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The ECK Is Always Working for the Chela! LOL!

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  • mishmisha9
    The ECK is always working for the chela if he/she is doing the right things to connect with it! : ) From Those Wonderful ECK Masters, page 266, HK writes: .
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2006
      The ECK is always working for the chela if he/she is doing the right
      things to connect with it! : )

      From "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," page 266, HK writes:
      ". . . if the individual lets a mutual trust develop between himself
      and the ECK, he soon finds that It is always working for him. The
      Master, the ECK, designs each test as an opportunity for spiritual
      growth. So every single moment of one's life benefits from the
      Master's ever-present love and protection. No spiritual harm can
      ever befall him. . . .
      . . . The sure hand of the Mahanta guides him by the moment."

      So, if this is true, the hardships that chelas suffer would not be
      so prolonged. Especially, if they are doing their spiritual
      exercises, chanting HU, placing their attention on the photos of the
      mahanta and the eck masters that are distributed throughout their
      homes or even in their vehicles and so forth. It would seem that any
      chela who is seriously doing all of these things would be
      demonstrating a "mutual trust" with the mahanta and the eck and
      therefore they would be helped in their times of need! : )

      Oh, yeah, there are those testimonial stories of success (if they
      are indeed true/factual), but why does it not work for all who are
      sincere in the teachings? There's no consistency. I frankly don't
      think those chelas who are "failing" in achieving success with their
      spiritual exercises are "losers." How could that be? The
      inconsistencies are just further proof of the invalidity of the
      eckankar teachings. And it is cruel to label those chelas who are
      questioning why it doesn't work for them as losers! That is a cop
      out of eckankar used to maintain the lies. There's no heart there
      for sure!

      And those imaginary eck masters? They do not exist! They are all
      imaginary; however, HK and his chelas will leap at the opportunity
      to attribute help from strangers as being the "real" proof that the
      eck masters exist--they will say that these individuals were
      actually eck masters coming to assist them in their time of need.

      From page 30:
      "The guardian angels we hear of in the media are often ECK Masters.
      The ECK Masters are guardian angels." He does say, however, not all
      guardian angels are eck masters. I guess he doesn't want all help
      attributed to these fake eck masters in case it would not really be
      a good eck story!!

      Again, though, where is the proof that these helpful individuals in
      our society who come to the aid of those in need are indeed eck
      masters? It is a lie--IMO a purposeful trick of deceiving others.
      There is plenty of proof already written about how Paul Twitchell
      made up these eck masters in order to put himself in the leadership
      of a bogus religion. It may have started as a joke for him, but HK
      certainly has taken it to the business level. To keep chelas paying
      into its coffers, the lies continue. The cover-up continues. There
      is no honesty forth-coming--there's only the trickery of the mind!

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