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  • mishmisha9
    Kaye, I hope you don t mind that I have forwarded your very good story to ESA! I love it! : ) Mish ... wrote: THE DARK AS NIGHT ZONE Little
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      I hope you don't mind that I have forwarded your very good story to
      ESA! I love it! : )


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      "Little Man God"
      By: Kaye


      There are many paths in life - the busy and well traveled chosen by
      the masses, others for the more adventurous. There are also those
      less traveled- the dark, mysterious and twisted. Beware! If you take
      a wrong turn and lose your way, you could find yourself wandering
      into…The Dark as Night Zone.



      Meet Mr. Twit, a small, talkative man with BIG ideas.

      Hello! Anybody here?

      St. Peter and an Angel walk over to meet him. They open the gates
      and invite him in.

      ST. PETER:
      Ah, yes. We were expecting you.

      So, there is a heaven after all!

      ST. PETER:
      You had doubts?

      Hey, I was a pretty important guy down there. Will I have a special
      place here?

      St. Peter and the Angel exchanged looks and smile.

      ST. PETER: (laughing and putting his arm on the Angel's shoulder)
      Ha, Ha. Let me introduce you to Zack, he's your case- worker.

      My case- worker? Why would I need a case- worker?

      Hello, Mr. Twit. We are assigned to special cases such as yours.
      Please come with me.

      Zack and Twit enter a beautiful, new office building and proceed
      down a wide hallway. Zack stops and opens a door to a bright,
      tastefully furnished office. He offers Twit a seat, then sits down
      at his desk and opens a thick file. Zack flips through some of the
      pages and looks up.

      Mr. Twit, I understand that you started a movement that became a
      sort of cult and, Uhm, made yourself into a "god" of this cult.

      TWIT:(begins to shift nervously in his chair)
      I wanted to help people, they needed a change, and I brought them
      enlightenment. They may have gone overboard with their view of my

      ZACK: (raises his eyebrows)
      Really? We have all of your published books, discourses, speeches- a
      lot of material. Would you like to start again? You need to be
      honest- now is the time to come clean.

      TWIT: (sighs and nods his head in agreement)
      All right. I was in a tight spot. I needed to please my wife because
      she liked money. People were open to new ideas. I formed a group,
      introduced eastern philosophy and the people loved it! What's the

      That's what you're going to find out. First of all, there is a
      matter of plagiarism.

      Well, a few ideas, here or there, a phrase or two…

      ZACK:(shaking his head)
      No, No, that's not true, is it? You copied entire sections of books-
      other people's words and ideas.

      TWIT: (getting more nervous and defensive)
      Everyone does it! Cultures "borrowed" from one another throughout

      Well, in your case, you did more than borrow. You took and labeled,
      as your own, the research and hard work of others. You used this
      stolen material to create a following for yourself. Did you think
      that this would go unnoticed? You will have to explain and apologize
      to each and every person you plagiarized from. Check back with me
      when you're finished.

      Zack hands Twit a business card and walks with him to the door.
      Years go by and Twit returns, tired and humble. Zack smiles as Twit
      enters his office.

      How did it go?

      Not well, they were not happy with what I did and the way I used
      their words. They're especially unhappy with the results.

      I'm not surprised. Are You?

      A little, I didn't think that it was such a big deal.

      ZACK: (opening file)
      Now for the next issue…

      TWIT: (starts to pace)
      There's more?

      ZACK: (smiles and motions for Twit to be seated)
      Mr. Twit, we've barely scratched the surface! Now you have to
      observe your followers and see how your actions affected their
      lives. Off you go. Come back when you're done.

      Years go by. Twit staggers back into Zack's office.

      That was awful! I had no idea. And to think it's still going on!

      ZACK: (smiling)
      You haven't seen anything yet!


      If the cult had disbanded after your death- that would have been the
      end of it, but your wife managed to install a new leader to keep the
      cult alive. He was fairly successful in expanding your enterprise.


      ZACK: (tries to calm Twit down)
      Now, Now, let's keep on track here. Derwood ran into some trouble
      and was ousted by Mr. Koop - nasty business that! People
      investigating your writing, some issues about estates, property and
      lawsuits. Tsk, tsk- you now have to witness every meeting, trial and
      deposition hearing. You have to read every letter, book and document
      relating to these matters.

      TWIT: (frustrated, tries to protest)
      WHY? I was gone by then.

      ZACK: (patiently, kindly)
      Because this all resulted from your creation. You ARE responsible.
      We all are responsible for our actions. Come back when you are done.

      Some more years go by. Twit comes back to Zack's office, exhausted.

      I HATE THIS! I didn't mean for this to happen! I can't believe these

      ZACK: (stands up and smiles)
      Great! You're up to speed. Now you are required to attend every
      seminar, meeting, and worship service. You have to appear to every
      follower who believes that they meet with you. You also have to read
      every new cult book, newsletter, followers' letters and listen to
      every tape and every live speech.

      WHAT! Those books are awful! Can't I go now? Haven't I done enough
      to pay for my actions? What about the organized religions and
      someone like-Jesus?

      ZACK: (looks at Twit with pity and shakes his head)
      I'm sorry. I realize that this is upsetting, but you DID start it
      all and you have to see it to the end. You are bound to this cult
      until it no longer exists. Jesus and others like Him, brought TRUTH
      to mankind and to teach them because of their love for others, many
      of them died violent deaths. They did not create the religions that
      followed and therefore are not responsible for what other did after
      their deaths.

      TWIT: (looking defeated)
      How long will that be?

      ZACK: (shrugs)
      Who can say? Cheer up. I'll show you where you'll be living and
      introduce you to your roommates. Interesting bunch!

      Roommates? I have to live with other people?

      Due to your activities and the amount of work you have yet to do, we
      like to keep cases like yours together where we can keep an eye on
      all of you.

      Zack and Twit enter a small courtyard near a one- story residence.
      They enter the dormitory and find a group of people bragging and
      arguing in the common room.

      Boys, let me introduce your new roomie, Mr. Twit. Mr. Twit may I
      present David K., Reverend Jones, and Mr. Applewhite, their groups
      all ended badly. Not all groups end this way. There are also
      founders, like you, who live here and are to connected to thriving
      cults like yours. In fact, I think that one of them may have been a
      teacher of yours. You'll meet the rest later. Mr. Twit, here's you
      schedule and beeper. In addition to your other assignment you also
      have to greet every member and person negatively affected by your
      group to apologize and explain yourself. Any questions?

      TWIT: (as the whole situation begins to sink in, panics)
      NOOOOO!!! For the love of GOD!

      ZACK: (nodding and smiling)
      Exactly. Because of God's love you are given this chance to make up
      for the harm you and your actions caused. Think about the
      alternative. Were you as kind and loving to your followers?


      A small man who made himself a "god", without a thought or a care
      for the people he deceived. Be careful with your ambitions for they
      could lead you into-THE DARK AS NIGHT ZONE!

      THE END

      Hope you liked it!


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