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How Do Eckists Survive on the Physical Plane?

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  • mishmisha9
    How do Eckists survive on the physical plane? This is an interesting question that many eckists will pose to themselves and then seek answers from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2006
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      How do Eckists survive on the physical plane? This is an interesting
      question that many eckists will pose to themselves and then seek
      answers from the master/mahanta. It seems that eckists in particular
      attach a lot of negativity to their everyday living. It is just so
      difficult to deal with others, put food on the table, pay bills, pay
      for that yearly eck membership, buy eck materials and books, travel
      to eck seminars, have affordable housing, find convenient parking
      places, staying healthy and so forth. But before eckists can
      discover the way to handle all these fears and stress, first, they
      need to realize what a pollating and toxic planet Earth is!
      Fortunately, they can look to the mahanta who will well affirm the
      chela's anxiety of experiencing difficulty surviving in this time.
      He even wrote a book back in 2001 which was titled "How to Survive
      Spiritually in Our Times." : )

      Since I have long since discarded that book, I found some "words of
      wisdom" about how to survive coming from HK's latest book "Those
      Wonderful ECK Masters" which he relates via still another chela's
      story, pages 237-239:

      A chela named Joy "asked the Mahanta, 'How is it possible to survive
      here?' Then she sang HU a couple of times, relaxed in silence, and
      watched the blank screen of her mind.
      Suddenly she became aware of being on another plane, where she'd
      often met Wah Z in the past. She followed a familiar wide path.
      White pebbles covered its surface as it curved along in a beautiful
      setting. From past experience Joy knew that Wah Z would be waiting
      for her around the next bend, . . .
      And there he was! The Master emerged from the shadows of the trees
      with a broad smile the moment Joy rounded the bend. After a hug of
      greeting, Joy was curious. Now what?
      The Master led her along the winding path until they came to a fork.
      The left one gleamed with white pebbles; the right one had pebbles
      of a dull gray. The air in the direction of the right path was heavy
      and oppressive." Joy didn't want to go that way and expected Wah Z
      would continue on the white pebbled path, but no, Wah Z directed her
      on the grayer path.
      "Soon they gained the crest of a mountain range that overlooked a
      grand, sweeping plain. Before her eyes there stretched a vast city
      with skyscrapers, houses, and industrial buildings on a desert of
      concrete. A red and grey mist attired the land like a thick and
      suffocating shroud. The place looked frightening, threatening, and
      even dangerous. Joy knew she was looking at home sweet home, the
      dear old physical plane.
      She turned to the Master. 'How is it possible to survive down there?'
      A split second later she stood in the midst of the foreboding scene,
      the dull mist drifting in on all sides, like poison gas. The
      pervasive negativity was about to overcome her. How could she escape
      this terrible place?
      But then the mercy of God caused a wonderful thing to happen.
      Joy began to hear the sweet sound of HU. A steady ray of glittering
      light beamed a shield of protection from above and grew in
      magnificence and magnitude, its ray slicing through the dull fog.
      The HU became a roar of thunder. Together, the Light and Sound of
      God proved to be an invincible shield. The negative power vanished,
      leaving no trace behind.
      Joy felt a breath of spiritual liberation riding the celestial winds.
      Now Joy knew exactly how an individual can survive under any and all
      conditions: he must become an unobstructed channel for the mighty
      power of the ECK, be a vehicle for the Light and Sound of God. . . .
      A Soul in pursuit of spiritual revelation may not ever shirk Its

      Notice how the mahanta confirms her fears that this planet is a
      horrible place to live, but assures the chela will be saved and
      protected as long as she becomes a spiritual slave of the
      eck/mahanta! So, with such stories HK is planting fear in the chela,
      then he demonstrates that he will save them. This is sort of like
      the Stockholm Syndrome, isn't it? Create a victim and then convince
      the victim that he/she will be safe as long as he/she does what is
      instructed. Plant the fear and they will come is the field of dreams
      that the mahanta (HK) builds for his chela--complete with lights,
      sounds and roaring thunder! Rather too pathetic to be funny, isn't
      it? Especially when so many are willing to surrender to the false
      teachings and delusions of eckankar!

      I really would like to see HK tell a real story in which he actually
      does do something helpful for chelas and people in general, instead
      of continually writing about his chelas' dream versions of problems
      and solutions. How about some reality? : )

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