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Re: Father Anthony de Mello

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  • mishmisha9
    Kaye, You are a breath of fresh air! : ) It s great to read other s ideas and experiences. It s wonderful to have proactive members! And I truly love all that
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 8, 2006
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      You are a breath of fresh air! : ) It's great to read other's ideas
      and experiences. It's wonderful to have proactive members! And I
      truly love all that you contribute--you're opening new doors to
      explore for sure! Thanks again for not just reading but for posting
      too! The more the merrier! : )


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      <eyesopen444@...> wrote:

      Hi Mish,

      I'm so happy that you like these types of posts. I was worried that
      people might feel that I was being too pushy or preachy (sp?) with
      these. When I come across something that touches me I just have to
      share it! :)

      I suggested books by Dr. Wayne Dyer to Christy in a previous post. If
      you're not familiar with him, he has his own web site and his books
      are listed on amizon. You probably would enjoy him too. He tells you
      to look within for God and uses examples from very spiritual people
      like Mother Theresa, Father de Mello and St. Francis and also some
      extraordinary, everyday folks. When I started reading his books
      instead of a steady diet of just ebooks, I really started noticing
      the inconsistencies and nonsense. Sometimes all it takes is a
      healthier point of view to turn a situation around. I left ekult and
      haven't looked back. I also harbour no bad feelings about the
      experience because I would only hurt myself if I did. I do, however,
      like to analyze, point out and ask questions to learn as much as I
      can from it. These sites and all of you who participate never
      disappoint! I always come away with some new piece to the puzzle or
      something that I didn't realize before and it helps!

      Thanks! :D

      Have a good weekend!

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