      was the kind of person who never loses things, and so it was very
      strange for her to have lost the man¹s business card.

      Kay decided to tell no one about the person who rescued her until
      she met Bonnie, her ECKist friend.  Bonnie showed her some
      pictures of the ECK Masters, and Kay excitedly pointed to the
      picture of Rami Nuri, the ECK Master who is now in charge of the
      golden wisdom temple located in the supraphysical (between the
      Physical Plane and the Astral Plane in the city of Retz, on the
      planet Venus.  Bonnie asked her if it was a case pf a ³similar²
      person, or an uncanny resemblence, and Kay told her it was
      uncanny.  Bonnie¹s comment:  I expect to hear stories like this
      from people in other places, but not here in California!


      Sri Harold concluded by mentioning some items in the Bookroom:

      ECK Masters and You, a ³shortie² as he put it, with only 70 pages.
      It is a large, soft-cover book with glossy colored pages.  There are
      a number of stories in it about each of the ECK Masters who works
      with the public.

      Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing.  This is in the same
      series as the book Spiritual Wisdom on Conquering Fear.  It is small
      and written without a lot of ECK terms, so is suitable for the public.

      ECK Parable and Activity Kit for ECK  youth.  This packet contains
        loose pages which can be combined in any way to make suitable
      materials for any child from ages 3 to 13, and is suitable for
      parents who wish to teach their children the ECK principles at home.


      Sri Harold concluded his talk by saying, ³Life is Good.  May the
      Blessings Be.²


      Once again, these notes are my own, and filtered through my
      own state of consciousness.  Any errors contained in these notes
      are my own.

      Love, Linda

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