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HU Chat & words of wisdom from Cheryl ... :-)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Ingrid, Since Cheryl has now moved to the Chicago area I wonder if her new RESA (Gene Krause) will try to keep a muzzle on her? It seems that the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 17, 2006
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      Hi Ingrid,
      Since Cheryl has now moved to the Chicago area I wonder if her new
      RESA (Gene Krause) will try to keep a muzzle on her? <chuckle>

      It seems that the Eck zealots, also, don't know where or when
      to "turn right" or "turn left" as they change their names, pack-up
      and move on a whim, quite their jobs, divorce their spouses, and
      converse and get rides with Eck Masters from Venus (Rami Nuri).
      Yet, Eckists' reality is never given a proper litmus test. Common
      sense and critical thinking, as well as true insight, are always
      absent for various reasons. Of course their Mahanta lacks these too!
      Perhaps it's due to the hypnosis, too much wishful thinking
      (imagination), embellishments and distortions of truth (lying and
      deceit), the need to have a "special" religion to follow, and mental
      imbalance... still.

      Yes, Klemp should stick to quoting dead authors. Usually he does
      dwell on the past and even makes himself appear to be an
      amateur "historian" of sorts by throwing out something like "in
      ancient Ireland they wrote on wax tablets." Was it even
      called "Ireland" when wax tablets were used? I doubt it! LOL! BUT
      thanks anyway Harry for this valuable insight given in your solo
      seminar talk. I'm sure that the expense of travel and stay for the
      seminar was Not worth it... again.

      When one has sat through one of Klemp's talks at a major Eck seminar
      one knows how difficult it is to stay awake! BUT, the sleepiness was
      Not because we were unable to handle the massive amounts of
      profound "outer" and "inner" infomation. LOL!

      Nope! We fell asleep because Klemp is redundant and boring, and
      because we were being hypnotized! Klemp speaks slowly and softly,
      pauses a lot, speaks in a monotone, and sounds passive, tired, and
      unenthusiastic. [BTW he usually needs to clear his throat a lot]
      Plus, most Eckists are very tired anyway because many have traveled
      far and have gotten up early. It's been a long day by the time the
      evening talk rolls around. Usually, by the end of the talk, half the
      audience is asleep and the applause is light, BUT picks up as more
      people awaken! Sometimes people clap hard to help in waking-up! BUT
      Not to worry! Eckists didn't miss anything new. Just read a few back
      issues of the Mystic World, stare at HK's picture for awhile, and
      that's basically all there is to it! <smile>

      IMO: Eckists should find a better use for their hard earned money
      instead of attending these redundant social/training events,
      (especially if they have a family to support). Isn't the Kingdom of
      Heaven found within?!


      ctecvie wrote:

      [CG]: "Sri Harold mentions lots of books and resources, but you're
      right... that doesn't mean that he's suggesting anyone whose an
      ECKist has to buy or subscribe to them. I recall him discussing this
      at a seminar a while back, where a woman wrote to an author Sri
      Harold had mentioned in a talk, and suggested the author should
      attribute his success to the endorsement from the Living ECK Master!
      She then proudly shared this action with Sri Harold, later on. As
      Sri Harold clarified, he had to write a letter of apology to the
      author explaining this was in no way an attempt to draw an
      association between the religion and the author. Zealousness gets us
      into a lot of messes, even if it's unintentional and well meaning."

      *** I bet HK meant it and wanted to bask in the light of success of
      this author ... too bad he had to apologize later on! :-)) So, maybe
      it's better for HK to quote Kant or another great philosopher to be
      associated with them - at least they can't complain! LOL!

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