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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, Childhood experiences can be happy and/or frightening. Children need stability, consistency, and loving parents for them to feel safe. However,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 25, 2006
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      Hi All,
      Childhood experiences can be happy and/or frightening. Children need
      stability, consistency, and loving parents for them to feel safe.
      However, sometimes it's best to have a single parent that can offer
      all three.

      The Bipolar thing as well as other hormonal/chemical imbalances,
      (A.D.D.) etc. can be a real problem when meditating/contemplating.
      Sometimes it is best that one does Not do a contemplation because
      this can start or enhance an episode. Yes, meditation/contemplation
      can make depression/anxiety worse! However, under "normal"
      circumstances these techniques are good for relaxation and stress
      reduction and, thus, long term physical health.

      Unfortunately with Eckankar the Volunteer (Vahana) Sales Force, led
      by Clerics and Eck Spiritual Aids, are Not trained or usually
      qualified to notice the psychological problems of the members or of
      newbies. This is especially a problem when the Eck Leaders
      themselves have the psychological imbalances! However, when Klemp
      has been, himself, locked-down in a mental facility I can see how
      this issue can become conveniently overlooked. [As above so below]
      Almost everything in Eckankar is explained away, and swept under the
      rug, as either Karma or Kal and is never the responsibility of the
      LEM/Mahanta. The individual is always at fault for what befalls
      them, although, Klemp sells his Guidance and Protection and the
      taking on of the clelas' Karma! In this deal Klemp is always
      the "winner" as the chela becomes the eventual "loser."

      Liz wrote:

      In a message dated 3/24/2006 8:18:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      soulizfree@... writes:

      Grandious experiences, ay, that's what you experience in a manic
      phase as a bipolar/manic depressive. I'm wondering if Eckankar made
      my depression/anxiety worse.

      Hi Christy,

      Maybe you have or have not heard about my past in eckankar with my
      eck family / Mother etc? My Mother has been diagnosed as bipolar.
      She has been put on medications in the past and never stays on them.
      Growing up in this type of environment was like walking on egg
      shells... When my Mother was introduced to eckankar, it was right
      after the death of one of her newborn twins. By the time she saw
      Darwin on the Tom Schnider show she was hearing voices and having
      other issues. That was all it took, hearing the wonderful fairy tale
      stories about those wonderful eck masters, and soul travel. She
      bought into it, hook line and stinker! ;-)

      As the years went on, she was the typical new age junkie parroting
      the language. Her violent outbursts and physical abuse was OKAY
      because it was explained as some REALLY HEAVY KARMA she had to work
      out with her kids / family so she wouldn't have to reincarnate with
      us. (I quit counting how many times I was disowned growing up and as
      an adult!)

      PROMETHEUS: This is why Klemp wants Eckists to use "Common Language"
      instead of parroting the jargon. Of course they sill parrot,
      paraphrase, and quote BUT the jargon is toned down more. However, I
      wonder if Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, LDS,
      (LOL!) etc. realize that (according to Eckankar) that these non-Eck
      religions are actually worshipping SATAN instead of their God! Yes,
      it is written in the Shariyat that the God of all other religions is
      a 2nd or 4th Plane God or the Kal, and that the Kal is really Satan!

      After she was elevated to Higher Initiate, her shit didn't stink
      anymore! Just another HI on an ego trip.... I'm not sure what
      effect all this had on me, other than I became the Parent to my 3
      younger siblings, and didn't really have a life til I was 28. I
      ended up marrying a man that is also bipolar, and started the cycle
      in my life all over again. I rationalized that I had to stay in the
      marriage to work off my KARMA! Eventually after his failed attempt
      at suicide, and controlling the inevitable, I did divorce him. I
      processed the divorce myself, which was very empowering. When I
      approached the Judge (I was the only one in court without a Lawyer)
      I requested he end my marriage that day rather than having to wait
      the required 180 days due to children. I was the only one that
      walked out of the courtroom divorced! :-))) BUT, would you believe
      I actually gave credit for my success to the KLUMPtomaniac?

      Back to your question
      "I'm wondering if Eckankar made my depression/anxiety worse?"

      Only you can answer that one.... but I can tell you that my mother
      has only gotten worse over the years. And when those promises of
      Healing's, Love and Protection isn't forthcoming, having a Hu cd
      playing nonstop to keep the Kal away, and having nearly every inch
      of your home plastered with that cheesy levitating LEM picture
      hanging all over your home and vehicles.... to the point also where
      you can't even venture outside due to phobias... I would say in her
      case, yes eckankrap made her issues worse.

      Let's not forget the fact that in Harold's new book "Those Wonderful
      Eck Masters" from page 232: "The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master
      also has the ability and the authority to alter an individual's

      How can a person really face their problems when the mythical
      mahanta brainwashes you into believing you don't really have to do a
      thing to get better? Do your spiritual exercises, focus your
      attention on HK's photos, read your discourses and Klump's books,
      alienate yourself from the normal outside world and only hang with
      eckies.... only go to eck functions, only have eck friends (it's
      okay to have acquaintances, but don't get too close) you are here
      only to become self and God realized, so anything outside of the
      cult will distract you from your goals! And don't forget..... spend
      all your money on the vahana mission, buy only eck books, tapes,
      videos, jewelry, pictures, play only eck music, and toss all those
      negative Country music cd's, don't play video games, turn off your
      computer and go contemplate on those wonderful spiritual exercises
      he has shared in all of his wonderful drivel.... spiritual exercise
      created out of real exotic vacations Klump and FLEM took on the
      members hard earned money!

      Break free from all this, and I would say you have an excellent
      chance of finding your own higher power called Christy!

      Have a great weekend!

      PROMETHEUS: I had another thought about the E-Cult! I know that this
      comparison has been made before BUT I wanted to mention it again.

      Eckankar is like a big pyramid scheme! Only the owner who founded it
      really makes the money. In Eckankar's case, the ownership was passed
      on. Normally, those who signed on early and got in on "the ground
      floor" can make some money too, (like Peter) BUT with Eckankar the
      payment to members does not Always come with money BUT
      with "Initiation!"

      Therefore, the Product lines that Eckankar sells come down to TWO
      basic types: Psychological and Material.

      The FIRST product line, (Psychological), is the Initiation
      (membership). The member pays for this with a continuous annual
      membership fee (Donation). However, Higher Initiations [1-7, (more
      in rare cases)] require extensive trainings (seminars too), many
      hours of volunteer work, the following of guidelines, and a total
      commitment to the Sales Mission of the Mahanta (Eckankar

      The SECOND product line, (Materials), is the purchase and sale of
      Eckankar materials. Each member is expected to purchase or pay for
      (sometimes through donations): Books; tapes; CDs; videos; brochures;
      posters; cards; Satsang Project items; ads; promotions; booths;
      seminar fees (donations); Eck centers; gas; hotels; plane tickets;
      meals; and other miscellaneous items. Whereas Membership sign-up is
      strongly encouraged (subconsciously) Materials are more physically
      pushed upon people in the Eck Centers via the EWS, intros, book
      discussions, and satsang classes or in libraries, book stores,
      health food stores, psychic fairs, or on the Internet, as well, to
      fulfill the sales mission.

      When one breaks it all down to the realistic concepts of Twitchell's
      Con and stands back some for a better view and perspective it all
      makes sense! Eckists are volunteer sales people that get to wear a
      pretty blue star and feel important as they look down their noses at
      others. I'm impressed! <smile>
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